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Safety Words
By trancer


Casey hated Olivia Benson. Perhaps hate was too strong a word, but it was the intensity associated with the word.

There had been no denying her attraction to the detective. She'd been following her around like a love-sick puppy begging for Olivia's approval since the day she'd met her. The beginning of their relationship, if Casey were to call it that, had been tumultuous at best, adversarial at its worst.

But, as the days turned to weeks, to years, Benson seemed to soften towards her. Although, soften would be too direct a word. Confusing, contradictory, infuriating would be more apt.

Olivia would bristle when Casey entered the room. Yet, she'd offer words of encouragement. Would give her glimpses into the woman behind the badge, then, just as quickly, the mask, the indifference, would return, leaving Casey in the cold. She'd laugh, joke, pat a consolatory or encouraging hand on Casey's back.

Then there were those times, when the smiles, the touches, the contact danced across the border between friendly and flirtatious. And, like the love-starved puppy Casey couldn't contain, she always went back for more. She would have cut her losses long ago if it all hadn't seemed so unintentional. As if Olivia didn't realize the affect she had on Casey.

Now, Casey knew it had all been a lie. Her manner hadn't been happenstance, it had been deliberate. And Casey hated her all the more for it, because, even now, she desired her so badly it hurt.

How else to explain how she wound up here, in some dark, dank place lying on a mattress covered in God knows what. Her clothes somewhere else besides on her body. Handcuffed to an aged, dilapidated headboard, Olivia straddling her hips, dripping hot wax onto already tender and sore nipples.

"Casey?" She opened her eyes to see Olivia gazing down on her, that damned smile on her face, the candle wax pooling on the edge of the burning stick. "Say the word and I'll stop. You want me to stop, don't you?"


"Shit!" Casey muttered under her breath as the ball zipped under her swinging bat.

"Nice swing." Olivia sat on the bench behind the cage, legs spread akimbo, arms casually draped over the back. A smug smile on her face as Casey gave her a less than professional once over.

"What are you doing here?" She asked before returning to her stance, preparing for another swing.

"Captain said you needed to see me."

Whoosh. She missed again.

"I don't think I used the word 'needed'."

"Okay, fine, you wanted to see me." She tauntingly drew out the word.

"Whatever," Casey muttered under her breath, taking another swing. And missing. "Your warrants in my bag."

"Don't need it."

"What?" She swung again, not only missing the ball but tilting off balance nearly losing her feet. She stomped towards the edge of the batting cage. "Do you know what I had to do to get that warrant?"

"Blow a judge?"

"Goddammit, Liv!"

"Liv?" She rose from the bench, walking towards Casey. She leaned close, threading her fingers in the wire mesh, until their faces were inches apart. "Let me make it up to you."


"The guy's and me are meeting up at the bar later. Why don't you come around. Let me buy you a few. Get you drunk and take advantage of you in the bathroom."

She followed the last line with a slow, lascivious lick of her lips. And Casey had to break eye contact to keep from blushing, from pressing her face against the fence in an attempt to taste those wet, full lips.

But, Olivia hadn't been at the bar that night. The guys staring up at her in surprise upon her arrival. She mumbled something about just stopping by and being in a hurry, rushing outside to keep from blushing in embarrassment.

The next day, when Casey stormed into the Squad Room full of fury and self-righteous indignation, there'd been no apology on Olivia's face, no sorrow at having stood the attorney up. Just the tempered annoyance she usually received upon her arrival as if she'd completely forgotten about her words the day before. Leaving Casey to stew in her own anger, her pent up desires, in her foolishness at assuming more than was present.

Because Casey took Olivia's apologies in all their many forms. Maybe she hadn't intended to stand so close in the Interrogation Room. The two of them staring through the two-way mirror as Elliot and Fin worked a suspect. Where Casey could feel the heat of Olivia's breasts on her back. Her breath on her neck. The barest hint of pressure from a thigh pressed between Casey's legs.

"He's good." Casey breathed in a ragged sigh, attempting to break the tension she couldn't be certain wasn't a product of her own imagination.

