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Music of a Relationship
By Teresa R.

Chapter IX

Squad Room:

Olivia strode into the squad room with a good feeling at the pit of her stomach. That was until she heard Elliot shout from his desk "Good morning, Nic." making sure to put the emphasis on 'Nic'. She disregarded it with a shake of her head and went to her desk that was going to be her 'job' for quite sometime.

She passed the time that morning keeping her head buried in her work. No, not really, she spent most of her time trying to figure out when the best time would be to ask Alex out with out Elliot there to do something stupid.

~I guess I could just ask her if she would like to go get lunch with me and then ask her out. Yeah, that seems to be the best idea so far, considering it is the only one I have.~

Lunch time came around and she didn't ask Alex, not that she could anyway, her assistant said she left for lunch ten minutes before she called. She was saddened but it was one less embarrassment she had to face.

She and Elliot grabbed a sandwich for lunch and when they returned to the squad room they both went to their desks to see if they could at least get something done. The work hours passed by quickly and Elliot was bored, and with his new and confirmed knowledge, he decided to put it to proper use. Rolling over to Olivia's desk he deliberately ran into her chair.

"Hi Olivia." he deadpanned.

She looked at him and then back down at her work.

"Hi Elliot." she deadpanned back.

"Whatcha doing?" he rhetorically asked.

"Paper work."

He nodded his head and then asked, "Why does you mom call you Nic?"

"It's short for something else."

"What is?" came a new voice.

Both Elliot and Olivia looked up to see Alex standing with her satchel over her shoulder, her left hand on the strap seemingly holding it in place.

"Nothing." Elliot said not too convincingly.

Alex nodded her head at him and then directed her attention toward Olivia.

"I was wondering if you wanted to grab a late dinner with me?"

Elliot was coughing, trying to cover up what he was really saying…"Accept."

"Sure, did you have anyplace in mind?"

"I had a craving for some Chinese."

"Sounds great, let me just finish this one thing up okay?"


Olivia pretended to write something down on the DD-5 but it was really a note on a piece of paper that said,

"Elliot, I'm warning you, STOP!"

She made sure the paper was in plain sight for Elliot to see as she placed it on his desk asking him to look over it. Then she got her coat gesturing to Alex that she was ready.

They walked toward the doors until Elliot's voice stopped Olivia in her tracks.

"See you later Nic." drawing out the last part.

Alex turned to look at Olivia, saw her shake her head and then walk toward her.

"What was that all about?"

Olivia locked eyes with her and said, "I'll tell you later."


Sitting at a booth at the back of the restaurant the two ordered their drinks before Alex couldn't hold back the question she had in her head the entire cab ride up here.

"Why did Elliot call you "Nic"?" she asked making quotation marks with her fingers.

Olivia took a sip of her iced-tea and set it back down before answering the blonde.

"He overheard my mom call me Nic."

"Well I guess I'm guilty of overhearing too."

They both chuckled a bit before Olivia further explained why Elliot called her Nic.

"It's short for my middle name."

"And that is?" asked the blonde wondrously.

"It's Nicola."

"Hmm…I like it." smiled the blonde that put a smile on Olivia's face as well.

"So what's your middle name since you now know mine?" Olivia asked wanting to know more about the blonde across from her.

"It's Casey."

"Hmm…I like it." Olivia said as she imitated what the blonde did earlier.

This incited a laugh from Alex. Olivia listened to the laughter. The sound was beautiful, not a high pitched laugh that some women had, but a perfect laugh that she could listen to everyday and never grow tired of, like a favorite song one listened to and never grew tired of, always finding something more interesting with each hearing.

"I love it when you laugh."

Alex stopped laughing and stared at Olivia with her hand clasp over her mouth as another Freudian slip slipped out.

"I love it when you say something and then act like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar." Alex said.

Before Olivia could reply their waiter came up to the booth to take their orders. They ordered their food and then just sat their staring at each other.

