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Undercover III: Charades
By VivalaB


Part 3

Olivia sat the fork down on her plate and lifted her glass of wine, saluting Alex warmly, "That was amazing," she said appreciatively, smiling across the table at the blonde.

Alex finished her mouthful of pasta and shook her head, "Pasta with sauce, is amazing? You've been single too long Liv, if you think that's fine dining," she teased, dismissing the compliment.

"You're assuming I'm single," the short haired woman replied, lifting her plate and moving over to the sink.

Alex's eyes widened as she realized she had assumed Olivia was single. She watched the brunette as she turned and looked at her, smiling broadly, "Finished?" she asked, indicating the plate.

The younger woman nodded her head as she handed over the empty plate and lifted her glass of wine, "Are you?" she finally asked, unable to contain the question any longer.

Olivia rinsed the dishes and loaded them into the dishwasher before replying, "Yes," without turning round.

Alex let go of the breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding and lifted the bottle of wine, emptying the pink colored contents equally between both glasses before rising from the dining table, "Coming?"

Olivia turned and smiled, taking the offered glass and following Alex through to the living room where they each sank into a corner of the large sofa. Olivia reached for the remote and turned the TV on, flipping through channels quickly until she found the news.

"I'm not watching the news," Alex whined.

Olivia looked at her, "You watch it at my apartment," she replied.

"That's different, I'm a a guest there and respect the channel choices you make," Alex answered.

Olivia shook her head, "You shoulda just said, I only put the news on cos I thought you liked it, you've only ever got the news channels on in your office," she admitted.

Alex was touched at the genuine thoughtfulness on Olivia's part and remembered the numerous occasions she had been over at Olivia's apartment and the news channel had been on, "I only have it on at the office as a heads up, in case anything breaks," she replied, her eyes trailing up to the short hair, wondering why her fingers itched to tangle in the tousled locks so badly.

"Well, what do you like to watch?" Olivia asked, admiring the way Alex's hair cascaded around her shoulders.

Alex considered the question carefully before answering, "I don't really have much time to watch TV, by the time I get home at night, I either have paperwork for the next day or I'm too tired to concentrate on anything," she confessed, taking a sip from her wine.

Olivia nodded in agreement, "I know what you mean, I'm either falling into bed exhausted or I'm fired up and need to relieve some tension," she said innocently before realizing how that might have sounded and blushed instantly.

A dozen images of Olivia, relieving tension, sprang to mind as Alex felt the pulse point at the base of her throat beat faster, "And how do you relieve tension?" she asked, swallowing as she saw the delicate blush darken the tanned face beside her.

"I race," Olivia answered, glancing over at the games console, "And you…" she paused, "…Would rather listen to music than watch TV, right?" she asked, shifting her eyes to the stacks of music as she switched the TV off.

Alex nodded, "Yes," she replied.

"Put something on"

Alex's eyebrows disappeared into her hairline, "Excuse me?" she asked.

Olivia looked at her curiously and shook her head, "You promised me an education," She said, reminding Alex of her earlier words.

Alex swallowed, realizing Olivia was referring to the music, "I did, didn't I" she agreed as she eased from the sofa and knelt in front of the sound system. She looked at several CD's before making her final selection. A few seconds later the soft strains of a piano and a muted trumpet floated around the room as a woman's mellow voice filled the air.

Olivia took a drink from her glass and listened to the lyrics, wondering why the trumpet sounded so familiar, as the song played she looked at Alex, "Who is this?" she asked.

"Melody Gardot," she answered lazily as she leaned her head back against the sofa and closed her eyes.

Olivia watched the blonde hair billow around her head as she tilted her head and wet her lips, "The trumpet reminds me of something, can't think what though," she sad absently as the song came to an end and moved into another slow, piano based melody.

"Mulholland Drive"

Olivia blinked as she realized Alex had spoken, "Huh?"

Alex shifted her head slightly and opened her eyes, "The last song, the trumpet always reminds me of that movie," she answered.

Olivia nodded, "Yeah," she agreed, her mind instantly thinking of the love scene between the two main characters. She smiled at Alex, "Do you like that movie?" she asked.

Alex shrugged, "I still don't understand it, but yes, I like it," she replied.

Olivia nodded, "Me too…she has a beautiful voice," she commented, indicating with her head towards the stereo.

Alex smiled, "Perfect way to end the day," she added as the next song began.

'Deep within your heart, you know it's plain to see

Like Adam was to Eve, you were made for me'

Olivia held Alex's gaze as the lyrics hung hauntingly in the air between them. She deliberately turned and placed her glass on the low table, breaking the intense hold the cerulean eyes had on her. The words from the song continued to echo around the room as her mind shifted to the coffee house and the moment they had shared..

Alex closed her eyes, her senses on overload as she listened to the lyrics. When the song ended she opened them and moved over to the stereo, selecting another CD.

