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A Necessary Delay
By Ann


Alex Cabot sat smugly behind the prosecutor's table dressed to the nines in her Armani suit and black heels. All her case files were stacked neatly on the table to her right, and she couldn't wait for the trial to begin. The defense maintained Mr. Johnson killed his wife in self defense, and Alex had more than enough documentation and witness testimony to prove Mrs. Johnson had been abused for years. This was going to be a slam dunk case.

The defense attorney had filed yet another motion to suppress evidence, and Judge Lena Petrovsky was in her chambers reviewing the motion; thus the delay. Looking over her folders one more time, Alex noticed the ER file was missing, and she planned to call Dr. Jane Adams to the stand first to testify to the frequency of trips Mrs. Johnson had made to the ER. The file listed dates, times, and specific injuries.

After a few seconds of panic, Alex remembered she placed it in her briefcase last night, and she reached into her purse to retrieve the key to unlock the case. Her hands touched on a key ring so she pulled it from her purse.

Her eyes widened when she noted the rainbow keychain, and she quickly stuffed the keys back into the purse. She rummaged around only to find the rainbow keys to be the only set in her bag.

Closing her eyes, Alex replayed her morning. She woke wrapped up in her lovers' arms, and the two made love until the alarm went off. After showering together, she quickly dressed, grabbed her keys and briefcase, and ran downstairs to catch a cab. 'Shit, I picked up Olivia's keys by mistake.'

Alex quickly grabbed her cell and punched in number one on her speed dial, and Olivia answered on the second ring, "Benson."

Whispering quietly, Alex asked, "Olivia, did you by any chance pick up my keys before you left the apartment?"

Olivia immediately replied, "Yes, I couldn't find mine so I figured you somehow grabbed them by mistake. I thought we could trade them back this evening."

Looking around to make sure no one can hear her conversation, Alex said, "Sweetie, I really need them as soon as possible. I'm in Judge Petrovsky's courtroom, and I need a file that is locked in my briefcase. I can't call my first witness without it. How fast can you be here?"

Olivia rose from her desk and started for the door. Telling Elliott she'll be back shortly, she replied, "I'm on my way, Alex. Just sit tight I'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

The voice from the other end responded, "Oh, shit. Lena has just walked in the courtroom. You'll never make it."

Judge Petrovsky took her seat on the bench and said, "Ms. Cabot, do you think you could take your call some other time? I've denied the motion to suppress, and I need you to call your first witness."

Alex quickly closed her phone and replied, "Sorry, your honor. The state would like to call Theresa Whittington to the stand."

The defense attorney quickly jumped up and yelled, "Objection, your honor. Dr. Adams is listed as the first witness."

Lena looked over the list and said, "You're quite right, Mr. Stevens. Baliff, is Dr. Adams available?"

The baliff immediately responded, "Yes, your honor."

The judge turned to Alex and ordered, "Call the correct witness, Ms. Cabot."

As Alex opened her mouth to explain her situation, the baliff suddenly declared, "Your honor, I need a word with you."

Alex glanced over at the door hoping Olivia would break the world's record in running from the station to the courthouse. 'Please Olivia, get here.'

Judge Petrovksy voice broke through Alex's wishful thinking. "Ladies and gentleman, I need you to leave the courtroom immediately. Please file out in an orderly fashion. We are adjourned until one o'clock."

Thankful for whatever emergency caused the delay, Alex grabbed her files, purse, and briefcase and left the courtroom. When she walked into the hallway, she noticed other personnel filing out of the building.

Alex stepped through the exit and began to walk down the steps when Olivia quickly strode next to her. Smiling, she took Alex's files from her arms and escorted her to her office. The two walked side by side without uttering a word.

When they reached Alex's office, Olivia pulled Alex's keys from her pocket and opened the door. They stepped in, and Alex quickly shut the door behind them.

Pulling Olivia to the nearby couch, she whispered, "A bomb threat? You called in a bomb threat?"

Olivia replied, "What? I didn't call in a bomb threat. It's against the law."

Confused, Alex asked, "Then who?"

Frowning, Olivia responded, "Serena, although I didn't know what she was going to do. I called her when I realized I would never get to the courthouse on time. She said something about there being no other cases on the docket today, and she would take care of the problem. I had no idea what she had planned."

Grabbing her phone, Alex punched in Serena's number. "Serena, what were you thinking? You could be arrested for pulling a stunt like that. . . . What? . . . . You're kidding? . . . Okay, I'll talk to you later."

Alex turned to Olivia and explained, "Serena knew I had the only active case today so she didn't think it would hurt anything to stop proceedings for this morning, and the courthouse personnel always enjoy an occasional break from work."

Worried, Olivia pointed out, "If the call is traced to her, it's a federal offense. She took quite a risk."

Grinning, Alex replied, "She happened to be in the building visiting a friend when you called. Serena placed the call from Branch's office."

Rising from the couch, Olivia crossed over to the door and turned the lock. She retook her seat and ran her hand up Alex's leg to the edge of her skirt.

Olivia began to nibble on Alex's neck and said, "Remind me to reprimand Serena before I thank her. Now, what time did Lena say you had to be back?"

The End

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