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Blue Dress
By trancer

Put it on, And don't say a word
Put it on, The one that I prefer
Put it on, And stand before my eyes
Put it on, Please don't question why

        - Blue Dress, Depeche Mode

She stood behind the large bay windows, staring blankly outside. The windows on the large skyscrapers bathed in warms colors of the setting sun. The type of beauty only the concrete jungle could provide. She wasn't particularly interested in the view, the city, or the merlot she casually sipped from. She was waiting, waiting for the night to fall. Her body tingled like some urban predator, the anticipation swirled within her, tightening and twisting ever slowly into a tangled fist of desire and want.

Her ears pricked at the sound of a key sliding into the front door, a sound that sent another twist of tension deep inside her belly.

"Hey." Olivia paused, her body stuck somewhere between inside and outside the apartment. Alex stood at the opposite end, wearing nothing more than a red flannel shirt. The buttons undone dangerously low, held together by the power of a sole button.

"Aren't you going to close the door?" Alex gazed back at Olivia. Her eyes a contradiction, ice blue and tantalizingly warm. She smiled at the soft blush from Olivia's embarrassment. It wasn't easy to surprise the detective, but Alex loved to make the effort. She used the time of Olivia's uncomfortable pause to ravish the woman with her eyes. The detective wore her standard outfit, black slacks, knit burgundy shirt and black leather jacket. Professional, comfortable, and Alex decided, the first time she'd ever laid eyes on the woman, incredibly sexy.

Closing the door behind her, Olivia watched as Alex walked towards her. Slinky and slow, the glass of wine hanging by thin, elegant fingertips. Watched the v of Alex's open shirt, how it hinted and teased of skin she knew by memory. Something to come home to was one thing, but this, this was something never to leave the house for. She let Alex drape her free hand over her shoulder, until those long fingers were dancing in her hair, the tips gently scraping across her scalp, moving Olivia forward until their lips met.

The kiss was slow, languid. As if they needed time to re-familiarize themselves with the other. Alex tasted of berries and a hint of chocolate. Skin warm and soft, Olivia slid her hands under the back of the cotton shirt, hands sliding over the smooth curves and firm lines of Alex's back, thigh sliding perfectly between the v of Alex's legs as if the blonde were built just for her.

Alex purred at the contact, at the tension now building into a frenzied heat. It had been less than a day but felt like an eternity. She pulled out of the kiss, an incredibly difficult task but she managed.

"I missed you." She tried to hide the gasp in her throat.

"I can tell." Olivia purred, a hand sliding ever lower, down between the firm buttocks, until her fingers barely grazed the wetness below. She watched as the attorney tried to compose herself, bottom lip caught between her teeth.

"I have a present for you." Alex regained control in the minor battle for dominance. Her hand clasped onto Olivia's, fingers threading together as she gently pulled Olivia into the bedroom.

Olivia couldn't help the slight cock of an eyebrow as she eyed the gold trimmed box resting on the bed. "What's this?"

"Your present."

"Oh." Her tone subdued in mock disappointment.

"Oh?" Alex repeated. She sat down on the edge of the bed, she'd spent too much time planning this to not see the reaction. "Open it."

Olivia fired another suspicious eyebrow before lifting the box into her hands. It was light. She examined the box carefully, slowly tilting it back and forth, up and down. One eye on the box, the other on Alex. The woman was beginning to fidget.

"It's a box, detective, not a bomb."

"Says you." A soft chuckle escaped her throat, knowing she was pushing her luck.

Alex watched as nimble fingers deftly slid the gold embroidered ribbon down the sides of the box. She could only hear Olivia's breathing, the sound of crumpled paper and the heavy beating of her own heart.

Olivia tried to contain the surprise in her eyes. Tentatively, she reached into the box. As if the slightest pressure would cause it to dissolve from her touch. 'It' was a dress, but to call it 'a dress' seemed too simplistic. Blue, silk, soft, expensive, elegant, or the one word that seemed to sum it all up -

"It's beautiful." She stammered slightly. "You shouldn't have."

"I should." Alex rolled onto her knees, scooting across the mattress until she faced Olivia. "I did. And we're not arguing about this." She paused, waited for the standard objections. Receiving none, she took the opportunity to trail her fingertips across Olivia's jaw. "Admittedly, I have less prurient reasons for buying this."


"Mmm-hmm," She leaned in, inhaled Olivia's scent before taking a nip from an earlobe. "I want to show you off, Olivia Benson. I want to walk into a room with you on my arm, in that dress. Watch as they stare at you, wishing they were me. Until then.."