~It's now or never Olivia, and I know I would take the second part.~

*I should just ask her like I planned…but I'd rather wait to let her ask me out.*

Olivia waited a beat longer before she mustered up the courage to find her voice.

"Hey Alex…" she paused waiting for Alex's attention. "I was…well I've been wondering for quite sometime now, but that's besides the fact. Well…I was wondering if you would…um…like…to go out…with me…you know…just you and me…sort of like…a date?"

"I'm sorry…what?" Alex said trying to scare Olivia a little. (Even though it was working a lot.)

"I…uh…well…Alex I was just wondering if…"

"Olivia, I'm just messing with you…I heard you the first time…and yes I would love to go out with you…on a date."

Olivia almost fainted with the suspense of almost having to repeat what she just had trouble saying all over again. Relieved, she relaxed and uncrossed her arms from the edge of the table. Alex took this opportunity to take one hand in her own. Reaching over, she took Olivia's left hand with her right, giving her a reassuring squeeze before asking, "How long have you wanted to ask me out?"

Color rising into her cheeks Olivia answered with a shy voice, "I have since I first met you."

Alex quirked an eyebrow at this.

"And that whole, 'you're an ADA so stay out of our way' was just an act…with me at least."

"I see…I think that is one of the reasons I became so attracted to you."

"What? You love it when people tell you to 'fuck off'?"

"No, that pisses me off…but that 'don't fuck with me or else attitude' just drew me toward you."

Olivia smiled shyly and looked at her watch. It had been a measly five minutes but it seemed like forever to two hungry women.

"You know we haven't gotten our food yet."

"Hmm…" Alex looked at her watch, "it's only been five minutes. I guess we can save our appetites for our date."

"You really want to?"

"Let's get out of here…Nic." Alex said with a sly smile before sliding out of the booth.

"I hope you are prepared to run when they come chasing after us because we didn't pay…Case."

"Oh but we are paying."

Olivia gave her a confused look.

"We'll just take it to go, because there is no way I'm going home hungry."

"Sounds good, and I don't think I want to go home hungry either."

Outside stood two figures, a blonde and a brunette each with a white box that each contained a mass of food arranged in such an order that would makes its appearance a tantalizing treat. The slightly taller of the two raised a hand to maintain transportation. A yellow cab careened toward them. The brunette opened the door motioned for her companion to enter. The blonde complied and ducked into the cab, the brunette followed and shut the door behind them.

"Who's getting off first?" the blonde asked.


"Fine by me."

The blonde spat out her address and the cab crept back onto the street. Both with a white square on their laps, many shy smiles and glances were stolen between the two. Finally daring herself to do something completely out of her character, the brunette reached over and grabbed a creamy hand. She laced their fingers together and looked at the blonde for reassurance. The blonde of course looked at her companion the minute she felt smooth fingertips glide over her knuckles under her index finger pulling her hand up, only to lock five different individual sets of digits together. Her response was a smile and a gentle shift closer to the warm body next to her, as well as bringing the clasped hands onto her lap that was no longer occupied by a box of warmth.

The cab pulled up to its destination, slowing to a halt. The brunette opened the door and momentarily let go of the blonde's hand. The blonde scooted to the edge of the seat where the open door lay looking at the brunette with a smile. Thrusting out a white box the brunette took in her right hand reaching out with her left to lend a helping hand. The blonde accepted the hand and emerged from the cab.

"Wait here, please."

"Yes, ma'am."

The door closed and the blonde and brunette walked up to the doors that concealed her apartment. Hands clasped together once they started walking and not a thought of 'somebody might see us' crossed either of their minds. At the door beckoning only patrons and their welcomed guests, they turned to look at each other.

"So about that date Liv."


"When's it gonna be?"

The brunette thought for a while taking into consideration the month, February, and the inclinations it held surrounding that one day.

"Well, if nothing will get in the way, I was thinking maybe the fourteenth?"

