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The Sum of Contradictions: 7. Macy's
By beurre blanc


Come on, come on, pick up. Thank you. "We need to talk."

There is no way this can be good. "Sure. When?"

Well, that was easy. Aren't you going to argue with me? "Umm, well, how about-?"

Not fully prepared, huh, Counselor? "This afternoon suit you?"

Uh oh. "Let me see… I'm in court until four, then I've got a meeting with Liz and Branch…"

Definitely not prepared… "So no good today, then?"

Wait, wait, what's the best alternative? "No, no, let me see… How about six-thirty?" Before I lose my nerve.

Not backing down, though. "This evening?"

Don't toy with me. "No, tomorrow morning. Of course this evening…" What would you say if I tried to delay? "…or perhaps tomorrow would be better, for you."

Shit, no, back up. "No, this evening is good for me. I'll expect you at six-thirty then." 'Your court, counselor'. Oh, I crack me up…

"Yes – no – wait!" Don't hang up! "I'd… prefer we didn't meet at the squad room." Oh, very smooth.

Me either. "Well, how about I swing by your office on the way out?"

Think quick! "Look, I'm tired, and by six-thirty I'll be ready to see the back of this place. What about we head for Macy's?" Neutral territory.

What? "The department store?"

What? "Tapas Bar on 10th – not far from Gannon's."

So, neutral territory, huh? "Any good?"

"I've only been there a couple of times… Atmosphere's good. Not too noisy. They often have a jazz trio late on a Friday." Please don't back out.

Not so neutral, then… Let's push *this* button: "How late?"

Excuse me? "Excuse me?"

"How late?" You heard me.

"Late." Just say 'yes'.

"OK, meet you there, then." Hooked

"Six-thirty. Oh, and Olivia?"


"Take a cab."


"You heard me…"

The End

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