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By Scribe's Quill



In those short syllables, your eyes change from glowing with love to feral. You deftly flip us in that way you have that deliciously reminds me of the power your body holds beneath deceptively soft skin. You forcefully insinuate your thigh between my own as you plunge your fingers into my hair and kiss me hard.

Before, your tongue was distracted and passive, barely participating because I had your mind well occupied elsewhere. Now, it is persuading. It manipulates my entire body, curling my toes and flicking my clit from one central location. However, I am too busy moaning to congratulate you on your efficiency.

Your short nails lightly scrape my skin intermittently as your hands play their symphony. They slow at my breasts, stroking light circles around, between, beside them. I attempt to feel every sensation all at once. I give up once I realize that I have failed to notice that your mouth is no longer on mine. It is now meandering across my collarbone, nipping and licking my favorite spots with eerie precision. Your hands demand my attention once again as your thumbs rub over my nipples.

"Ah. Liv."

You raise your head and look into my eyes, that rakish grin of yours plastered on your face. You slowly open your lips to display your teeth and tongue through the smile. You hold eye contact while you lower your head. I gasp and arch into you when you swiftly lap my right nipple with your tongue and end the stroke with a light scrape and tug upward using your teeth.


Your hands are lovingly wrapped around my ribcage beneath my breasts, and they hold me up at the apex of my arch. My head flung back, I see nothing but the headboard behind me as I feel you slowly lave your tongue across that same peak. It does not soothe at all, but continues to heighten the sensation until I am mewling. I don't mewl.

I grab fistfuls of your dark hair as you move to the other breast, preferring to slowly torture it by licking lazy half circles and moving concentrically until you reach the zenith. When I am all but pleading aloud for you to latch on and ravish it, you instead pull your face back and blow lightly across my moistened skin.

I can take no more teasing and with a growl I wrench your head up to kiss you again. I take advantage of your surprise and bring your hand up to my left breast. You know exactly what I want and you don't withhold it this time. Sure fingers twirl around my nipple and tug. My mouth leaves yours as I cry, "Oh yes!"

You continue your journey downward. I don't know how, but you actually make your mouth saunter across the skin of my stomach. You alternate licks and flicks and kisses in a dance that stops at my hipbones. I thrust upward involuntarily. You smile softly at me and descend to place an open mouth kiss on the joint. I feel the heat jolt directly to my core. I twine my fingers through your hair once more as I thrust upward again.

You take the hint and spread that kiss further: first to the juncture of leg and pelvis -slowing briefly to graze sharp teeth on skin - then to the top of my thigh. I feel your hands firmly but gently curling around my quadriceps, coaxing them slowly apart as your lips trail around and down to the sensitive skin of my inner thighs.

I raise myself up on my elbows while I still have the strength. I think better of the possibility that I'll be able to maintain the posture on my own in a minute, and I pull some pillows toward me.

"Hey, Squirmy," you chuckle and look up at me.

I smile boldly. "There is no way I'm missing this show." I quickly arrange the pillows in a haphazard pile up near the headboard. I grasp a handful of your hair close to the root so I don't hurt you, and pull you north on the bed with me. I settle comfortably in mere seconds.

You look at me, your eyes dancing. I raise my eyebrow. "Proceed," I command in a low voice. You grin.

I am not expecting the forceful kiss. It throws me off balance enough that I can't pinpoint the moment that your mouth moved away from mine until you draw a long slow lick through my folds.

"Fuck!" I gasp loudly.

That tongue is just as adept as it was earlier. I cannot stop myself from wantonly thrashing as you lick circles around my clit. Occasionally, you stop, point your tongue, and press it hard into the flesh surrounding it and I cry out. Your thumbs are slowly stroking down around your mouth, never touching where I want them to so badly.

"Olivia," I moan out, the word slowly being pulled from my lips like saltwater taffy.

I am not prepared for you to obey my unarticulated plea. Your strong tongue plunges deeply and suddenly into me. I scream and clench the pillows behind my head. You pull slowly out and seamlessly replace tongue with fingers.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck." A few more long strokes with your tongue and I think I am going to explode. I will create my very own neutron star right here in this room.

Your unoccupied hand has snaked its way up to stroke my cheek. I turn my head and pull your fingers into my mouth, sucking hungrily. Just then, you surround my clit with lips and tongue and you moan loud and long against me. Fingers curl inside me and stroke.

I shatter. Tears stream into my hair and my throat goes raw, though I can't hear any sound at all. I am sure my eyes are open, but all I see is flashing white. Your hand has moved from my mouth to my cheek and is caressing it softly, a counterpoint to the intensity of every other sensation assailing me. Soon, it is all I can feel beyond the buzzing of every nerve ending in my body.

"Breathe, baby." Your voice, throaty and carnal, surprises me in its proximity. You have moved to lie beside me, nuzzling under my chin and in my ear. I take a few deep breaths and feel my heart slow.

"Don't take this the wrong way," I eventually pant. "Because it is a good thing."

You take my earlobe into your mouth and you reply around it, "Oh?' A flick of your tongue. "And what is that?"

I momentarily have no idea what words mean or that I had more of them to say.

I take another shaky breath and try to engage my vocal chords. "Your tongue," it skates lightly across the outer edges of my ear, "Is very efficient."

You bring your face into my line of vision and I laugh at its expression.

"Pick another word. That one makes me sound so..."

I trail my finger down your scrunched up nose.

"'So' what?" I smile.


I can't help it. I laugh out loud. After a moment, you stop me with a kiss. You eventually slow it, but don't pull your lips away as you repeat, "Pick another word."

My mouth stretches against yours as I grin and articulate very slowly, pressing every syllable, every consonant into your lips.


The End

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