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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Strong language and violence. If same sex pairing offends, please read something else. Thanks.

Can't Buy Me Love
By Berg


It had started as a simple promise. A promise only love could make; a naive belief that one-day the world would understand. When their bodies pulled together for complete contact, the kissing began to change. They began feeling, searching, communicating a need for each other that grew by the minute. And as they connected, on all levels, their eyes closed. Her breathing grew shallow. Placing a last kiss on her lips, she said goodbye, for she knew she was gone.

"No," she sobbed.


Alex and Olivia walked the busy streets of New York City. It was just too nice of a day to be cramped inside for lunch break. "Looks like summer will be here soon," Alex said looking at the trees off of Main Street and near the park.

"Summer in NYC. All we need now is hotdogs and ice cream," Olivia smiled at the blond ADA walking next to her.

"Well looks like you just signed yourself up for a date to take me out," Alex smiled. "Did I mention I love Hot Dogs?"

"It'd be my pleasure," Olivia smiled back.

"How has your day been?" Olivia asked plopping down on the bench.

"Good. Yours?"

"Good," Olivia smiled. She just enjoyed the ease she felt with Alex. She was certain the ADA felt it as well.



Alex smirked. "I was wondering…it's silly and I'm sure you already have plans but I have this extra ticket to an Opera performance…I'm not sure if you'd even be interested…but since…well we seem to have a lot of fun together I was wondering if you'd like to join me?"

"You asking me out on a date counselor?" Olivia lifted an eyebrow.

"I…no…I mean…"

"Alex," Olivia smiled. "I'd love to."

"Oh. Good." Alex left out the breath she had been holding.

"There is a new Italian place I wanted to try for lunch," Olivia said. "You up for Italian?"

"Sure…can we just run to the bank first?"

"One right on our way," Olivia stood pulling Alex up with her. "So this…date…I take it dress up attire?"

"Pretty much yes, but be yourself…be comfortable."

"Alex," Olivia smiled. "With you I'm always comfortable." Alex felt a blush race across her cheeks.

Inside the bank, Alex walked over to the ATM machine. Olivia was standing across the room, over by the plants, looking around at the décor. 'God, you're beautiful Olivia,' Alex thought. It was times like this that she loved most, watching Olivia when Olivia had no idea. She always looked so innocent and sweet. Alex could almost feel herself falling even more in love with Olivia with each passing moment she spent with the Detective.


Olivia and Alex both turned to see the men enter the bank. Their faces covered by masks. Alex felt time slow and her first instinct was to get to Olivia. But she was too far away. 'No way this is happening?' she thought. It was like she was in a bad made for TV movie. Olivia, for her own part, looked for Alex and she too realized she was too far away. She then quickly thought of drawing her gun. She reached to her side but felt nothing. 'Damn! I left it locked in my desk for lunch break.'

"Nobody move!" the first gunman called out. "This goes smooth and quick and no one gets hurt, understand?"

"Down on the floor. Get down on the floor!" the second gunman called to the people and tellers. Alex noticed the first gunman held a medium sized handgun. The second had a shotgun.

Everyone laid down on the ground, fearful to not do what the men said.

Alex lifted her head and caught eyes with Olivia. She could see the torn expression on Olivia's face. Olivia wanted to do something…stop it…but she was helpless like the rest of them.

If looks could speak…

"God Olivia, I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. We'll be okay."

"Be safe."

"Be safe."

"Come on hurry up!" The second gunman called out to the first.

"I've got it, let's go."

Olivia heard the siren in the distance. Maybe it was her gut or her instincts…but she knew that the moment these guys heard that siren all hell on earth would break loose.

She realized Alex had heard it too because she saw the panicked look.

Olivia mouth, "it's okay Alex."

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" The second gunman yelled as he heard the sirens in the distance.

"Time for Plan B," he called out.

'Oh god.' Olivia and Alex thought. What they wanted more then anything at that moment was to be next to each other, to comfort each other. But now they lay at opposites sides of the room.

'Plan B?' Olivia thought. 'Why don't I like the sound of that?'

"Alright, everyone over here…lets go. No funny stuff," the first gunman said moving everyone over to the same area. Alex and Olivia both had to stand to move toward the front teller area. As they walked they moved closer and closer, till they clasped hands and didn't let go. They sat next to each other and Alex felt herself start to tear up.

