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Best Laid Plans
By Geonn


Olivia spotted Alex as she approached. She was standing on the sidewalk, a few steps away from the front door of the building. Her arms were crossed, her head bowed slightly as she waited. Olivia smiled. Most people would sit on the stoop. Not Alex, not in that night-black trenchcoat or those pressed black slacks. No, Alex would stand until she couldn't anymore, then she would go back and wait in her car.

Olivia slowed as she approached, and Alex looked up at the sound of sneakers on pavement. She came to a stop next to Alex and couldn't help smirk at how opposite they looked. Alex, in a pantsuit that had probably cost a couple thousand dollars, hair expensively coiffed, her high-dollar handbag hanging from her shoulder. Olivia, meanwhile, had just finished a sixteen block run. She wore ratty, baggy shorts, a hooded sweatshirt, and sweat was dripping from her bangs. "Alex," she said. "This is a surprise."

"I wanted to tell you in person," Alex said. "Griffin caved. Death penalty off the table, life in prison for the names and locations of all his victims."

"That's great," Olivia said. She and Elliot had worked their asses off to prove Griffin had raped and murdered ten girls over the years. She could live with knowing he was behind bars as long as the families got some peace. "You want to come up? We can grab some coffee and you can tell me how you got him to give it up."

Alex followed her inside. Olivia turned halfway up the stairs and said, "I hope you don't mind if I grab a quick shower before the coffee."

"No, please. In fact, I insist."

Olivia smirked and unlocked her apartment door. She kicked off her tennis shoes and pulled down the zipper of her sweatshirt. She indicated the kitchen doorway. "There are drinks in the fridge. Tea, soda, juice. Whatever you'd like."

"Sure, I..." Alex turned and the words died in her throat. Olivia had shrugged off the sweatshirt and it was draped over her arm. She wore a dark purple sports bra underneath... and nothing else. Her shoulders and arms were toned and tight, corded with muscle that glistened as she walked across the living room. Her abdomen was flat, not obscenely muscled, but very, very nice nonetheless. Her sweatpants hung low on her hips, showing Alex a hint of Olivia's underwear.

"I'll be right back," Olivia said, oblivious of Alex's attention. She tugged her sweatpants up a bit higher and turned to walk away, inadvertently pulling the material tight against her ass.

Alex remained standing where she was until the bathroom door closed. Then, she dropped to the couch and exhaled sharply. The water started, and she could hear the quiet hiss of it moving through the pipes to the bathroom. She closed her eyes, pictured Olivia standing naked under the spray, washing away the sweat and grime until nothing was left but her sweet, tanned skin. She rested her hands on her lap and closed her eyes.

Don't even think about it, Cabot.

What's the worst that could happen?

Did you forget that you made that itemized list...

Bite me.

She pushed off the couch and dropped her trenchcoat in the hallway. It fell behind her, an ink blot on the hardwood floor, but she didn't care. She stripped out of her suit, quickly so she didn't lose her nerve, and let her expensive clothes pile up on the floor around her. Watch, rings, bracelet, all dropped onto the pile with a quiet thunk.

Then she was standing in front of Olivia's bathroom door in just her La Perla bra and panties. She loved wearing sexy lingerie underneath her androgynous suits. Sometimes she had to look mannish to make it in her chosen profession, but the underwear was a secret. She reached behind her back and undid the clasp. It fluttered to her feet. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties, bent down and kicked them aside.

She put her hand on the knob, hesitated and then opened the door. She walked directly to the shower, with tunnel vision and her heart deafening her, and swept the curtain aside.

The tub was empty. The hot water pounded down on empty porcelain.

She turned just as Olivia grabbed her from behind. Alex had time to gasp before Olivia's mouth was on hers. Alex grabbed the shower curtain and sagged against Olivia's naked body. Their skin slid together, sending sparks up all around them as if they were both electrically charged. Olivia's tongue was in her mouth and Alex opened wide to accept it. Her hands dug into Olivia's hips and pulled her close, and one of Alex's legs slid between Olivia's thighs.

Olivia sat on Alex's thigh and began to rock. Alex had to stumble back, and sit on the edge of the tub, or risk dropping them both to the floor. Olivia draped her arms around Alex's neck and broke the kiss. She dipped her head, latched onto Alex's neck and then licked up to her earlobe. She nipped at it, then hissed, "It took you long enough. I thought I would actually have to take a damn shower..."

"We swore this wouldn't happen again," Alex panted as Olivia rubbed against her.

"Best laid plans," Olivia said.

Alex looked down at Olivia's full breasts, her dark nipples, and felt a tug deep inside. She wrapped her arms around Olivia's waist, turned them both and dumped herself into the shower stall. She stretched out, as if preparing to take a bath, and situated Olivia on her lap. Olivia sat up and plucked Alex's glasses off as the hot water pelted her back. From below, the steam rose up and over Olivia's shoulders like angel wings. She was transfixed as Olivia carefully placed Alex's glasses on the edge of the tub, then bent down to kiss her again.