"Almost as good as me," she almost whispered in Casey's ear. Voice low and throaty, all cocksure confidence and bravado. And when she placed her hand on Casey's hip, too high to be casual, too low to be professional as she stepped around Casey, it took everything Casey had not to come right then and there.

Apology accepted.

"Why do you keep doing this?" Finally pushed to the breaking point, Casey had enough. Surprised herself at the venom in her voice. "Keep letting me in then pushing me away? I'm trying to be your friend."

"Is that what you want? To be my friend? Girl talk each other. Watch chick flicks on Saturday nights while we paint each other's toenails and talk about the men in our lives?" She was close now, standing inches from Casey. "Because I can do that. I can be a gal pal. Drink apple martinis and play Charlotte to your Miranda. Talk movies, men, that latest article in Cosmo. But, tell me, is that what you really want? It's up to you Casey. You can be my friend, or you can fuck me, it's up to you."

"Why can't I do both?"

Olivia smirked. Reached into her pocket, pulling out her notebook. She scribbled an address, handing it to Casey. "The choice is yours. Be here at 10pm tonight and I'll give you the fuck of your life. Don't show, and we're friends for life."

Of course, Casey chose the fuck.

She wasn't a born and bred New Yorker. She didn't know the city like the back of her hand. So, to find a place like this, to be in a place like this, unfamiliar territory. Out of place in her neatly pressed suit and $200 dollar shoes. Compared to the women walking about her, all dressed in leather cut in every shape and fashion - bodices with exposed breasts, leather chaps with nothing else. Underneath the dull throb of music, the cracks of whips, paddles meeting flesh, moans filled the air. Scented and strangled it with the smell of flesh, of sex.

She shouldered her way anxiously through the crowd. Through the eyes that found her body, eyes that unclothed, disapproved, whipped and fucked her all at the same time.

A silent prayer crossed her lips as she made it to the bar. Where she could keep her eyes focused on something other than bare breasts, copulating strangers and God knows what else going on. The bartender, with creamy cocoa skin and a bald head with a dragon tattoo on one side, swaggered over to her, another set of eyes giving her a derisive once over.

"Whatcha havin'?"

"I don't care. Just..make it strong. Really strong."

Something copper brown with ice cubes swimming in it slid before Casey. She took a healthy swallow, coughed surreptitiously as the brown liquid burned the entire way down to her stomach.

Someone slid behind her, pressed themselves against her. She straightened in shock before she heard the familiar warm tone filling her ear.

"I didn't think you'd come," Olivia purred seductively.

"That makes two of us."

Olivia slid next to her. One arm on the bar, half sitting on the barstool next to Casey.

Olivia was a contradiction in terms, with perfectly coiffed and tinted hair, now drifting passed her shoulders, manicured nails and fifth avenue clothes. A contradiction with the mouth that swore like a sailor, the swagger of a cowboy, the strength (inner and outer) of a linebacker. A dyke in a sheep's clothing.

Well, except for tonight, tonight, Olivia was all wolf.

She wore a tight leather vest. The zipper dangerous pulled down towards her stomach, the swell of breasts barely contained by the material. The vest matched the pants; leather, black, tight, exposed the protruding bulge between her legs.

No matter what Olivia felt towards the redhead, Casey always took comfort in Olivia's cop status, a protector. Even when the woman glared at her like she hated her, Casey felt safe in her presence. For the first time, it wasn't those around her she feared, it was Olivia.

Olivia grasped her hand. It felt cool compared to her own sweaty, shaky palms. Pulled her deep into the darkened club, into an even darker hallway, where shadows were silhouettes of sights best left unseen. Deeper still, until they were in a room illuminated by a lone candle sitting on dingy night stand. A room with no windows, a solitary door, and a dilapidated bed. With dark red sheets that made the bed look as if it were covered in blood.

Olivia released her grip on Casey's hand. Walked towards the bed and flopped down to a seated position. Legs splayed open, leaning back on her hands.

"What's your fetish?"

