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Guideline For A Happy Ending
By Del Robertson


Olivia stretched, rolling over on her back. The covers slid down, revealing her naked torso beneath the downy comforter. Stretching luxuriously, she opened her eyes, blinking rapidly against the bright sunlight streaming in her blinds.

"Oh, what the hell time is it?" she wondered, reaching over, grabbing the alarm clock off her nightstand.

Dragging it to her, she stared at it through bleary eyes. 9:58. Wearily, her soggy brain began to work. It must be Saturday. Or, maybe Sunday. Either way, it must be the weekend - or the phone would be ringing off the hook by now, Elliot or Cragen demanding to know where I've been.

Where have I been? Dimly, Olivia tried to recall the past twenty-four hours. She had come home. From work or from the bar? It's all kind of fuzzy. Exhausted, she had fallen into bed. At least it's my bed, thought Olivia, glancing around at the comfortable surroundings.

Her ears perked up as her brain finally registered the sounds of the shower. What the Hell? I must have brought someone home. Leaning up on her elbows, Olivia strained, rolling her head this way and that. Okay, those are my jeans on the floor. And my black tee. But, I'm pretty sure those aren't my pink panties.

Olivia swung her legs out of bed, bare feet landing on the cold, hardwood floor. She slipped her jeans on over her bare flesh, pulled her black tee over her head. She grabbed her gun from off the nightstand. Pausing, ear pressed to the bathroom door, she listened carefully.

Nothing but the water running. She took a deep breath, debated on knocking. Humming? She's humming in the shower? Deciding her mystery guest wasn't an obvious threat, Olivia placed her gun on the top of the dresser beside her hairbrush.

Fingers closed about the doorknob leading to the bathroom. The knob turned easily in her grasp. It's not locked. She waited, trying to determine if she'd been heard. Guess not; she's still humming. Taking a deep breath, Olivia turned the handle, boldly stepped inside. Before she could convince herself to hesitate, she reached out, flung the white shower curtain open.

Alex turned around, water cascading in rivulets over her blonde hair, down her slender frame. Bright blue eyes focused on Olivia. A broad smile spread over her lips. "Morning," she breathed.

Olivia's breath stopped, her words froze in her throat. Dimly, her mind recognized, identified the tune Alex had been humming. The theme song from Dallas.

Thankfully, due to sagging ratings and viewer demand, the entire season had never happened. Alex had never been shot. There was no ADA Casey Novak to replace her. And, there was no looming threat of the Powers That Be trying to make Olivia and Elliot into an item. Olivia Benson - and all of us - breathed a deep sigh of relief.

The End

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