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Who's Teaching Who?
By Esther


Olivia had felt as though someone had been watching her for a while as she worked out in the makeshift gym the precinct boys had put together.

The guys had all brought in gym equipment that they no longer used and dumped it in a room at the end of the corridor where the squad room was.

A rowing machine, an exercise bike and a punch bag had been donated by Cragen.

A treadmill that went at a super fast speed had been Elliot's contribution and a set of weights and dumbbells had left Finn's house and arrived at the precinct.

Olivia was punching hell out of the bag, ducking and weaving every so often as though expecting the bag to grow arms and punish her.

The blue eyes watched her from their hiding place.

She looked amazing, so tall, lean and strong. The muscles in her back flexed as she released the punches and her thigh muscles bulged through the tight work out leggings she wore.

The owner of the blue eyes could not help but lick their lips in excitement.

Sweat was pouring off Olivia and she wiped her brow with the back of her hand.

It must have been cop intuition but Olivia spun around and looked behind her; the deep, brown eyes searching for the person that was watching her through the buckled blinds at the long window.

She knew they were there and had been there for a while.

It was probably some rookie cop getting his kicks watching a female detective working out.

"I know you're there!" Olivia called out as she removed the bandages from her hands and noticed the blood on them.

Alex Cabot took a step back and her high heels clicked on the floor.

A confused look appeared on Olivia's face and she took three purposeful strides towards the door.

Rookie cops did not wear high heels, at least not when they were at work.

Alex felt panic shoot through her body.

"Good evening, counsellor," Olivia leaned sexily against the door frame whilst rolling the bandages in her hands.


"What can I do for you?" Olivia went back into the gym and Alex followed her.

"I was wondering if you have finished your report for the Delaney case," Alex bluffed.

The panic was searing through all of her veins now.

"I have already submitted the report," Olivia put the bandages in her sports bag.

Alex tried to ignore the sexy beads of sweat that were running down the side of Olivia's face.

"I submitted the report this morning," Olivia picked up her bag and put it on her shoulder.

"Your hands!" Alex exclaimed noticing the blood for the first time. "You've punched your knuckles raw."

"A bit of hot water will sort them out," Olivia smiled.

Alex tried to regain her composure. "I better go and find that report," she said and started towards the door.

"I'm going for a drink now with the guys if you would like to come with us," Olivia said as Alex reached the door.

Alex halted. "To a cop bar?"

Olivia rolled her eyes, "where else?"

Alex thought about it for a moment. "I suppose I could come for one drink."

"Great, I just need to get changed and then we can go," Olivia headed off in the direction of the changing rooms.

Alex forced the image of a naked Olivia out of her mind and followed the Detective down the corridor.

Olivia was greeted heartily by her male colleagues but they eyed Alex with suspicion.

"I hope everything will be off the record tonight counsellor," Munch joked.

Alex just smiled sweetly and pulled up a stool and positioned it next to Stabler.

"What would you like to drink, Cabot?" Finn asked as he rose from his seat.

Alex looked at the empty beer bottles on the table and figured that the bar did not sell wine.

"Beer is fine," she said. "Thank you."

"No need to ask you 'Liv," Finn said and headed to the bar.

Olivia smiled wickedly and pulled her seat up next to Munch and opposite Alex.

"So Alex," Cragen said. "What brings you to this fine establishment?"

"Olivia invited me," Alex replied as though it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Cragen nodded and a silence descended on the table.

Alex knew that her arrival had forced the Detectives to stop discussing whatever they had been talking about until she appeared.

"I'm starting to think I should leave," she said and began to rise from her seat.

Stabler reached out and forced her gently back into her seat. "No," he said.

Munch loosened his tie. "We were talking about the Mahoney case," he admitted.

"And now we're finished talking about it," Stabler shot him a warning look.

Munch held up his hands in a 'I accept that,' gesture.

Alex looked down at the floor and felt uncomfortable.

The Mahoney case had gone disastrously wrong and a lot of the Detectives felt quite resentful about it. It had not been her fault but she felt responsible. Evidence had been obtained illegally and although Alex had argued a good case a well known rapist had been released on a technicality.

"I want you to know that I feel as badly as all of you do about that case," Alex began.

Olivia gave her head a little shake.

"I'm sure you do, Cabot," Munch said.

"I just……."

"Alex," Olivia voiced her warning this time.

Alex stopped talking and looked at Olivia as a silence descended again.

"Anyway," Cragen attempted to break the silence. "I think that maybe we should play pool."

"I agree," Olivia jumped up and eyed the table where a couple of young cops were playing.

"Oh, I don't think so," Alex shook her head and looked apprehensive.

