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By Debbie


Title: Oh!
Pairing: Surprise
Rating: PG (hint of f/f)
Category: 100 word drabble
Challenge: First Times

The blonde ADA wrapped her arms around the brunette detective. Drawing her closer, she caressed the shapely ass below.

At the surprisingly welcome touch, the brunette smiled mischievously into bright blue eyes.

Suddenly, the two dancers heard a harsh voice whisper, "Take your hands off my woman."

Shooting apart the blonde saw Detective Benson glaring at Detective Carter with a look of pure jealousy.

Pulling Alex Cabot into her own arms, Olivia whispered, "You don't need another detective, Alex."

"Nope Liv. I need a lover."

"Oh! Her?"

"Um, a her."

"I repeat, you don't need another detective, Alex"

"Oh! Liv?"


Title: Not The Done Thing
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG
Challenge: Mornings without you
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters. Please forgive me for treading on any toes but I do it for my sanity.
Word Count: 136 (I'll work on 100 words as I write more)

The brunette woke from a deep slumber and rolled over to embrace her lover.

Feeling only cold sheet, unbidden tears threatened. She'd really thought this time the woman of her dreams felt the same way.

The lovemaking had been amazing, out of this world, life-altering, mind-numbing. You name the cliché, the sex had been that and more. Loving.

The woman sighed; it really wasn't the done thing for cool hardassed detective Olivia Benson to cry.

Forcing herself out of bed she crept into her kitchen and immediately spied the note.

"Babe. Sorry, I got called to serve a warrant. You looked so sexy I couldn't wake you or I wouldn't have left. So keep that thought safe. I'll be back later. Love Alex."

'Love Alex?' Olivia wiped the tears and allowed a grin to surface.


Title: Double Whammy
Challenge: "She'll Never Be You"
Pairing: A/O
Rating: PG shrug
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. Sorry for treading on any toes, I do it only for my sanity.

Here's Whammy One: 200 words

ADA Alexandra Cabot noticed the two detectives the moment they set foot in the restaurant. She also saw the brunette's expressive brown eyes darken with lust and nearly pop out of her skull as their eyes connected.

Tugging on her partner's sleeve, the detective led him across to Alex's table and pulled out a chair. Elliot Stabler, wanting to leave his friend in peace as soon as possible, immediately launched into an impassioned plea for a warrant. All the while his companion stared deep into Alex's eyes and at one point Alex felt a foot stroke gently up her shin, as the ebony eyes clouded over.

Suddenly, Alex heard approaching feet, and from the look of abject horror on both detectives faces, it was her date returning. Strong, tapered fingers caressed her shoulders, and the blonde ADA tilted her head upward to accept a kiss from her lover. She then returned her attention to the detectives.

"I need more. Now please, it's my night off."

Elliot, looking suitably admonished, dragged his partner away, with a wink to the two lovers.

Sitting, Alex's date chuckled, "Wassup, doesn't playing footsie work anymore?"

Laughing out loud, Alex replied, "She'll never be you, Liv."

Then, just to prove I really could do it, here's Whammy Two: 100 words exactly

ADA Cabot noticed the two detectives immediately, thereby seeing the brunette's eyes darken with lust on recognition.

Tugging her partner, the detective led him across the restaurant and pulled out a chair. Elliot Stabler immediately launched an impassioned plea for a warrant, while his companion stared into Alex's eyes and attempted to play footsie.

A look of horror on both detectives faces, strong fingers caressing Alex's shoulders, and a kiss beckoned her date's return.

"I need more. Now please, it's my night off."

Two sheepish detectives left.

Alex's date chuckled, "Doesn't footsie cut it anymore?"

"She'll never be you, Liv."


Title: Only Words
Pairing: Olivia/?
Rating: NC-17
Challenge: The Lies We Tell
Spoilers: Not as such but it is post-Loss
Disclaimer: I do this only for my sanity no infringement is intended.
Word Count: 100

"Say it, Liv. Say it."

Olivia Benson was torn. The blonde deserved to hear the words. She loved Olivia.

Like a drug, the detective loved the sex.

It wasn't enough.

She needed to share everything? Her career, good times, bad times, the blood, the gore, the sheer horror of man's crimes against humanity.

Ebony eyes bore in to clear blue. Wanting to say the words.

Stiffened fingers drove harder, sharp teeth bit down, and for one crazy, white-hot moment Olivia saw the woman she desired.