"You want," Olivia stammered, licking her lips with a now dry tongue, "You want me to parade around for you."

Alex moved until her eyes were equal with Olivia's. "Put it on."

Pulling away from Alex, Olivia grinned coyly, folding the dress over her arm.

"Where are you going?" Alex pouted.

"To change."

"I was, you know, kinda hoping I'd watch."

"I know." Olivia winked, closing the bathroom door. Alex offered one last pout before the brunette disappeared from view. She plopped onto the mattress, leaning against the head board languidly before picking up her wine glass off the night stand. The muted sounds of Olivia changing drifted into the bedroom. The shuffling of cloth, the soft thwump as the leather jacket hit the floor. It took every thing she had not to try and peek.

Several moments later, the bathroom door cracked open, the wisp of brown bangs and equally brown eye peered through the crack. "Close your eyes."


"You heard me," The crack in the door continued, "either do it or I close the door and put on my sweats. The gray ones."

"Okay, fine." Alex huffed, she hated those damn sweats. "They're closed." She could feel her heart beginning to pound within her chest. The anticipation. Drumming through her veins in time with her heart. Could hear Olivia's feet softly padding across the floor, until she could practically feel the woman near her.

"Open your eyes."

She exhaled in a rush as the last of her breath was taken away. The blue one piece clung to Olivia's body like a second skin. Spaghetti thin straps hung delicately from her shoulders, the lines converging in a low vee, exposing and concealing her cleavage. The material clung to her body, flowing past the curve of her hips, ending in a shimmering waterfall of blue at her thighs. She turned around once, exposing the expanse of her back.

"How do I look?"

Alex gaped back wondering how the woman could even ponder such a question. Olivia had no misunderstandings concerning her own attractiveness. Just the affect it had on people, on Alex.

"You look," Alex rose again onto her knees, sliding off the bed and onto her feet, "stunning."

"Still wanna show me off?" The question was met with silence and Alex's continued examination of Olivia with her eyes. She watched as Alex watched her. She found the intensity of the woman's gaze strangely off putting. Alex 's hunger was palpable. The ice blue eyes trailed upwards. She reached forward, tracing the line of Olivia's lips with the pads of her fingers.

"Do you know what you do to me?" She asked before pressing her lips against Olivia's. Olivia brought her hands up, placing them on Alex's hips in an attempt to pull the woman closer. Closer until she felt the resistance from the woman before her. Alex pulled out of the kiss. Fingertips pressed against Olivia's lips, hushing Olivia's confused stare. "Don't move." She waited until confusion turned to recognition, then acceptance. She stepped back a half step, not enough to be considered pulling away, but space to give her room. Her eyes followed the hand on Olivia's face as it trailed down the brunette's chin, over Adam's apple, between the dip of her collar bone, tracing the bone over her shoulder. There she followed the line of the spaghetti strap, down. Felt the swell of a breast, the rise of Olivia's chest as her breathing hitched. She traced the areola, swirling her fingers outward until cupping the breast with her hand.

Olivia gulped hard. Hands, once slack at her sides, now balled into fists. Clenched and unclenched trying to dispel the heat radiating from her. Alex's hands were curious yet calculating in their gentle examination. The process begun by one hand, repeated by the other. Olivia groaned. Eyes sliding shut.

"No." Alex's voice cut through the haze. "Leave your eyes open."

She did as instructed. Her eyelids 10 pound weights that seemed determined to close. The usually implacable mask of Alex Cabot gazed back at her, sultry and seductive.

"You got to unwrap your present," Growled sultrily from the blonde's throat, "Now, I get to unwrap mine."

Alex drifted her hand up slightly, until her fingers slid under the strap, pulling it from Olivia's shoulder. She licked her lips watching the material fall, the weight pulling the silken cloth from Olivia's breast. Cupping the firm globe with her hand, her index finger lightly scraping the fingernail around the pebbled surface. Careful to avoid the stiffened nub. She smiled at the hiss emanating from Olivia's lips.

"Watch me." Brown eyes, glazed and unfocused, turned to her. Alex, her eyes connected with Olivia's, leaned down. Lips parted, tongue drifting out, traced around the circular patch of skin. Tasted the salt of Olivia's flesh, now dotted with sweat. Tasted until her tongue grazed over the erect nipple, teased and prodded with her tongue, before ending with a soft suckling.

