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Close Encounter
By Ann


Driving to the marina, Olivia detoured through side streets and alleys, constantly checking to be sure that she hadn't been followed. The cryptic message she'd received earlier clearly outlined that she should come alone, and the detective was going to make one hundred percent certain that she arrived at her destination without a tail.

The brunette pulled into a parking space and climbed from the car, unlocking the back door to retrieve her backpack. She'd made sure to follow the exact instructions of the note, not daring to deviate from the detailed outline. Making her way up the ramp, she headed for the last slip on the left.

A nice-sized yacht was moored to the dock, and Olivia slowed her steps, looking for any sign of life aboard the vessel. Only the slight rocking of the boat greeted the detective, and she shrugged and cautiously removed the cable from the bollard before casting it aboard the yacht. With one last look over her shoulder, the brunette stepped onto the bow and made her way to the companionway. Her instructions had been clear; board the yacht, immediately go to the lower deck's cabin, and await further instructions.

Making her way below, Olivia had no trouble finding the luxury cabin, but the moment the detective stepped into the living quarters, the metal door swung closed behind her. By the time Olivia reached for the lever, the door had already been locked. Resigned to her fate, the brunette moved to the bed and took a seat.

Thirty minutes past with no communication; however, Olivia knew she was no longer anywhere near the marina as the engines had started soon after she'd been locked in the cabin. She watched from the porthole as the dock appeared smaller and smaller until it soon faded from view.

Tired of waiting around for her kidnapper to make an appearance, the detective slipped off her shoes and crawled into the middle of the king sized bed. The gentle movement of the yacht slowly rocked her into a peaceful sleep.

When Olivia awoke, the light from the moon shone through the porthole, and she smiled when she realized she was no longer alone. A milky white arm was wrapped around her middle, and a smooth leg was thrown over the top of her own. The scent of her lover permeated her senses almost bringing her to tears.

Gently rolling over, the brunette came face to face with her lover as shining blue eyes bore into her dark ones. Slowly lifting her hand, Olivia caressed her lover's smooth cheek, catching the single tear drop that made its way down the blonde's face.

Smiling, the detective leaned towards her lover, reacquainting herself with the sweet taste of Alex's lips. Both women clung to each other as the kiss grew in passion and intensity, and the two came together in an almost frenzied coupling as the need and desire was just too great for a gentle encounter.

Afterwards, cocooned in Olivia's arms, Alex kissed her lover's breastbone and smiled.

"Hey, Olivia. Let's go up on deck," Alex suggested, sitting up and looking down at the beautiful detective.

"Why would I want to do that? I've got everything I need right here," the brunette teased as she reached up and pushed a few errant blonde hairs behind her lover's ear.

Grinning, Alex replied, "Because there's food up there. I made us a snack before I came below to get you, but you looked so lonely in this big bed that I just had to lie down to keep you company."

Sighing, the detective agreed, "Alright. Let me get a t-shirt and some shorts out of my backpack."

The blonde practically tackled Olivia when the brunette reached for her pack, protesting, "Oh, no. No clothes for you, sweetie. We're out in the middle of nowhere so there's no need for any clothes."

"Why Alex Cabot, wherever have you been staying these past few months? A nudist colony?" Olivia grinned and just barely intercepted her lover's playful slap.

Rising from the bed, Alex replied, "You know I can't tell you where I've been placed. It's part of the agreement I made with Agent Hammond. We can have these occasional outings as long as I stay hidden from the world. Now, let's not talk about depressing matters any longer; let's make the most of tonight and tomorrow."

Agreeing, Olivia jumped from the bed and raced past Alex, naked as a jaybird, on her way to the upper deck. Laughing, the blonde ran to try to catch the playful detective.

Sitting on the moonlit deck, the two lovers feasted on fruit and sandwiches, courtesy of the US Marshal's Office. Of course, Alex promised to pay them back in full the day she was finally released from the program, and for the first time, the marshals actually believed that someone would be able to return to their former life.

"Hey, Alex? Who captained the yacht, and where are they now?"

Grinning proudly, the blonde replied, "You're looking at her. I knew those boring lessons my father taught me would someday come in handy."

Seeing the look of disbelieve on the brunette's face, Alex said, "What? You don't believe me? We can always pull up anchor, and I can show you."

"Nah, we're in the perfect spot. Besides, I don't think there's anything you couldn't do once you set your mind to it," Olivia praised, earning a huge smile from the former ADA.

The two women continued their quiet conversation discussing literature, current movies, sports teams, and general topics. Neither strayed into the forbidden areas of Alex's present and former lives, and the lovers had also agreed not to make mention of Olivia's life without Alex. It was all just too painful to think about.

Completely sated, Olivia leaned back in the lounge chair and groaned, "That was way too much food. Hammond must be trying to fatten you up."

Throwing a grape at her lover, Alex replied, "Who are you calling skinny, Skinny?"

Laughing, Olivia grabbed a piece of apple and chunked it at the blonde, and soon the fruit food fight was on as the detective chased her lover around the deck, pelting her with grapes. Neither woman noticed the boat running without lights about two hundred yards away.

A young man stood on the deck of the passing clipper, motioning towards the anchored yacht. "Sir, I think there's a woman in distress over on that boat."

The Coast Guard Captain squinted to see the occupants, but he could only hear the occasional scream.

"I think you may be right, son. We'd better check it out," turning, he ordered, "Bring her about!"

As the vessel silently approached the yacht, Olivia finally caught up with her prey, tackling the blonde on the double chaise lounger, and Alex screamed as the detective proceeded to find every tickle spot on her lover's body.

When the patrol boat was a hundred yards off the yacht, the moonlight cast just enough light for the crew to clearly see the fighting couple. Jaws dropped left and right as the crew members watched the two nude women kiss each other passionately.

The captain finally snapped out of his trance long enough to quietly inform the helmsman to come aport, and somehow the man was able to respond to his command. The Coast Guard Clipper silently turned and headed away from the yacht with smiles plastered on every crew member face.

Groaning, Olivia released her lover's lips and reluctantly said, "Wait a minute, Alex," and stilling her hands, she turned her head towards the open water

"What?" Alex whispered, looking off into the distance and wondering if Velez had somehow found her.

Silence ensued for the next several minutes, and Olivia finally relaxed and leaned down to gently kiss her lover. Pulling away, she apologized, "Sorry, I thought I heard something. I guess I'm just paranoid."

Noticing the worry still etched on her lover's face, the detective teased, "Maybe it was Jaws," and grinning, she began to chant, "DaaNaa, ... DaaNaa, . . . DaNa, DaNa, DaNa, DaNa..."

Alex laughed and mildly protested, "Stop it, Olivia. That movie scared the crap out of me."

Standing, Olivia reached down and pulled her lover into a hug. "I'm sorry. I didn't really care for it either. I just thought I needed to interject a little humor."

Alex melted into the embrace, and Olivia took her lover's hand as she turned and started for the steps leading below, suggesting, "How about if I interject a little loving instead."

Smiling, the former ADA blindly followed the detective as thoughts of both Velez and Jaws faded into the background. Olivia was the only close encounter on Alex's agenda for tonight, and hopefully, for many nights to come.

The End

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