"What?" Casey gaped.

"Do you like it hard and fast? Maybe with a little pain? Or slow and steady, with even more pain, until you're so wet you could glide and you wanna come so bad your teeth ache?"

If she'd ever really thought about herself in such terms, Casey would describe herself as vanilla. Kink to her was a Saturday night with "Desert Hearts" playing in the vcr, and her fingers playing against the aching need between her legs. There had been no need for shattering taboos when the company of a woman was all the pleasure she needed.

She'd come to realize, standing in the dingy room of a fetish club, Olivia had been testing her. Pushing her buttons, her boundaries. Seeing how far she could push until Casey pushed back. Problem was, Casey hadn't pushed back. She'd taken it, and taken it and taken it. Because the alternative, not having Olivia near, meant no more wondering about the possibilities.


Caught in her own thoughts, Casey snapped back to the present. She straightened her back with a false bravado. "I can take whatever you give me."

"Can you now?" Olivia unzipped her vest, pulled it open exposing firm full breasts. And Casey felt herself swallow a gasp. "Then strip."

Hands shaking like an alcoholic suffering through withdrawal, she clumsily pulled off her jacket. Clumsily worked on the shirt. The pieces of her suit fell to the floor under the watchful gaze of Olivia, until she stood naked in the center of the room. Skin already flushed, nipples already hard.

"Very nice," Olivia rose from the bed. "All that softball's paying off. Too bad you still swing like a girl."

Olivia rose from the bed. Crossed the room, moving towards Casey, all hips and confident swagger. Ravished and ravaged Casey with lascivious eyes, circling around the younger woman. Casey gasped, felt Olivia stepping close to her, until she felt the firm full breasts pressing against her back. The feel of leather against her skin, the bulge between Olivia's legs pressing against her ass. Olivia drew her hands around. Slowly ran her fingers across the plane of Casey's stomach, up higher to cup the soft breasts.

Casey ran her tongue across her lips. "Aren't we supposed to choose a safety word?"

"You really think you're gonna tell me to stop?" Her right hand began to drift lower. Slid her fingers between the trembling thighs, across the hot flesh. "You really wanna stop before you've had a chance to do something about this?"

With that, Olivia slid a finger inside Casey. Casey grunted, gasped, moaned at the contact. At the feel of Olivia pressed against her clit. Not a figment of her imagination, not a fantasy, but flesh and bone and inch after curling, thrusting inch, sliding inside her. Casey tried to quell the trembles in her stomach, the frenzied thrust of her hips pushing down onto Olivia's palm for more.

Suddenly, Olivia pulled her hand away. Used it to whip Casey's face towards her, until their eyes met.

"Uh-uh," she glowered at the woman. "You come because I tell you to. And not a second before. Understand?"

All Casey could was nod her head.

"Good," Olivia released her grip. "Now, get on the bed."

Shaky legs carried her across the floor. Body practically collapsing onto the bed, thankful at no longer having to stand. She rolled onto her back.

Olivia reached behind her back. Pulled a set of handcuffs and tossed them to Casey. "Cuff yourself to the headboard."

Casey stared at the handcuffs. Eyes gawking at the thing as if she had no idea what to do. Except, she knew what it was Olivia wanted her to do. "Liv, I.."

"Back to Liv again, huh," she cocked an eyebrow. "I'm not making you stay. And I'm not making you leave. It's up to you, Casey."

The time ticked by. With each moment, Casey could feel her apprehension building. The desire to stay, coupled with the fear of restraint. What would Olivia do to her? Would it be the Olivia of her dreams, or the construct of some nightmare unrealized? Even with her heart hammering in her chest, her stomach twisting into knots so tight she thought she might cramp, or the throbbing dull heat between her legs, it all came down to one question -

Did she trust Olivia?

"Screw it," Casey grumbled under her breath. Realized, this was something she had to do. Had to have Olivia just once. Even if it was to finally get the woman out from under her skin. To release the hold Olivia held over her.

