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Blawg and Order
By Del

While Olivia awaited more instruction, she found herself admiring once again the other woman's features. What a gorgeous woman.

It wasn't just Olivia's opinion. The ADA had won, hands down, last month's Luscious Lawyer poll on the `60 Center Streetwalkers' blawg - a "completely unprofessional internet website" (Branch's words) "that, while protected by the First Amendment, is not endorsed or patronized by any member of the New York County District Attorney's Office." In other words, the blawg checked daily by every ADA and litigator in the greater Manhattan area.

The award itself hadn't bothered Alex. It was the next paragraph that was making her miserable: "And who is the lucky beneficiary of our alluring ADA's hottitude? Word has it that the captivating counsel has her eye on a member, so to speak, of our esteemed judiciary. We suspect there are no objections from the bench."

It hadn't taken long for the attorney to storm into the SVU squad room and up to Olivia's desk. "Have you read Streetwalkers today?"

"No," Olivia replied. Reading about the doings of lawyers and judges wasn't actually that high on her priority list. "But I hear that congratulations are in order, Ms. Hot Law."

Shaking her head, Alex nudged Olivia aside with her hip and typed in the URL, pointing at dark blue text against a white screen. "Look at that."

As Olivia read it, her stomach began to churn. Alex was interested in this man? A judge? Someone smart that Alex could talk to on the same level? She felt queasy.

The silence stretched out until Olivia realized that Alex was still waiting, arms crossed, for her reaction. "Makes you wonder how they get this stuff," she mumbled.

"By making it up!"

Making it up?

"It's crap," Alex said. "A judge? Why would I want a judge when I-- " She seemed to lose her train of thought. "Anyway, it's ridiculous. I'm not seeing anyone."

"Oh." Olivia tried to find something on her desk to reach for so that Alex wouldn't see the inappropriately wide grin on her face.

"So . . . you want to grab a bite?"

Now, weeks later, Olivia knew that her friend was still steamed. Suddenly, she was Ms. Popular with the black robes who fancied themselves the man of Alex Cabot's dreams. "Ms. Cabot, may I see you in chambers on an unrelated matter . . . .?" Would she like to co-chair a panel at the Bar Convention with Judge Galloway? Of course, it might require a few evenings of preparation together . . . . Judge Finch, meanwhile, wanted to congratulate Alex for her win at the Court of Appeals last week. Incidentally, he would be willing to volunteer his courtroom to the District Attorney's office for training if she cared to discuss it further . . . . And by sheer coincidence, Judge Fuller was suddenly quite interested in the ADA's views on adapting civil alternative dispute resolution to the criminal context. Perhaps they could explore the subject over dinner . . . .

"Don't worry about the wiretap," Alex said, coming to the end of the prep for their trial tomorrow before the Honorable Charles Heslop. "We won't be getting into that."

"What do you mean?"

"Conlin's going to fight it."

"So?" Olivia was confused. "I thought you said he couldn't lawyer his way out of a paper bag."

"I think the Court of Appeals is going to stick us with a new wiretap threshold in a couple of months. If Heslop lets it in, we'll just get reversed when the new opinion comes down," Alex explained. "We're solid without it anyway, so I'll ask you the question, Conlin'll make some half-assed objection, I'll fumble around and not say anything, the phone call will get excluded, and Heslop will think he owes us one."

"What rule of evidence is that?"

"The unwritten one."

Olivia nodded her understanding, and late the next day, she was ready to not answer when Alex posed the question. "Detective Benson, did you subsequently come into possession of a telephone conversation between the defendant and his brother?"

Conlin duly began to rise. "Objection--"


Olivia glanced at the ADA.

"Uh . . . , Your Honor, had Mr. Conlin finished his objection?" Alex asked. "I wouldn't want to cut him off."

"He had," Heslop replied.

From her vantage point on the stand, Olivia could see the judge run his gaze down Alex's flattering suit.

Oh, no. Not another one.

Someone less familiar with the ADA might not have recognized the expression, but Olivia could see the wheels turning. Now what?

An idea seemed to pop into Alex's head, and, with a quick glance at her watch, she turned back toward the bench. "Your Honor, would it be possible to take an early recess this afternoon?"

From the look on the judge's face, just about anything Ms. Cabot asked was possible at that moment. "I don't think the jurors will object to getting home twenty minutes early, Ms. Cabot," he said. "I won't either, even if I don't have anyone waiting for me."

Gag. Olivia rolled her eyes. Could you be any more obvious?

When the door closed behind the last juror, Alex pointed at a three-ring binder and a couple of exhibit books. "Grab those," she said, and before the detective could say anything, she was gone.

With notebook in hand, Olivia caught up to Alex in the hall just as Alex caught up to Maurice Conlin. "Maury," she heard the ADA say. "I suppose you're going to ask Heslop to reconsider that ruling in the morning."

"Huh?" the other lawyer replied. "I mean, yeah, I think I will."

"And I suppose you're going to hit me with People v. Hznarkien."


"People v. Hznarkien," Alex repeated. "H - Z - N - A - R - K - I - E - N. Well, don't think that one Appellate Division opinion going your way is going to stop me. In fact, I dare you to bring that case up."

Olivia walked up beside her, and Alex grabbed her arm. "Let's go," she said, dragging Olivia down the hall with her. The ADA shoved a path through the entrance doors and down the sidewalk - heading away from her office.

"Alex, where are-"

"Hurry," Alex interrupted. "We don't have much time!"

In less than a minute, they arrived outside a gated parking lot. "This is it," Alex declared.

"This is what?"

"And there he is." Alex spun around and grabbed the detective's shoulders. "I love you, Olivia," she said loudly. She pulled Olivia toward her as close as she could with the detective's arms full and clamped her lips onto Olivia's.

"Mnf-" Olivia exclaimed. Not that she was complaining. Surprised, maybe, but not complaining. Surprised, thrilled, overwhelmed . . . . She felt a wandering hand caress her back.

Over Alex's shoulder, Olivia glimpsed a man - Judge Heslop, she realized - gawking at them from beside a black BMW.

Ah -- now she got it.

Comprehension didn't stop Alex's probing tongue from distracting her, and when Olivia thought to look again, he was speeding out of the parking lot through the electronic gate. She began to pull away, but the blonde tugged her closer. "He might come back," Alex murmured, and pressed her lips again to Olivia's.

After several more minutes of the passionate embrace, Alex finally drew back.

"Wow." Olivia was stunned.

"I think it worked."

"I know it did," Olivia muttered.

"That ought to keep the wiretap out."

"That, too."

"Sorry about . . . all that," Alex apologized.

"Don't be."

"I hope it wasn't too horrible for you." Did the statement hold a question?

"Not horrible at all." Olivia tried to convey with her eyes what she was afraid to say aloud. It was wonderful.

"We should dump this stuff at my office," Alex said. She seemed a little nervous. "Are you free for dinner?"

"And afterward."

The two exchanged a long look, and then Alex smiled at her. "Me, too," she said. She lifted an exhibit book from Olivia's stack, and they headed for her office.

The following evening, fresh from her latest conviction, Alex stood behind Olivia's desk as they read the latest Streetwalkers entry. "Long Arms of the Law? Luscious Lawyer winner Alex Cabot was seen smooching with a certain SVU detective near the courthouse yesterday, and again outside Riviera's last night. Sounds like true love."

Olivia grinned up at her. "Makes you wonder where they get this stuff . . . ."

The End

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