"Oh I think so, Cabot," Stabler got to his feet and took her elbow. "Have you played pool before?"

"Not recently," Alex shook her head as Elliot led her over to the pool table.

"Then we will teach you," Olivia slipped out of her jacket and took the beer bottle that Finn handed her as he returned.

"Pool?" he asked hopefully.

As the group of older Detectives made their presence known around the pool table the young cops finished their game and gave Cragen a polite nod.

"A man that commands respect at all levels," Munch joked.

"Olivia," Alex whispered furiously.

"Yes," Olivia leaned in close to Alex.

A beautiful scent flew up Alex's nose and made her feel giddy. "I have no idea what to do," Alex whispered.

"Don't worry," Olivia picked up a cue.

Alex picked up her beer and took a long swig.

"I can teach you," Olivia chalked the cue and handed it to Alex.

"I don't even know how to hold the – stick," she said.

Olivia bit back her laugh. "Cue," she corrected.

Alex looked stricken.

"Where is your court room poker face?" Olivia teased her quietly.

"What's the teams?" Finn asked enthusiastically clapping his hands together.

"Cabot and I versus you and Munch," Olivia offered.

"Pot the balls that are your colour," Munch said to Alex.

She nodded as though she knew what it meant and then looked desperately at Olivia.

Olivia took up a cue for herself.

"Ladies break," Finn offered.

Olivia did not need to be told twice and broke off promptly potting two blue balls.

Finn and Munch shared a look, it would not be the first time that Olivia had beaten their asses at pool. Hopefully, Alex would give them an even chance.

As Olivia scrutinised the table Alex watched her with interest.

Olivia had an incredible presence and had made her way in a man's world by being tough and tender when she needed to be.

Her colleagues respected her. Especially Finn after Olivia had assisted him in finding a missing girl.

Alex had watched the appeal on the news when a vigil was held outside of a church and she had seen Olivia in her blue cop uniform.

Alex had taken a sharp intake of breath when she saw Olivia like that. The older woman had looked incredible and Alex remembered she had leaned forward on her sofa trying to get closer to Olivia.

Olivia potted another blue ball and then missed the next one.

Munch got down and potted two yellows but missed an awkward shot into the middle pocket and then it was Alex's turn.

"OK," Olivia smiled at her. "Ready?"

"I guess so," Alex forced a smile and felt all eyes on her.

"Hold the cue like this," Olivia stood behind Alex her tall strong frame touching the young slender woman's back.

Alex allowed Olivia to take control of her limbs.

"Then you make a bridge that feels comfortable for you," Olivia gently forced Alex to lean over the table and Olivia leaned with her.

Alex's backside was pressed against Olivia's pelvis and Alex was certain that Olivia would be able to hear her heart pounding in her chest.

Alex tried to make a bridge but it was weak and feeble so Olivia laid her own hand on the table and Alex copied her bridge.

"Then you line up your shot," Olivia whispered next to Alex's ear.

Alex shuddered slightly at the feel of Olivia's breath on her face.

"Let's go for that ball against the cushion," Olivia decided.

"Isn't that a little difficult for a first timer?" Cragen asked.

Olivia smiled at him and then moved her own body forcing Alex to reposition.

"Now what we do is roll the white ball gently down the cushion so that it hits the blue ball dead on and pushes it gently into the pocket."

Alex turned her face to look at Olivia and their lips were almost touching.

"That sounds a little difficult," she said.

"Easy," Olivia promised.

She took Alex's hand that was holding the base of the cue in her own.

"Line up the shot and then when you feel comfortable hit the white ball," Olivia stood up and pulled away from Alex.

Alex stifled a sigh and then concentrated on the shot.

She lined up the shot and then closed her eyes as she struck the white ball with her cue.

A round of applause erupted and when Alex opened her eyes she realised that the ball had gone into the pocket and smiled.

"You did it!" Olivia grabbed her and hugged her from behind. "Now do it again."

This time Alex looked for her own shot, there was a straight shot into the pocket that was top left of the half circle.

She went for that shot wishing that Olivia was behind her to guide her.

Not because Alex felt that she could not make the shot, it was the feel of Olivia pressed against her that Alex desired.

Finn let out a loud disgruntled moan as Alex potted the next ball.

"I can't believe it!" Olivia enthused.

Alex gave her a smug smile.

She quickly potted the last of the blue balls and then concentrated on the black.

"This to win," Much said, "no pressure Cabot."

Alex glanced up at him but her concentration did not waver as she managed to thump the ball into the named pocket.

"You have played pool before," Finn stood up feeling annoyed.