The blonde smiled and leaned in closer to the brunette, looking as though she was going to kiss her but instead recourses to the side of her head next to her ear.

"I think that would be perfect." then leaned back away from her.


"We'll talk specifics over lunch tomorrow?"

"Yeah, that would work Alex."

The blonde now faced the brunette from her standing position, eyes not moving from their locked position on the other.

"I should go." said the brunette.

"I'll see you tomorrow then."

"Yeah." the brunette said as she leaned in to kiss the side of the blonde's cheek.

The blonde, not wanting any half-assed affection, turned her head at the last minute and caught the brunette's lips. She, the blonde, smiled into the kiss as the brunette, let out a sound of surprise. It was a simple kiss, one that a couple of teenagers indulge in everytime they kiss each other good night on one's porch. The brunette was the first to pull back, looking at the blonde with complete affection.

"Good night Alex." she said, and with that she backed away from the blonde waving as she walked backwards toward the cab with a carefree smile.

"Good night Olivia." the blonde said as she watched the brunette nearly trip only steps away from the cab. She recovered and they smiled at each other knowingly.

The brunette got in the cab and looked out the window to see the blonde watch the cab as it drove toward her home in the other direction. And as the blonde watched the cab drive off she was glad she did what she did, it got that awkward first kiss out of the way. She would remember this night, and she hoped the brunette would too.

Chapter X

February 14, 2004:

Alex's apartment:

Alex meddled around her apartment that Saturday morning fretting over her date with Olivia that was ten hours away. She'd woken up early that morning in hopes that times would pass fast, but it was quite the contrary. At nine, when she woke up, she put on her tennis shoes and took off for a quiet run through her neighborhood. By the time she came back, one glance at her clock showed she had only been running for fifteen minutes. She dismissed it and instead of taking a shower she opted for a morning in front of the T.V. As she watched the screen her mind reflected back to the time with Olivia, the one where Alex was saved from the clutches of her assistant Blake. Metaphorically speaking ya know.

Friday February 13, 2004:

Both women felt overworked a bit, well at least one of them was. Alex had to fend off her assistant that kept pestering her through out the morning, always finding some excuse to come into her office. She couldn't say, 'Fuck off, I'm already taken!' because she didn't know if she was. And if she did, then Blake would probably never give Alex any of her messages because he would throw them away if they were a message for Alex to meet him or her here or there. Of course Blake would automatically assume it was a man…and not Olivia. It was almost one in the afternoon when Blake came in with a question for Alex.

"Excuse me Ms. Cabot could I have a moment of your time?"

Alex was reviewing a case file she would prosecute once off of her little vacation. She heard Blake knock and ask a question but instead of processing the sentence or even looking up she simply waved him with her pen hand.

Blake came in eager and excited that Alex invited him in. He quietly closed the door as to not disturb her train of thought and sat in one of the chairs in front of Alex's desk. He had a rose with him, which was a little over the top but he thought it would be a romantic gesture.


Alex wanted nothing to do with Blake, in fact, she was about to yell at him to get out. But as she looked up she saw Blake with the rose. She decided to play along…for a while a least.

"Yes?" she said with a smile while taking her glasses off in a manner that would have any man swoon over her. And probably any woman at that.

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out with me sometime if you aren't busy at all this week." he said quite confidently.

Alex laughed inwardly but didn't show him, she was about to answer when a knock on her door interrupted her.

"Come in." she addressed the closed door, and said "I'm sorry." to Blake.

The door opened and revealed a happy faced Olivia walking through the door but stopping abruptly at the sight of Blake and his red rose.

"Olivia, what a surprise, what can I do for you?"

Olivia took a moment to understand the question before answering.

"Well I was thinking if you weren't busy we could go to lunch together and talk about Satur…the Satterdale case."

Alex noticed the near slip and smiled.

"Sure, I know that case was a tough one to crack and now that it is maybe we could go over the details to just put the icing on the cake." she said cheesily trying to make it seem like it was the most important case in the world.

