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A/O and the Clean and Jerk
By Del

With a quick glance at her watch, Alex let herself into the apartment. 8 o'clock. Maybe Olivia would have something cooking.

As she crossed the entryway, Alex looked around in mild confusion. There was Liv's jacket, hanging sexily on the back of the chair, but she didn't hear any movement. She ran a hand down the smooth leather. "Olivia?"

From the bedroom, a figure charged her with a yell.

"Aahhhhh!" Alex shrieked. Then she was airborne, cradled in her lover's arms.

"Benson has a clean lift!" Olivia said. "The weightlifting gold is hers to lose!"

Hauling Alex into the bedroom, Olivia tossed the blonde onto the bed and quickly dispensed with skirt and panty hose. A moment later, Alex was surprised to be lying flat on her back on the ground. From her position beside the bed, Olivia grabbed Alex's legs and drew them up and over her shoulders, lifting Alex almost entirely off the floor. "What are you-- oh my God . . . ."

Olivia raised her head for an instant. "Ha!" she said smugly. "How 'bout *that* degree of difficulty?"

"They don't . . . ohhh . . . have . . . degree of difficulty in . . ."

"Hmm?" Olivia looked down at her.

What the hell -- sports were meant to evolve. "Nothing . . . ," she moaned.

The End

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