She clasped the metal band around one wrist. Thread it through one of the boards and bound the other. It was done. She lay flat on her back. Comfortable, but only so.

Olivia stepped towards the foot of the bed. Her eyes slowly going over Casey's body. "Very nice." She licked her lips salaciously and Casey could feel the heat throbbing between her legs so hard it made her squirm.

Olivia began peeling out of her vest. Deliberately, patiently, tortured Casey with the slow reveal of her breasts. Dropped the vest to the floor. She climbed onto the bed, crawled over Casey. Until she straddled the younger woman's hips.

"Now," she gently grasped Casey's breasts, pressing both nipples between forefinger and thumb. "What should I do with you?"

Casey grunted loudly, back arching, bucking underneath Olivia. Felt the bite of pain course through her system like lightening. Felt the strange mixture of pleasure and pain as the heat intensified between her legs.

Releasing her hold, Olivia gazed down approvingly. "Liked that, didn't you? Let's see what else you like?"

She watched Olivia reach for the night stand, if one were to call it that. Watched the soft light from the candle play across Olivia's features. That same candle brought over the bed, placed above Casey's chest.

"See," Olivia explained, raising and lowering the candle as she spoke. "The key to this is height and volume. Too low and too much, the air doesn't tender the wax enough and it's too hot. Too high and too little, cools it too much before hitting your flesh, rendering it ineffective. And where's the fun in that?"

The candle tipped a little more. The wax pooled at the edge, a fat drop hanging over the lip until gravity took over. They watched the drop fall, splattering into a tiny pool onto Casey's stomach. Casey grunted as it hit her flesh. Could feel the hot wax warming her skin.

"Let's try something a little more sensitive."

Again, the candle tipped over. Only this time, the wax didn't drip on her stomach but on her breasts. The heat lingering as the wax cooled.

Olivia continued, dotting Casey's stomach with drips of wax. Until the bound woman's skin began to dot with sweat and her chest rose and fell with greater urgency. Until the grunts turned to pained moans.

Casey closed her eyes. Allowed the sensations to take over. To give herself over to the woman straddling her lap. What was the point, really? The harder she fought her desires, the more she wanted Olivia.

"Casey?" She opened her eyes to see Olivia gazing down on her, that damned smile on her face, the candle wax pooling on the edge of the burning stick. "Say the word and I'll stop. You want me to stop, don't you?"

"No," Casey licked her lips. "Don't stop."

"Good," Olivia smiled, placed the candle back onto the nightstand. "Now we get to the good part."

She leaned down slightly, placed a hand under Casey's arm for leverage. Carefully, she began to peel the hardened wax off Casey's skin. Then, with the same leisurely pace, Olivia began to lick the sensitive skin. Suckled, licked, caressed with her tongue, her fingers, her skin. Trailed her lips across the smooth, trembling terrain of Casey's stomach.

When Casey felt those warm, wet lips whispering on her clit she practically jumped out of her skin. Then, Olivia stopped. Casey's eyes flew open, her head jerked upward to glare down at the woman between her legs.

"Don't come until I tell you, understand?"

"I'm not sure I can do that."

"I think you'd better try."

Casey nodded in compliance. Watched brown eyes disappear between her legs. Her breath hard and jagged as warm wet lips and an even wetter tongue began to explore her flesh. Long, lingering licks and kissing, suckling nearly sent Casey over the edge. When she felt Olivia's finger sliding inside her, curling against that spot as it slowly thrust in and out, Casey couldn't hold back any longer. She knew she'd be punished, forced to endure some other torment that sounded like torture but felt like anything but. But, at that moment, when Olivia was inside her, on her, lips wrapped around her clit, it was everything Casey had hoped for, dreamed of. It was everything Casey needed.

And she came. Hard and fast. Body bucking spastically as her insides erupted, muscles clenched, skin tingled. A keening moan released from her throat, Casey sounding all the world like a wounded animal.

And still, Olivia didn't stop. Continued attacking Casey's flesh, slurping, suckling, kissing, until the Casey's trembles turned into a continuous squirm. Olivia finally stopped. She rose onto her knees, the same predatory smile on her face.