Alex moved her hands to Olivia's ass. The first time they had ended up in bed together had been a total fluke. Working late on a case, walking Olivia from the building... it had been a result of stress and exhaustion and both had accepted it was a mistake.

The second time had been an even bigger mistake.

Now, the third time Alex found herself underneath a naked Olivia Benson, she had to accept that it maybe wasn't a mistake after all.

Olivia's hands slid between their bodies and slipped her hand down Alex's stomach. Alex arched her back and spread her legs as far as Olivia's imprisoning thighs would allow her. Olivia made a fist and pressed the heel of her hand against her own mound. She lifted her hips, looked down to get the angle right and brushed her knuckles against Alex's pussy lips. Alex groaned and twisted against the porcelain. A thin film of water was rising around her shoulders, trapped there unable to get to the drain.

After a bit of teasing, Olivia extended her index and middle fingers. She pulled back, eased her fingertips forward. Alex grunted as Olivia slowly entered her. Olivia's free hand snaked around Alex's waist and drew her closer. As she gently thrust with her first two fingers, she extended her pinkie down and back. It was just long enough to flick her own clit as she fucked Alex gently.

Alex looked down and said, "Where... did you learn that...?"

Olivia smiled. "An old girlfriend. Her name was Alex, too, come to think of it."

Alex closed her eyes. She didn't want to think about Olivia being with anyone else. All that mattered was right here, right now, two fingers inside of her, rocking together in the tub. She leaned forward and kissed the flat plain between Olivia's collarbone and the swell of her breast. She tasted salty, raw, heaven on Earth. She bit down gently and grunted as Olivia thrust deeper.

"Are you going to come?" Olivia asked.


Olivia leaned down and kissed Alex's shoulder. She put her hips into her thrusts, rocking them both against the back wall of the shower. Alex tilted her head back and cried out once, pressed her thighs together to pin Olivia's hand, and pressed herself against Olivia as she came. Olivia kissed along Alex's throat, her jaw and her cheek before finally claiming her lips again.

They got out of the shower, Alex retrieving her glasses as she stepped out onto the bathmat. Olivia handed her a towel and, instead of drying herself, Alex began to rub Olivia's skin. The tight muscles of her back, her shoulders with all that damn tension in them... down to the small of her back, the dimples over her ass. Olivia stood still and let Alex dry her.

Alex dropped to her knees and threaded the towel between Olivia's legs. She brushed the terrycloth against Olivia's puffy outer lips and looked up in time to see the composed detective's breath catch ever so slightly. She smiled and walked on her knees until she was kneeling in front of Olivia. She kissed the stomach she had admired earlier, swirled her tongue in her navel.


She ignored the voice from above, the fingers in her shower-tangled hair and kissed down. She licked the downy patch of hair just before Olivia's dark pubic hair came in. She ran her hands over the inside of Olivia's thighs, slick mostly from the shower. She cupped Olivia in her hand and looked up at her. Olivia's eyes were dark, her chin against her chest as she watched. Her lips were parted. Alex moved her hands around, clutched Olivia's ass and drew her forward.

She knew her tongue could be a weapon. She could send a man to prison for life, or sentence a woman to death, with just a few carefully chosen words. There was power in that tongue, and every drop of that power was now concentrated on Olivia Benson's hard little clit. She explored, found the bud within its hood and gently sucked until it was in her mouth. Olivia's body seemed to sway and she grunted wordlessly. Alex looked up and saw she had her hands braced on either wall. Thank God for tiny bathrooms, she thought with a smile.

She used her fingers on Olivia's pussy, her lips and tongue thoroughly occupied with her clit. She pumped two, then three fingers into her and gauged how she was doing by how much Olivia's knees trembled. So far, she was pretty close to an eight-point-five on the Richter scale.

"Oh, God, Alex," Olivia panted.

Alex was already familiar with that sound. She reluctantly abandoned Olivia's clit, curled her tongue and thrust it inside along with her fingers. Olivia lifted herself onto her toes, almost as if she was trying to get away, and her entire body became stone. She trembled, grunted and then came with a sigh of release. Alex pulled back, her cheeks and chin wet from Olivia's orgasm, and kissed her thighs.

Olivia sagged against the wall, supporting herself with one arm as she stroked Alex's hair with the other.

Alex kissed her way up Olivia's body, taking in all the highlights; thighs, belly, breast, cleavage, neck, before kissing her lips hard and hungry. She pressed Olivia against the wall and said, "I think we both need a shower after that..."

"It'll be cold by now," Olivia warned.

"That's okay," Alex said. She drew aside the curtain and pulled Olivia in next to her. "Maybe we'll actually bathe this time."

And they did.

For the most part.

The End

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