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PAIRING: Olivia/Casey

By amluv

Part 1

Detective Olivia Benson was staring at the door. She contemplated its many parts, from jamb to frame, anything to prolong the task at hand. As Olivia continued to regard the door, it dawned on her that it had a purpose, a meaning, this barrier between her and the world that existed on the other side of it. She became acutely aware of what that door contained beyond its threshold. It was the reality of that awareness made her extremely uneasy.

She tried to rationalize why she was standing here. Olivia ran her fingers through her light brown hair, then they threaded themselves behind her head, as if the action validated her reasons for being there. But deep down, she knew the truth.

She braced herself as she proceeded to raise her arm to firmly rap her knuckles against the door. Olivia held her breath as she waited for a response. A sinking feeling had taken hold of her insides and it was all she could do not to empty whatever contents were presently in her stomach.

By the time she decided that this was in fact a very bad idea, the door suddenly flew open. "Detective Benson, to what do I owe the honor of your presence, and at such a late hour?" There was venom in Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak's voice and that more so convinced Olivia, this was definitely not a good idea.

The first thing she noticed about the woman standing in front of her was her attire. Gone were the stiff, dark, form fitting, power suits and fuck me heels. They had been replaced by form fitting cotton under garments, a tank top of an outlandishly loud shade of orange with matching panties. Though the color was something left to be desired, the style itself only accentuated the fitness of the body they clung to. It wasn't until she heard an impatient sigh that Olivia realized she had forgotten herself, and the question that had been posed to her. "May I come in?" After a small pause, as if to deliberate on the question, Casey finally stood aside and gestured for Olivia to come into her apartment.

And with that, Olivia crossed the threshold into the world beyond the door.

Olivia was barely in the apartment when she heard Casey close the door. That's when she realized there was no turning back. It was time to finally tell the truth.

Casey leaned against the door with her arms folded across her chest. Olivia hated that look, the one that was extremely aggressive and all too cocksure. The assistant district attorney's brash manner both infuriated and fascinated the detective. However, in this situation, that stance was incongruent with the vulnerability of her current outward appearance. This was what Olivia is thought as she again noticed barely covered, porcelain skin stark against burnt orange that clashed violently with red tresses. Olivia's eyes continued their journey downward until they lingered upon soft, supple, pouty lips that just begged to be kissed, bitten, sucked and devoured. And smooth, creamy thighs that seamlessly merged with long well muscled legs. Casey Novak was a walking cornucopia of carnal delights.

And all too suddenly, she pressed Casey up against the very door she had contemplated only moments before. If ever there was a purpose for a door, then this was surly the best. Something primal had been unleashed with in her and it poured itself into every nip, bite, and grope. Olivia was consciously aware of the roughness of her touches against flesh that bruised far too easily, but the need to consume this body had become too great and she was far beyond thought or reason.

Not that the red head was passive in anyway. Quite the contrary actually, Olivia thought. Casey Novak was definitely in the spirit of the moment. Her movements didn't so much encourage Olivia, as they dared her. Casey's slender hands traveled about Olivia with both precision and purpose. Black leather, and white cotton instantly became blurs and Olivia was too caught up in the whirlwind of the rawness of emotion and the intensity of the sensations coursing through her. She was unaware that they had somehow managed to reach Casey's bedroom in their current state of tangled limbs. And the realization was only brought about by the sharp pain in the back of her knees as they slammed against the hard metal of the bed frame. At some point Casey had seized Olivia's belt buckle and yanked the strip of leather from her jeans, along with the buttons along the fly and in one swift motion, she had the detective on her bed without a stitch of clothing.

Casey straddled her, and pinned her arms to her sides. A moment of panic crept in, but passed just as quickly as she looked up above her. Their eyes locked for a moment and there it was again, that smug look. The one that made her think that she was in control. And seeing that look was all she needed. That was the point that the detective let go. She gave in to the ADA's ministrations, reveling in the sensation of Casey's tongue flicking across her right nipple. A sharp intake of her breath elicited and increase in the pressure and intensity. She knew the red head was teasing her, taking her time to punish Olivia for her transgressions and to make a point of who was in control. She leaned down and savagely claimed the brunette's lips once more, while her hips kept a steady, rhythmic, rocking motion. Olivia desperately wanted to touch her, as the dull ache of need started to surge. She involuntarily tightened her hold on the sheets beneath her and her breathing became more jagged. Casey slithered down her body tracing her tongue along Olivia's torso. Her hands slid along the brunette's arms and her grip became vice-like. The detective's mind tried to register how beguilingly strong the other woman was, but the fact that her mouth was currently sucking on her clit made it hard concentrate.

The red head finally relinquished her hold of the detective, however it was only long enough so that she could spread her apart wide enough to position several of her slim fingers inside her. Olivia's arms immediately wrapped themselves around Casey's neck as she held on for dear life. She could feel her hips give way to the building pressure and all she could do was beg for sweet relief, but Casey sped up her pace and increased the pressure of her strokes. Olivia didn't last much longer, the guttural sound that erupted from the pit of her stomach, announced the arrival of her orgasm. Her body became a heap of convulsing jelly for several moments before the aftershocks died down.

When she was finally able to open her eyes, she saw Casey staring down at her with that shit-eating grin of hers. She was lost in a sea of stormy blue, hooded and triumphant. Olivia realized that she had underestimated the ADA. Or maybe she overestimated herself. She came here with good intentions, only to be thwarted by the thing she did not want to acknowledge. Yet here she was, defeated, and betrayed by her desire, leaving common sense in its wake. But she figured if she was going down, she wasn't going alone.

At first their kisses were lazy. Then, as the touches increased, the kisses became more feverish and demanding. Olivia's senses were on over load. Casey's tasted of caffeine and sugar, with hints of mint. Her body was lithe, but firm to the touch in some places, but soft and pliant in others. The detective lost herself in the myriad scents that lingered in the air, unable to discern which were hers, which Casey's and which were the combination of them both.

As rolled over, she captured Casey's wrists above her head in one hand as her other began to work itself in and out the sloppy wet gap between her legs. She heard the other woman's whimpers of nonsensical words and that just urged her that much more. She swiftly flipped Casey onto her stomach and as one hand continued to piston her fingers against the tight ring of muscle, the other had a fistful of flaming red hair. She dipped her head into the crook of her lover's neck so that she could offer her own lyrics of nonsensical murmurings. She felt the tremors that mirrored hers from minutes before. And in that moment something happened to Olivia. She experienced a moment of extreme clarity that immediately brought her halt.

"I-I have to go."

She got up so suddenly she nearly tripped over an arrantly strewn boot.

"Liv? What's going on?"

She didn't answer. She heard the confusion in Casey's voice and knew if she didn't leave quickly, things were going to go from bad to worse.

When she reached the bedroom door, all she could do was repeat the words she uttered before, "Casey, I have to go."

"No! You don't get to do that! You can't just ream me out one minute, fuck me the next and then just walk away without so much as an explanation!"

"What do you want me to say Casey?" She asked plainly. "I want you to tell me what 'this' is." The red head gestured her fingers between the two of them.

"It is what it is Casey."

There was defeat and sorrow in her voice and she prayed that the counselor would let it end at that, but knowing the dogged determination of the other woman, she knew that would not be the case.

"You know what detective, I didn't ask you to come here, but you can go now. I should have my head examined for letting you in here in the first place. But rest assured I won't be making that mistake again."

"Then I guess tonight, we both made mistakes we won't be making again."

Part 2

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