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Vixen V: Quickie
By VivalaB


Alex followed Olivia into the living room, admiring her nakedness in the dim light as the dark haired woman led her by the hand, silently, to the bathroom. She took in the sway of trim hips and the long, muscular legs as her eyes travelled appreciatively over the toned body in front of her. She looked at Olivia's free right hand, swinging lightly by her side and studied the slender, skillful digits as they moved naturally with the motion.

Alex gasped in surprise as her body gently collided with the shorter woman's.

Olivia turned round and looked up at her, "You okay?" she asked, placing her free hand on Alex's hip.

Alex shook her head and smiled, "Sorry…distracted," she said quietly, placing her left hand gently on Olivia's face and sliding her thumb lightly over parted lips. She moved her gaze from Olivia's eyes to her inviting mouth and swallowed.

Olivia moved closer and shifted her hands, pressing their bodies together. Slender arms enveloped her and she felt Alex's body sag against her as the taller woman sighed contentedly. Alex's hands caressed her back, making slow circles from her shoulders, down her spine until they rested on firm globes of taut flesh. Olivia mirrored the movement and both women looked knowingly at one another.

"I suppose one night without sleep won't kill us," Olivia whispered as she slipped a toned thigh between Alex's welcoming, parted legs.

Alex's breath hitched and her stomach tightened as Olivia shifted her stance. Her sex squeezed, trying to increase contact on the muscled thigh as she rolled her hips. She licked her lips and swallowed, "And if it does…what a way to go," she husked, cradling Olivia's head and pulling her mouth towards her own.

Olivia closed her eyes and gave herself up to the insatiable blonde, raising her leg higher and swallowing Alex's response. Her chest heaved as Alex sucked her tongue deeply into her mouth and their breasts pressed insistently together. Olivia's hips began to thrust slowly as Alex ground herself on to her rock hard thigh.

Alex snaked a hand between their tightly pressed bodies and cupped Olivia's sex, pressing firmly against her damp folds, eliciting a sweet moan from her lover. She squeezed Olivia's thigh, ignoring the slight protest from her muscles as they reminded her of the exuberant workout they had already received over the last few hours.

Olivia ground her clit on to the heel of Alex's hand, feeling the long, slender digits teasing along her slit and stroking the clenching opening. She was powerless to stop the hot juices that escaped, coating Alex's hand with the evidence of her need.

Alex tore her mouth away, unable to concentrate as her senses were assaulted by the woman in her arms. She panted heavily, her breath blowing the hair away from Olivia's face. She kept her eyes locked on Olivia's as she struggled to breathe, her face contorting in uncontrollable pleasure as she thrust harder on to the toned thigh. She removed her hand from Olivia's heated, wet sex and grabbed the brunette's ass with both hands, holding her firmly in place as she pumped her hips faster.

Olivia ignored the aching in her own sex and focused on giving Alex pleasure. She panted raggedly, swallowing hard as she watched Alex in the throes of passion. She had waited a long time for true love and knew she had found the love of her life in Alex Cabot, happiness flowed through her body as she felt Alex gush hot wetness on to her thigh.

Alex struggled to keep her eyes open as the acute feelings of sensory awareness heightened to almost intolerable levels. She panted harshly as her mouth opened and closed as she sucked in short bursts of air.

Olivia leaned forward and suckled the base of her throat as her hands encouraged Alex to ride her clenching thigh harder.

Alex gasped as she pumped her hips furiously, "Coming," she rasped as a whimper escaped her throat.

Olivia trailed her open mouth upwards until she was hovering over Alex's parted, wet lips and savoring the hot, ragged breath blowing harshly across her own. She kissed Alex urgently, hearing the blonde breathe heavily through her nose before tearing her mouth away.

She desperately wanted to taste Alex again and considered dropping to her knees and feasting on her throbbing wetness until she climaxed, but the thighs gripping her own and hands fastened on her ass told her she was too late.

Alex felt her climax coming as her sex opened and closed rapidly, painting Olivia's slick thigh with more hot juices. She tilted her head back, lips parted and eyes closed, unable to focus on anything other than her impending release. She cried out as hot lips tugged roughly on a painfully erect nipple, her clit tightened to an almost unendurable level of sensation until she finally fell over the edge with a sharp, hitching cry of release. She rubbed her pulsing sex along Olivia's slick thigh, prolonging her pleasure and gasped as another sweet orgasm swept across her trembling body.

Olivia released the swollen nipple and watched transfixed as Alex's face tightened and remained motionless for a few long seconds before it slackened and her climax crashed over her. She felt a surge of love as she savored the intimate moment, watching Alex's chest heave as the blonde regained her composure and shifted blue eyes until they settled lovingly on her own.

Alex brought their lips together, kissing Olivia with all the love in her heart as her hands stroked across the sweat dampened back. She pulled back slowly and gazed into darkened eyes, "I don't think I'll be able to walk tomorrow," she breathed out, smiling happily.

Olivia grinned, "Are you complaining?"

Alex shook her head, "Why would I complain when the woman I love has fucked me senseless all night," she teased, kissing her lips lightly.

Olivia smiled, "I love you too, more than you'll ever know," she answered honestly before returning the kiss.

Alex nodded slowly as they parted, "I do know, I feel the same," she said, pouring her feelings into another kiss and tightening her hold on the woman in her arms.

They stood for a few minutes, enjoying their connection and the comfortable silence surrounding them.

"We really need a shower," Olivia mumbled into Alex's neck.

Alex snorted, "Good job we managed to stay upright, the couch would have been ruined," she quipped, thinking of the traces of chocolate cake, now fused with sweat across their slick bodies.

Olivia released her and took a backwards step towards the hallway, pulling the blonde with her. As they passed through the bedroom, heading for the bathroom door, Olivia's eyes glanced over at the purple cock, standing proudly on the bedside table.

Alex caught the sideways glance and hid a predatory smile as she followed Olivia through the open door.

The End

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