"Alright here's what's going to happen. Listen up. You sit there and shut up. No one talks, no one moves. Understand?" The second gunman shouted. He cocked his shotgun and pointed it at one of the tellers, "I said understand! I won't hesitate to kill anyone of you!"

Alex felt Olivia's grip tighten around her hand. Alex knew Olivia was struggling. She knew Olivia couldn't just stand by and let this happen. Alex prayed she wouldn't do anything. In the mean time the first gunman went to the window area. "Jesus, we've got about 15 cruisers out there," he yelled back.

"Okay well we planned for this."

He scanned the group. "You," he pointed to a young woman sitting next to the male teller. "Get out of here. Tell them that we'll be coming out with a hostage. If they try anything the hostage will be shot. Do you understand?" The woman nodded her head and stood. "Go...now!" She didn't need to be told twice. She ran out the door.

Outside the Negotiator picked up her cell and dialed the banks line. She told all the offices to create a parameter around the bank. No one shoots, and no one pulls anything stupid. With hostages, she knew this thing could play out only one way…a bad way.

Inside the gunmen heard the phone ring. "You," he pointed to Alex "Answer that now."

Alex didn't want to let go of her friend's hand, but she had no choice. She was now looking down the barrel of a large shotgun. "Okay," she said standing up.

She walked to the phone that rang and answered it.

"Hello?" she said with panic in her voice.

"This is the NYCPD."

"Tell them we're not negotiating," the first gunman yelled.

"They're not negotiating."

"How many hostages are in there?"

"About 20."

"God," the Officer said.

The first gunman walked to Alex. He grabbed her hair and she let out a yelp. "Tell them that we have hostages and we'll start shooting the minute we see a uniform…understand?"

"He said," Alex started to say…but she cut her off.

"Yes, I heard. I'll tell them to back off now," she said motioning with her hands.

"She's telling them to back off now," Alex said to the first gunman.

"Good. Now hang up and tell her if they try anything…anything funny at all…you and everyone else in here is dead. Dead!" he yelled and for affect he pointed the gun to Alex's temple.

Olivia felt her heart stop. "No," she called out. The gunman turned and looked at her. "No heroics, and keep your fucking mouth closed!" he shouted.

'Why us? Why now?'

"Sit down!" the second gunman yelled to Alex. She didn't hesitate. She took her seat down next to Olivia and the tears started to flow freely. Olivia pulled her close and whispered soothing words into her ear.

It seemed like the oddest thing in the world. But at that exact moment, Olivia found herself thiking of her mother. Alex, who laid her head on Olivia's shoulder, still shaken from before, wished this could just all be over. The next few moments went by slowly. The Negotiator had tried calling back again, but the two men refused to answer the phone.

The men were talking in the corner, planning something out. Alex wished she knew what was going to happen next. She hated this feeling of helplessness.

"Alright, listen up!" The first gunman yelled out, "We're getting out of here. One of you lucky people will be escorting us to our vehicle and once things look safe and clear, we might let you go."

"You," the second gunman said pointing his shotgun to Alex. "Her, she'll be our hostage," he said. Alex felt her heart beat out of control.

The first man went to grab Alex. "Wait! Wait," Olivia said pulling Alex away from the man. He pulled his gun out.

"Sit down before I put a bullet in you," he said.

"Do you know who I am?" she asked. She felt her throat tighten.

"Olivia," Alex cried, "no…".

"Like I give a fuck," the man said pulling Alex from Olivia's arms.

"My name's Detective Olivia Benson. I'm with NYPD."

For Alex everything was happen to quickly for her brain to process.

"NYPD?" the second gunman from the back said coming around the corner.

"Yes- I'm clearly not armed," she said. "You'll get a lot farther with a cop…I'm a better hostage."

"What if she's lying?" the second man asked the first. Olivia slowly pulled out her badge

"She isn't lying."

"Olivia, you can't do this, please!" Alex pleaded. The men locked eyes. The first man pushed Alex away and grabbed Olivia. "You get your wish sweetheart. We'll take you instead," he said smiling evilly. "Quite the charmer isn't she?" He ran his hand up and down her arm.