"I thought I told you not to come 'til I said so."

Casey wanted to apologize. Instead, she licked her lips.

"Now," Olivia's hands went to her waist, unbuttoning the fly. Casey seeing her dildo for the first time. It was black, long, practically deadly. "Now, I'm going to have to punish you."

She reached towards the night stand once more, this time pulling out a chain with tiny clamps on each end. Casey's eyes imitated saucers, realizing what exactly the chair, and clamps were for. The tiniest flickers of saying stop flashing through her brain.

She stared at the tiny clamp, opened now between Olivia's fingers. Watched as it glided towards a nipple. Felt the cool metal on her skin, and then - pain. The clamp released, it squeezed around her nipple. The pain streaked across her body. Casey hissed, body jerking, eyes snapping closed. Olivia waiting patiently for her to become accustomed to the sensation before attaching the second. And her body reacted the same.

"Open your eyes, Casey."

Casey did as instructed.

"This time," her fingers slid under the chain hanging loosely between Casey's breasts. She snapped it backwards, hard, Casey arching under her as she hissed between her teeth. "Don't come until I tell you."

She held onto the chain while her hips lowered. The tip pressed against the wet opening. And then, one hand still gripping onto the chain, still pulling tautly on Casey's nipples, Olivia thrust the shaft inside her. Casey cried out at the penetration, back arching at the sudden intrusion. Olivia released the chain. Hands planted on either side of the redhead's torso, leaning over her, jamming her hips forward with deep, long, bed-shaking thrusts.

A week later, Casey still couldn't walk without a slight limp in her step. She entered the Precinct, tried to ignore the bemused and/or sympathetic stares of the Detectives over her 'softball mishap'.

"Det. Benson?" She asked in the most mannered voice she could muster.

"Interrogation," Finn hooked a thumb and pointed over his shoulder. "She's expecting you."

Casey nodded politely, hoping the Detectives didn't notice the sudden flush of her cheeks. Stepping away from them, she tried valiantly to quell the nervous knot in her stomach, the shaking in her legs, the heat rising between them middle of them as she walked to the back of the Precinct.

She slipped into the Observation Room. The Interrogation Room was empty. Casey stepped towards the mirrored glass, crossing her arms in frustration.

"You're late." Casey jumped slightly at the sound of Olivia's voice from behind her.

"Traffic," she mumbled.

"You don't drive."

And Casey jumped again at the feel of warm hands softly pressing on the curve of her hips, Olivia's breasts pressing against her back.

"Bad cab driver," she husked heavily as Olivia's nose drew across the line of her neck.

"Did he take you for a ride?"

Casey could feel it now, the long, thick phallus pressed against the crack of her ass and wondered just how Olivia walked about the Precinct with it casually tucked into her jeans. She groaned at the sensation, jutting her hips backwards reflexively, circling and grinding instinctively.

"I've had better," Casey smiled.

"Have you now?" Olivia moved her hands lower, fingers curling under the hem of Casey's skirt and slowly lifting.

"Yes," Casey was panting, a ragged staccato of anticipation. A shiver rippled down her spine at the sound of Olivia's zipper slowly lowering. It was their new routine now. Olivia would call and Casey would come, in more ways than one. Doing it at the Precinct was something new. A new way for Olivia to test Casey's boundaries, and Casey leapt over it only slightly wondering how far Olivia would go before there were no more tests to give.

"I think I found a safety word," she purred, face pressed against the glass, her breath forming wet and cloudy formations on the surface as her hands braced on the windowsill.

Olivia thread a hand into Casey's hair, gripping tightly as the other wrapped around Casey's waist and the two began rolling their hips in tandem. "I told you I don't do safety words."

"Fuck," Casey whimpered. She never swore during sex. But that was before she met Olivia. "Oh, you'll like this one."

"What is it?"

Casey turned her head, until her lips were next to Olivia's and she could taste Olivia's breath, and Olivia could see the smile curling on Casey's lips.


The End

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