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Til Death Do Us Part
By Del

The blonde woman was the first to turn her head, perhaps because no one else in the group knew her by that name.


The voice was coming from down the block. It almost sounded like -- could it be?


It was! She threw herself into Olivia's arms. "Is Velez dead?"


"In prison?"




"A vegetable?"




"Where is he?"

"No idea." Olivia laid a big kiss on her long-lost lover. "I just missed you so much!"

Amid the noonday traffic, a van door slid open and bullets from an AK47 sprayed into the display case beside them.

"I love you, Alex." Gazing into familiar blue eyes, Olivia pointed her gun over her shoulder and pulled the trigger a few times. The van swerved into a telephone pole.

"You'll never believe what they stuck us with after you left," she went on. "It's been horrible. And no one to--" She waggled an eyebrow. "-help me work off the stress at night."

"It's been awful for me too," Alex said. "But-"

Tires screeched, and a grenade landed at their feet. "Do you mind?" Olivia yelled. "We're trying to talk here!" She snatched up the grenade and lobbed it back into the open car window.

A moment later, as the women huddled behind an overturned table, Olivia's smile faded. "What's the matter, Alex? I thought you'd be happy to see me."

"I am happy," Alex said. "I'm just surprised the DEA sent you out here with Velez still on the loose."

"Oh, they didn't send me," Olivia said. "I got Elliot's 13-year-old to hack into the Witness Protection files. I put in for vacation to come get you, and here I am. Donnelly paid for the ticket."

When the debris settled, the women returned to their feet and she took Alex in another passionate embrace. From behind, a stranger with a jagged knife lunged at them. Olivia stepped back, and he fell forward with a thud. "I want to bring you home with me, Sweetie," she said.

Alex glanced down at the man, who had stopped gurgling. "Are you sure about this?"

Olivia grabbed the blonde's hand and dragged her behind a nearby dumpster. A few minutes later, Alex stumbled back onto the main street, zipping up her jeans. "I'll be packed in 10 minutes."

"Great!" Olivia grasped her arm. "But first, I have something for you." Shyly, she produced a long narrow box.

Alex tore off the wrapping and unrolled a green bullet-proof vest with an embroidered "A". Beneath it was a second vest with an "O" in matching gold thread.

"Oh, Liv," she sighed. "You're so romantic . . . ."

The End

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