"Take your hands off of her," Alex said moving toward them. Something in her snapped. No one touched Olivia like that. No one.

"Shut up," the first gun yelled, smacking Alex with his guns barrel. The hit sent her flying to the ground.

"Alex," Olivia called out. Alex was stunned and bleeding but she wasn't out. She did stay down though. She looked at Olivia and mouthed, 'why?' in-between tears.

Olivia said the most sincere and honest thing she could think of. And it was perhaps the last chance she was going to get to say it. 'Because I love you.' "Can I just say goodbye," Olivia asked the gunman.

"Yeah hurry up," he said letting her go.

Olivia moved down to where Alex was on the ground. She hugged her for everything she could. She meant for it to be a kiss goodbye, to try to tell her it would be okay, but Olivia changed her mind. This might be her last chance to tell Alex how she really felt. So she did. Their bodies pulled together for complete contact, the kissing began to change. They began feeling, searching, communicating a need for each other that grew by the minute. And as they connected, on all levels, their eyes closed. Her breathing grew shallow as she held her close. Placing a last kiss on her lips, she said goodbye, for she knew she was gone.

"Let's go," the second gunman yelled. He slightly opened the door. "We're coming out now. No funny stuff or this cop gets it. You hear me!" He, Olivia and the second gunman made their way outside.

There are times in your life when things just slow down. Alex recalled standing and making her way to the door. She recalled hearing "no...no…wait!" and she heard the shots open. Later she would recall actually feeling her heart stop beating. Someone pulled her down to the ground. She had no idea who it was though. She heard shouting and screaming and saw smoke outside.

Finally, she was able to break free from the person's arms that held her. She turned around but saw no one. She opened the door and saw hell before her.

The two gunmen were down. Dead from what she could tell. There were two police officers lying down as well. One looked badly hurt, but his eyes were still open, and one was wounded in the leg. "Olivia?" she called out. Where was Olivia?

Alex saw an officer kneeling over someone. 'Olivia?' Her legs turned to jello as she made her way to the two. "Get me paramedics here now damnit. I called it in ten minutes ago for Christ's sake!"

Alex, who felt like she had been woken from a dream, saw Olivia, lying lifeless. She looked pale, so pale.

"Olivia?" Alex said softly. She was going into shock.

"Lady! Look at me! I need your help," the officer said pulling her down. Alex placed her hands over Olivia's abdomen. "It was supposed to be me," Alex said sobbing.

"What?" the officer asked confused.

"They were going to take me and she wouldn't let them. She…she exchanged herself for me. I can't lose her!" Alex wept. Someone called out for the officer in the background. "I'll be back. Just stay here with her. Talk to her. You're her friend…Make her hold on okay?"

"Olivia, open your eyes please," Alex pleaded between tears.

"Alex?" Olivia said softly. "You okay?"

"Thanks to you," Alex sniffed.

"Don't cry," Olivia said touching her cheek.

"Why Liv. Why did you do that?" she pleaded.

"I Love you," Olivia said smiling, "It's so cold for summer Alex." Olivia began to shake.

"I know. Just hold on. Helps on the way," Alex answered. "Promise me you won't leave me Olivia. Please. Don't leave me. I can't lose you. Not now. Not…"

Alex leaned down and held Olivia as best as she could. "I love you. I love you. I love you so much…" and she just kept repeating it. Over and over again, still she couldn't feel Olivia holding her hand anymore.

Alex stood on the steps of the courthouse. She started her two-week vacation today.

Alex felt a hand snake around her shoulder. She didn't need to look to know who it was. "You okay?"

"Yeah. How are you doing?" Alex asked when she noticed Olivia wince in pain.

"Good. Looking forward to some real R and R."

"What? Sitting in a hospital bed for two weeks isn't enough rest for you?"

"No…not really. Now…sitting next to you in a two piece…that's relaxation," Olivia smiled.

"Two weeks on an island with you…don't plan on too much rest," Alex winked.



"We're going to make it aren't we." It was a statement not a question.

"There is one thing I am certain of."

"And what might that be?" Olivia asked.

"No matter what lays ahead? We'll get through it. Together."

"Couldn't have said it better myself Alex."


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