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Satin Sheets
By Ann


I closed my eyes and felt the cool sensation of my favorite satin sheets as Olivia pressed me deeper into the mattress, her delicious weight pinning me down. Every time she jogged her hips, I couldn't help but moan, my body screaming for her to settle into a rhythm instead of teasing me with her occasional thrusts. Oh, how I'd dreamed of this moment for so very long, only to wake the next morning, horny and alone.

A strong hand snaked its way between our bodies, finding the source of my need as it rubbed back and forth through the abundant wetness. I lifted my body upwards, begging Olivia to increase her speed, but she just chuckled and continued at her slow, steady pace.

"Please." The words left my mouth without permission. I'd never pleaded with a lover before; in fact, I'd seldom made a sound when making love, but I'd never wanted anyone as badly as I wanted Olivia. I didn't want her to just make love to me; I wanted to feel her power, I wanted her to take me, I wanted her to fuck me.

She seemed to sense my inner desire as she suddenly began to increase her motion. A tongue snaked out to tease a nipple as long fingers made their way to my drenched opening. Olivia closed her mouth on the swollen nipple at the same moment a single digit thrust inside of me, rotating in circles, readying me for more. Soon, a second and third finger joined the first, and I spread my legs wider, graciously welcoming the new arrivals.

My hips began to move along with my lover's as Olivia straddled my left leg, her wetness coating my thigh. I tightened my muscles and pressed against her center, trying to offer her as much relief as I possibly could. The room was suddenly filled with the sound of fingers sliding through wetness as she forcefully thrust in and out of my opening. A fourth finger was added, and I stretched even further to accommodate her, willing to accept whatever she had to give.

Olivia released my nipple and moved upwards to my lips. I greedily accepted her tongue as it smoothly slid into my waiting mouth. She never stopped her motion as she continued to expertly fuck both my mouth and my opening with her tongue and her fingers; both acting as pistons as they held me on the edge, begging and pleading for more. Sweat coated our bodies, giving Olivia even better friction as she was now able to undulate against me more freely and easily while continuing to maintain the speed of her thrusts.

I cried aloud as she pushed the palm of her hand against my clit, adding just the right amount of pressure to bring me over the edge. But, Olivia wasn't satisfied with giving me my first orgasm in what seemed like forever; no, she continued to fuck me, hard and fast, until I'd come a second time, and this time, she expelled a grunt as she came right along with me. She slumped on top of me, pushing me further into the once cool sheets, her fingers nestled comfortably inside me. Closing my eyes, I stretched my arms outward, desperately seeking the outer edges of the sheets and the refreshing coolness they had to offer.

Satin sheets were still a favorite of mine, but satin sheets a la Olivia Benson were so much better.

The End

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