Finally, the words came, "I love you." 'I love you, Alex.'


Title: Decisions
Challenge: Fuck Pink
Pairing: A/O
Word Count: 400
AN: Thank you for the leeway... I write better to 400 words g

" I'm trouble
Yeah trouble now
I'm trouble ya'll
I disturb my town"

Elliot grimaced at the loud voice coming from Olivia Benson's apartment.

Knocking on the door he waited and waited. Glancing carefully around the open door he was met by the surprising vision of one middle-aged detective jumping off her couch, playing what could only be described as air-guitar and singing loud and out-of-key.

Carefully, he touched his partner's shoulder, then jumped back as she turned violently towards him.

"Shit Elliot, what'd you do that for?"

Elliot laughed, "I think I should say, what'd you do that for?" indicating the couch with a wave of his hand.

Olivia groaned, "It's your fault." Seeing the look of disbelief on his face she threw a CD cover at him, "Pink. Your daughter has asked me to accompany her to a, and I quote, 'a gig'."

Elliot laughed again, "You?"

"Yes me. What the hell am I going to do, Elliot, at a Pink concert?"

Leaving the apartment together Elliot continued to chuckle. Olivia meanwhile was secretly pleased to be attending a gig with her young friend; it had been ages since she'd been to a concert, the last time being with her mom. The fact that it was Pink worried her a little but what the hell, she preferred rock music anyway and this modern stuff wasn't a lot different. She hated to admit it but she was thrilled at the prospect.

Later that night she was less thrilled. Another invitation, completely different in nature, had been quietly flung her way. An invite for the same evening to the opening of a new art exhibition featuring Jack Vettriano, a contemporary British artist who had been compared to all the great American realist painters. His work, however, had recently been described as 'soft porn', with expert critics dismissing it with comments such as, 'he's welcome to paint, as long as nobody takes him seriously'. Olivia was more than interested to see just where the differences in opinion came from.

What was she to do? Pop concert with a young friend or cocktail party with a potential suitor? Loud music or quiet contemplation? Modern music or modern art? Comfy denims and leather jacket or staid black dress and high heels? Pink or Vettriano? Girl or woman? Decisions.

Glancing through her closet and pondering which of her dates to let down, she smiled. She knew her answer unquestioningly.

"Fuck Pink. Alex Cabot will win every time."


Title: Soul's Protection
Challenge: Kevlar Vests
Rating: G
Word Count: 105

I see the puff of smoke as the bullet hits and he falls.

Then pain.

Rolling over, I see the look of regret as the light slowly leaves Elliot's eyes. I know that Elliot sees the same in my eyes.

Why do we never tell those we love that we do before it's too late?

I see Elliot call Kathy.

He smiles, I see the light come back and I wonder, 'Where's my Kathy?'

Kevlar protects my body but what protects my soul?

Without thought, I pick up the phone and dial.


One word, one voice, heals my soul.


Title: Wet?
Challenge: Soaked
Rating: G
Word Count: 104


Wet, doesn't cut it.

"Wear the 'fuck pink' outfit, she'll agree immediately," said Munch.

The plan to seduce a warrant out of ADA Cabot went bottom-up the second she opened her door.

Wearing a barely closed bathrobe around her obviously wet, glistening, gorgeous torso; towel drying dripping, sleek, tousled blonde locks; puffing from her hasty appearance, she purred, "What can I do for you, Liv?"

And I'm supposed to say, "We need a warrant, Counselor."

No way!

Thirty minutes of footsie and flirting and I'm out the door with a promise of 'later' and no warrant.

Wet doesn't even come close.

I'm soaked.


Title: Stranger Than Fiction
Pairing: A/O
Challenge: TV Girlfriends
Words: 601
AN: In the interest of clarity and so that my attempt at humour doesn't miss the boat, Abbie Carmichael does not belong in this SVU universe.
AN: Oh... and my words ran away with me, again. Am I forgiven?

Olivia Benson looked up from the small screen she had been avidly reading for the last hour and a bit.

Across from her, surrounded by open case files and tomes of court procedure all neatly marked with yellow post-it notes, was ADA Alexandra Cabot.

"Hey Alex!"

The blonde looked up and smiled.

"What're you doing?"

"Preparing for tomorrow's court. Go home, Liv; I'm not going to get finished here in time for sleep never mind dinner and a movie. Go home, we'll have a girl's night later in the week, I promise."