Alex smiled as she placed the cue back into the rack. "That's why you're a Detective, Detective," she smiled sweetly at him.

Finn laughed and shook her hand and then Olivia's.

Olivia was staring at Alex. "Do they have pool tables at Ivy League schools?"

Alex turned to Olivia, her comment stinging a little. Olivia looked a little annoyed.

"Well," Munch straightened his tie. "I have a date so I will love you and leave you guys."

"Been on those websites again, Munch?" Elliot joked.

"I will have you know," Munch said curtly, "that Leandra happens to be a very nice woman."

"OK," Elliot laughed. "I'll walk with you. My wife will kill me if I go in stinking of beer."

"Me too," Finn said. "I don't think I could take another ass whipping," he drained his bottle of beer in one go.

"Well, ladies," Cragen said. "Looks like you're all alone."

Olivia and Alex shared a look and Alex took a drink of beer.

"That's fine," Olivia said breezily and began racking up the pool balls again.

"Have I upset you?" Alex asked after the men had departed.

"Why would I be upset?"

Alex pulled her hair out of its knot and it fell softly down her shoulders.

Olivia held her breath.

"I misled you that I had never played pool before," Alex took another swig of beer.

"That's called hustling," Olivia removed the triangle from the balls. "Let's see how good you really are."

"Challenge accepted," Alex smiled then turned and signalled to the barman to bring them two more beers.

Olivia broke off again and this time only managed to pot one yellow.

Alex watched her take long lean shots and then noticed the irritation on Olivia's face when she missed a shot.

Alex took up residence at the table and potted six balls.

Olivia took a deep breath and then a drink of beer.

After missing the black ball it was Olivia's shot and she cleared the rest of her remaining colours.

As she lined up to pot the black Alex bent down beside her and put her cheek close to Olivia's.

"That's never going to go in," she whispered.

Olivia turned her face to Alex's with disbelieving annoyance.

"I'm just saying," Alex stepped back and motioned to Olivia to continue.

Olivia tried to regain her concentration and take the shot but just as Alex had predicted Olivia missed the shot.

She swore angrily.

Alex smiled smugly and potted the black with ease.

"Why did you do that?" Olivia asked.

"Do what?" Alex asked innocently.

"Pretend that you didn't know how to play pool."

Alex walked over to Olivia and the older woman noticed that the blonde's blouse was open a few more buttons than usual and exposing a fair amount of flesh.

"I wanted you to teach me," Alex smiled and then put the beer bottle to her lips.

"Why?" Olivia asked.

"I could tell you Detective," Alex wore a salacious look. "But if I join the dots for you then it will take all of the fun out of the mystery."

Olivia thought that she knew what Alex was talking about.

She had felt the electricity between them, the signs that Alex had given her.

"I always liked join the dots puzzles," Olivia dipped her head so she could look directly into Alex's blue eyes.

"I think that I should go home," Alex said. "Before I get drunk."

"There's nothing wrong with getting a little drunk, counsellor."

"There is when you might do something that you will regret," she went to walk away to get her coat but Olivia caught hold of her hand.

"What might you regret? That I beat you at pool this time?"

"That's a challenge," Alex said.

The two women left the bar an hour and a half later, Olivia victorious and not realising that Alex had let her win the last ten games just so she could see Olivia's beautiful smile.

Out in the cold street Alex shivered and tried to bury herself deeper into her coat. "It's so cold."

Olivia hailed a cab and bundled Alex into it. Olivia told the cabbie the address to her apartment and then sat back.

"I need to go home," Alex said.

"I can call you a cab from my place," Olivia's eyes sparkled. "It's Saturday tomorrow and you're not working are you?"

"I'm working from home," Alex knew her voice sounded haughty.

"Relax," Olivia put her hand on Alex's knee and as the electricity passed between them again Alex knew why Olivia was taking her to her apartment.

The cab soon pulled over and the women got out and went up the steps and into the building with a hurried pace.

Olivia opened the door to her apartment and a strong sweet smell of apples hit Alex.

"Come in," Olivia motioned for Alex to enter.

Alex put her briefcase down in the hall and allowed Olivia to help her remove her coat.

"Would you like something to drink?" Olivia started off towards the kitchen but Alex caught her wrist.

"Hang on a second," Alex said and with strength that Olivia would never have guessed the slight woman possessed she pushed Olivia against the wall. "Have you joined the dots yet?"

Alex's face was turned up to look at Olivia's.

"I think so," Olivia whispered.

"And what does the picture look like?" Alex was slowly moving her mouth closer to Olivia's.

"From here the picture looks beautiful," she gazed into Alex's eyes.

"I was hoping you might say that," Alex whispered as their lips touched.

The End

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