She smiled warmly and looked back down at Blake who was already showing signs of rejection."

"Blake I'm sorry but can you come back and take that minute of my time some other time?"

Solemnly he got up the rose dangling in his hand, faced Alex and said, "Maybe some other time when you aren't busy?"

"That would work, I'll see you later Blake." she called to the retreating assistant walking past Olivia through the door.

Olivia watched as Blake walked out the door and then back at Alex who was just smiling.

"What was that all about?"

Alex sat at her desk smiling, then stood up, walked towards Olivia, and shut the door before giving Olivia her full attention. Alex smiled thoughtfully before answering Olivia.

"That was the pestering assistant that would find every chance to see me."

A light bulb lit up in Olivia's head, and she in turn smiled as Alex continued.

"I believe he just asked me out on a date, but it seems before I could answer I was interrupted by you."

"Oh," Olivia acknowledged, "I could call him back and you could finish answering." she said as she moved for the doorknob.

"No, that isn't necessary…I wouldn't know how to answer to that anyway."

Olivia and Alex shared a warm smile before Olivia opened the door again and asked if her lunch invitation still stood while handing Alex's coat to her.

"Of course, I just can't wait to see the look on Blake's face if and when he finds out this is a lie."

Olivia answered while shutting Alex's office door, "It's not a lie, we are going to lunch aren't we?"

Olivia helped Alex put on her coat while Alex answered, "Well yeah, we are going to lunch but not to talk about the Satterdale case."

Olivia blushed as she avoided Alex's blue eyes.

"My bad." Olivia shrugged.

"It's okay, you got Blake to leave me alone with New York's finest detective...literally." Alex sincerely smiled.

Olivia blushed a little more and said, "And I literally get to have lunch with New York's finest Assistant District Attorney…alone."

Alex's apartment:

Alex smiled as she remembered the slip up that Olivia almost let out. She thought it was cute the way she covered it up as well. There it was again…that word…cute. It was true…the way Olivia transformed into a kid each time she encountered something unexpected. It was cute.

Alex lay on her couch, thinking about Olivia and her date with her. She couldn't wait and hoped that the hour of seven would come soon. Unfortunately time wasn't on her side.

Olivia's apartment:

Olivia woke up early as well…only because of the incessant knocking at her front door. She threw off her covers and glanced at her clock on her bedside table, 9:52. She sleepily got out of bed and walked to her door. Upon opening it she was bombarded with an "It's about damn time you open up the damn door."

Still bleary eyed, the blur rushed through the threshold and past Olivia. She didn't need to see the person; all she needed to hear was the voice.

"Hi mom. Good; and you? That's great."

Her mom spun on her heel and looked at her daughter. Clad in a faded plaid red drawstring pants and a black tank top she was the image of the daughter she went to visit every other weekend when she was in college.

"Nic, when are you going to start getting ready?"

"Ready for what?" she asked rubbing her eyes clearly irritated.

"I swear you always wait till the last minute to do things." her mom gave an exasperated sigh while throwing up her hands.

"Once again…what?"

"Honey, did you forget that you have a date with a Miss Cabot?"

"I keep telling myself, 'don't tell you mom about your dates' and what do I do…I tell you.

"Is that sarcasm young lady?"

Olivia knew her mom was just looking out for her, but sometimes it can just get a little…overbearing. She sighed inwardly and knew it was best to apologize, besides her mom just might come in handy. Stress that might.

"I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a little nervous that's all." she lied.

"So this is the first date, huh?"

"Yes mom and I'll make sure you get an invitation to the wedding."

Her mother smiled, "Just watch it…that just might come true since all this hoopla about same-sex marriages is in the air. And besides…I wouldn't mind being a grandma."

"Anyway…" Olivia rubbed her eyes one last time before coming to the conclusion that she was hungry, "where are we going for breakfast?"

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