"No, I'll sit here a while longer, only be on my own at home. I've got this work to do."

Alex smiled at her friend and returned to her work. Olivia grinned and returned to her screen.

The two women had become firm friends quickly and surprisingly. They both agreed it was something to do with both being women in a man's world, and both being loners in a world where occasional company with a friend was a saving grace.

So, when Olivia realized her night was free she had called to take Alex to dinner and a movie, only to find that Alex's night was still full. Preferring Alex's company to her own, she had thought nothing of coming to sit in this office, staying silent and occupying herself until a time when Alex could enjoy her company for a few moments.

Of course there had been a couple of tiny provisos: a Chinese take out and use of Alex's computer with online access.

Silence descended once again, until... an evil chuckle filled the air.

"Hey Liv! What exactly are you doing?"

"I'm reading these very important documents."

Frowning at Olivia's response not matching the noises that had been coming from her friend's direction Alex got up to look over the brunette's shoulder.

"The slender blonde CSI reached out to caress her lovers face. Catherine Willows had not expected to fall in love with Sara Sidle..." read Alex out loud. Hitting Olivia on the shoulder she groaned, "Very important documents, huh? What the hell are you reading?"

Chuckling, but with a slow blush rising up her neck, Olivia responded quietly, "It's fan fiction - Stories written by the fans about their fave shows. I just love CSI and so..." She shrugged.

"And so you read fiction. They're both women, Liv."

"Yeah." Olivia replied succinctly. "So?"

Blue eyes met defiant brown and twinkled. "So... what else have you got there?"

Smiling evilly, Olivia turned the screen towards Alex. "Here's one for you. An ADA gets together with one of the cops in her squad. Abbie Carmichael from Law and Order and Jill Kirkendall from NYPD Blue."

Alex read the short ficlet and turned to Olivia with an evil grin of her own. "So, my dear Olivia, you like this sort of thing, huh?" She spun Olivia's chair around and sat on her lap.

"Um, yeah."

Alex began to talk in a deep, throaty drawl; "The tall, blonde ADA slowly wet her lips as she stared into the mesmerizing eyes of her gorgeous brunette detective. Slowly she leant forward, watching as Olivia Benson swallowed a deep gulp. Inch by inch two pairs of lips migrated towards each other. At last, the bewitched Alex Cabot had found the courage to take what she wanted."

Long minutes passed as the blonde woman kissed the brunette to the depths of her soul.

Lifting her head she gazed into Olivia's eyes with a question and received her answer.

Chuckling, the detective whispered, "Let's write our own fan fiction, huh? Alex and Olivia of SVU."


Title: Love Whatever.
Challenge: Peanut Butter
Pairing: A/O
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to myself; I do this only for my sanity.
Word Count: 143

Take nuts. Boil them without the shells. Put them in bags and hammer them.

"For crying out loud," muttered the tall brunette.

She grit her teeth, this couldn't be as hard as it appeared, could it?


The hammer hit her thumb once more. Olivia wondered if her girlfriend's nephews would ever love her, as she wanted them to.

Suddenly, a warm hand rubbed the small of her back and a husky voice soothed, "Now, now, what's so bad?"

Indicating the worktop, Olivia sighed deeply and frowned as the blonde woman chuckled.

Turning away from her frustrated woman, Alex reached for the nearby food processor. Scooping up the remains of the peanuts, she threw them and a little butter into the processor and switched on.

One soul-captivating kiss later, peanut butter awaited the two women.

"They love you whatever, darling," promised the blonde.


Title: On Top
Challenge: Bottom
Pairing: A/O
Word Count: 126
AN: I had a weekend free, was fed up with Peanut Butter, wanted to keep my hand in writing drabbles, so looked at the challenges before I joined :)

"Liv, you really should try the bottom, hon."

"But I love it on top, Alex. You know that?"

"Yeah, but I wanna try the top. Please Liv, I'll make it worth your while."

"Stop that, I'm not going on the bottom."

"You don't have to play big, strong cop all the time, I'm as tall as you are."

"Don't pout, Alex. We're here. I'm on top, ok?"

The blonde smiled evilly as they were each captured in a bear hug by an enthusiastic child.

"Aunt Alex! Livvy! Let's dump your things so we can play."

As her nephew dragged her lover away, Alex hissed, "I'm not going on the bottom, it's up to you."

Throwing her bags on the bottom bunk Olivia knew she was whipped.

The End

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