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Desk Duty
By Huntress

Alex's Office around 12:00 pm


Alex couldn't help but moan into Olivia's mouth. The kissing was becoming more passionate with each passing second. She felt Olivia's hands roaming over her body and couldn't help herself from pulling Olivia closer. Olivia slid her hands to Alex's hips, underneath Alex's skirt, up her thigh, and around to her ass. She gently squeezed it until she heard Alex moan loudly. In turn, Alex wrapped her leg tightly around Olivia's hip, giving her plenty of access to her. She could feel the detective's hand running along her thigh, making her even more aroused.


Olivia pulled out of the kiss just long enough to tell Alex to sit on the edge of her desk. Alex quickly did what she was asked and made her way to her desk. As soon as she sat down, she saw Olivia take off her jacket and throw it on the chair, making her way over to Alex. Olivia didn't waste any time and neither did Alex. As soon as Olivia was close enough, Alex grabbed her detective and gave her a hard kiss. Alex slid her tongue along Olivia's, deepening the kiss with each thrust of her tongue.


Olivia's hands once again found their way to the hem of Alex's skirt; she parted Alex's legs with her knee and slid her hand along Alex's thigh. Alex let out a muffled cry when she felt Olivia's fingers graze her inner thigh. Olivia broke the kiss and stilled her hand. She looked Alex dead in her eyes. Alex, knowing what Olivia was asking with her eyes, gave a smiled and nodded.


Alex leaned back on her desk and lifted her hips slightly, giving Olivia better access to her. Olivia slowly moved her fingers around the thin material that was blocking her from her goal, and gently drew them down Alex's legs. Once they were off, Olivia tossed them onto the same chair where she threw her jacket. Alex laughed slightly at Olivia's gesture and smiled at her lover.


Olivia gave Alex a sly smile, kissed her softly, and proceeded to unbutton Alex's shirt, but was stopped by Alex's hands. Olivia pulled out of the kiss and looked at Alex, who was smiling wildly at her. She took Olivia's hand and placed it between her legs, telling Olivia what she wanted. Olivia could feel the heat coming from Alex's sex on her hand, which made her want Alex even more.


Olivia slid two fingers into Alex with ease; she began thrusting inside her slowly, keeping her eyes locked with Alex's. Alex's hips met the thrust of Olivia's hand and fell into the rhythm created by her lover.


Olivia quickened the pace of her hand and added another finger inside Alex. Alex moaned loudly and closed her eyes, letting her head fall back. Olivia knew that Alex was getting close to her climax, so she changed the number of fingers she thrust in and out of Alex.


Alex was ready to go over the edge, but Olivia wouldn't let her. Alex's breathing grew faster and faster with every rhythm change of Olivia's hand. Alex gripped the edge of her desk with both hands as the first wave of her climax hit; she moaned Olivia's name loudly, as her hips bucked against Olivia's hand.


Alex's final wave of climax was powerful and hit her hard; she was now screaming Olivia's name.




Her breathing slowed and her body subsided from her orgasm. When she opened her eyes, she saw Olivia standing in front of her, still inside her. She smiled and kissed Alex softly.


Alex let out a soft moan and Olivia broke the kiss. She looked at Alex for a few seconds and whispered something in her ear. When Olivia pulled away, she saw Alex smile and wink at her.


"Hello, Alex!"

"Hello, Earth to Alex!" Olivia said, smiling at the blonde ADA, who was staring off into space with an odd smile on her face.

"ALEX!!!!" Olivia finally said loudly, trying to get Alex's attention, which worked, because Alex suddenly whipped her head around and stared at the detective sitting in front of her.

A little confused, Alex tried to gather what was left of her sense and tried to focus on the detective. "Wait a minute, did that really happen? Was it just a dream? No, it couldn't have been a dream, OH MY GOD!!! How long has Olivia been here? How much did Olivia hear?'' she said to herself, trying to regain her composure.

"I'm sorry. Did you need something, Olivia?" she asked coolly.

Olivia couldn't help but chuckle at the frazzled ADA.

"I have been calling your name for the past five minutes, Alex. Is everything okay?" she asked, trying not to laugh.

"I ...Um...Yes, everything is fine," she said, still trying to make sense of what happened or of what didn't happen.

"Are you sure? You were staring off into space with an odd look on your face." Olivia said.

Alex froze, "Fuck! She did hear everything! Fuck".

"I was, um...just thinking. Everything is fine, really," Alex said, doing her best to keep eye contact with Olivia.

Olivia just smiled at Alex.

"Okay, then I guess I'll see you later, after we finish with the search," Olivia said, getting up from her chair.

"Yeah, later, I guess," Alex said, getting up to see Olivia to the door.

Before turning to leave, she leaned in toward Alex and whispered something in her ear. Then, she opened the door, looked back at Alex, winked, and then shut the door behind her.

Alex, stunned, turned and leaned against the door. She looked from her desk to the chair that Olivia had been sitting in just minutes before and then back to her desk. She shook her head and started to walk back to her desk. When she was about half way there, she noticed something hanging on the other chair, next to the one Olivia had vacated.

Alex took a few steps closer to see what the hell it was. She froze, her jaw dropped open and she stared at was lying on the chair. She couldn't believe her eyes; she looked back at the door, then back at the chair. It was Olivia's jacket and her black panties, sitting right on top of the jacket.

Alex was completely in shock. She bent down, picked up her panties and the jacket, and just as she was about to walk back to her desk, her cell phone rang.

The End

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