Olivia couldn't decide which was worse - watching Alex, or feeling her. Maybe it was both. It was getting very hard to think, let alone stand. Her body felt hot and rubbery. Every touch, every sensation sent a wave of heat deep inside that wanted more. More of Alex's slow, sensual touch.

Alex repeated the procedure on Olivia's other breast. Mouth and hands working in concert. Her right hand drifted lower. Caressed the smooth plain of Olivia's stomach. The muscles trembling underneath her touch. The silky feel of the dress seemed to accentuate the feel of Olivia's skin. It felt natural, as if a part of the woman rather than a barrier between them.

Alex rose to her full height. Heard the moaned protest as she released her mouth from Olivia's nipple. She leaned in close, lips brushing along Olivia' s jaw line. Her hands continued their exploration. Drew gentle circles over the swell of smooth hips. Drawing around to the small of her back, tracing her spine up then back down again. Using the friction created by the dress, caressing, circling the globes of her ass. The low hem lifted higher with every pass of Alex's hands.

"You're enjoying this." Olivia licked her lips, tried to regain some semblance of her composure. "Torturing me."

The words were met with a coy smile and the cock of an eyebrow. "Do you want me to stop?"

If Olivia said the words they never exited her mouth. The moment the lips parted, Alex was on them. No longer content with the feel of Olivia, Alex wanted to taste her, consume her. Trailed her lips down the offered throat, felt the vibrations of Olivia's ragged breathing on her lips. Moved lover, nibbling, kissing, suckling on Olivia's flesh. Until her knees felt the floor and she was kneeling before her desire.

She gazed up. The top portion now bunched around Olivia's waist, soon followed by the second half. Alex purred, licked her lips at the heady scent wafting into her nostrils. Lifted the dress higher, slid her fingers between muscled thighs, grinned at the heat and wetness slicking her fingers.

Olivia shivered, head tilted back at the teasing contact on her flesh. And Alex loved to tease. Fingertips danced across her swollen lips, parted them, gentle resistance giving way to easy submission as she opened herself to Alex, and Alex slipped inside.


She felt Olivia's hands on her shoulders, weight pressing her down as the brunette's legs began to tremble. Alex leaned in closer, poked and prodded her tongue over the surface of swollen lips, fingers gently easing in and out.

"Alex, please." Olivia whimpered.

"On the bed."

She watched Olivia move slowly towards the bed, easing onto the mattress, then rolling over onto her back. Alex undid the last button on her shirt, letting the material fall from her shoulders. She crawled onto the bed, hovered over Olivia until their heat warmed the other.

"Tell me you love me."

"I love you."

"Tell me you want me." Alex hovered over Olivia, eyes locked onto hers like predator to prey. The softness in her eyes replaced with something a bit darker.

"You know I do."

"Tell me."

They were a series of opposites, pale and dark, Olivia was the quiet one, the one who purred and whispered. Alex was a bit more vocal, a bit more vulgar. Alex hovered over a precipice Olivia tried to avoid, with a hundred foot pole, if possible. Olivia licked her lips, as if building the courage to form the words she knew Alex wanted to hear.

"Fuck me, Alex."

The blue eyes darkened, rose lips curved into a smile. She fell onto Olivia, clamped her mouth down, tongue hungrily shoved into Olivia's mouth. Olivia wove her fingers into the blonde hair, scratched her nails across Alex's scalp, felt the woman purring into her mouth.

Alex slid a hand between them. Parted Olivia open with her thigh, then her fingers. There were so many things she enjoyed, but this was at the top of the list. The anticipation, of hearts banging in chests, Olivia's flesh hot and wet against her fingers, waiting for the silent consent in her eyes. She stared down into brown eyes, waiting, the eyes opened lazily, almost teasingly. A thousand different emotions, a thousand different words, and all Alex wanted was one.


She thrust two fingers into Olivia. Fast, deep, hard. Olivia arched into her, head slamming back into the pillow as she cried out. Lifted her thigh until she felt Alex's heat against her. Finding their rhythm, they danced against each other, with each other. Faster and faster. Panting, moaning, whimpering into the other's ear. Their bodies sliding against each other in a frenzied crescendo of flesh, sweat and heat. Until they danced over the precipice, hovered until they could extend the moment no more and Alex pushed them over.

One final push, one last scream, the two collapsed into each other. Bodies quivering, covered in sweat, stroking each other.

Olivia reached down slightly, chuckled as she felt the tattered remains of her dress. "I think we ruined it."

"It's okay." Alex raised her head until their eyes were level, blue eyes twinkling. "I bought two."

The End

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