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Silly Parking Lot Thing
By Del

Three SVU detectives and their captain raced out of the station house into the parking lot. From the corner of his eye, Elliot spied a flash of white -- the ADA's blouse -- and hurried toward it.

"Alex!" he yelled. "What's--"

"Clear!" someone shouted from behind an SUV. A thud followed.

As the men skidded around the vehicle, Elliot saw his partner lying motionless on the ground beside her car, two EMTs working diligently on her. "We have a pulse!" one announced. "She's stable."

"What happened?" Elliot asked.

Alex shook her head, mystified. "We were just setting up a meet for tomorrow morning, then suddenly she had some kind of seizure and collapsed." She stared worriedly down at Olivia.

"That doesn't make any sense; Liv got a hundred percent on her annual physical last month," Cragen said. "I want a full investigation," he barked. "Munch, check the surveillance cameras. Fin, find out who cleared Olivia on her physical. Stabler--"

"I'm on it," Elliot said. "Walk me through it," he directed Alex. "Every detail."

"Every detail. OK." Alex closed her eyes for a moment to concentrate. "Olivia had the witness's address in her car, so we came out here to get it. She got in, and the door closed behind her . . . ."

Elliot walked over to Olivia's car, opened the door, sat in the driver's seat, and pulled the door shut. The window was down a couple of inches, so he could still hear her narrative clearly.

"She dug out her notebook to read me the address . . . ."

It took a moment for Elliot to find the pad, which had been flung to the floor of the passenger side. He picked it up and mimicked the appropriate motions.

"I decided I'd better write it down so that I'd remember it . . . ." Pretending to write, Alex leaned forward to use the roof of the car as a hard surface.

At Alex's silence, Elliot looked up -- and into two luscious breasts pressed against the window glass.


"And then she--"

"OK, Alex, I think that'll do it." Elliot emerged from the car. "Hey, Cap," he said, "I think we've got a lead . . . ."

The End

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