Olivia recognized the artist immediately, "I didn't have you down as a Brandi Carlile fan," she commented as Alex made her way back to the sofa.

Alex shrugged, "She's a great lyricist and her voice is just beautiful," she replied.

Olivia nodded, "Yeah, I've seen her perform live a few times, she's great," she added.

Alex smiled, instantly curious as to who had accompanied Olivia to the concerts. She drained the last of her wine and placed the empty glass on the table. She noticed Olivia look over at the games console again, "Why don't you just do it?" she asked.

Olivia's eyes widened perceptibly as she shook her head, "Do what?"

"Play your games," Alex replied, rolling her eyes.

Olivia grinned, "You sure it won't annoy you?" she asked, enjoying how relaxed Alex clearly was.

Alex nodded, "If it gets too much, I'll put on my headphones," she answered.

Olivia grinned as she moved off the couch and selected her favoirte game, lifting the wheel and moving back to the sofa. She selected her favorite character and chose a race from the course menu, instantly losing herself in the twelve player kart race.

Alex studied her friend as she sat on the edge of the sofa, her eyes glued to the wide screen TV. She watched her thumbs, press buttons as the wheel in her hand turned constantly. She smiled at the look of sheer concentration painted on Olivia's face, "Are those toadstools?" she asked, shifting her gaze to the TV as Olivia's character bounced across the screen.


Alex continued to watch as Olivia skillfully handled the bike her character was riding and grinned when she came in first, "Well done," she said, impressed at her gaming prowess.

Olivia turned to her and smiled, "That's one of the easiest courses, they get more difficult," she said quickly before the next race started.

Alex shook her head at the intensity with which Olivia played the game as she moved off the sofa and retrieved a magazine. She casually flipped through the pages reading the articles and admiring the fashion as Olivia continued to race.

After thirty minutes, Alex looked up in surprise as Olivia started cursing loudly at the large TV. She watched Olivia grit her teeth and jerk the wheel in her hand violently as she stared unblinking at the screen. Alex followed her gaze and saw Olivia's character being boxed in by two other players and saw names appear above the players, along with Japanese flags. She frowned, "What's happening?" she asked curiously.

Olivia ignored her as she concentrated on the final lap of the race, when she crossed the finish line in tenth place she swore again before turning to Alex, "Did you see that?" she asked incredulously.

Alex smiled, "Are you playing against other people?" she asked.

Olivia nodded and placed the wheel beside her, running her fingers through her hair in frustration, "Yeah, I shouldn't play online, I…get too involved, but it's so addictive," she said, feeling embarrassed for losing her temper at the game.

"Can I have a go?" Alex asked, surprising her.

Olivia smiled, "Sure, let me just set you up," she said, navigating through the menu. She handed Alex the wheel and explained the controls. As the race started Alex bit her lip in concentration as she moved her hands left and right to maneuver the wheel. Olivia watched and smiled as Alex's bike slid off the course and laughed out loud when Alex stood up and moved directly in front of the screen.

Once the race was over, Alex sat back down, "That was draining, why do so many things hit your bike and knock you off the track?" she asked, placing the wheel on the table.

Olivia smiled, "Welcome to the tension reliever," she quipped as she looked at the wheel, "You move your arms too much, it's subtle movements," she said.

Alex shook her head, "Show me"

Olivia selected a different course and handed Alex the wheel as she moved closer to the blonde. Alex took the wheel and gripped it tightly in her hands.

"Not so tightly, you want it to be loose in your hands," she instructed as she placed her hands over Alex's.

Alex swallowed as warm hands covered her own, "I can't play with your arm across my chest," she said, reluctant for Olivia to remove her hands.

Brown eyes met blue as an idea struck her, she released Alex's hands and stood up, indicating for Alex to do the same. She pushed the table away and sat back down on the sofa, parting her legs, "Sit down," she said, motioning for Alex to settle on the floor between her legs.

Alex knelt on the floor and eased back against the sofa, between Olivia's parted legs. She felt Olivia scoot closer until she was leaning against her back and reached her arms around Alex arms to cover her hands once more.

"Better?" Olivia asked, her breath blowing Alex's blonde hair gently.

Alex nodded, feeling Olivia's body pressing against her own and swallowed, "Yeah, now show me how to win," she said, glancing over her shoulder and meeting the smiling face, not realizing how close Olivia actually was.

Olivia gazed into her blue eyes and grinned, "Let's do it," she said as her thumb pressed lightly on top of Alex's selecting the race option.

The race began and as much as Alex tried to concentrate on the screen and what Olivia was telling her, she could focus on nothing else but the hands that covered her own. All too soon, the race was over and before Alex could speak, another one started.

"We're playing a tournament," Olivia offered, seeing the slight frown cross Alex's face from her vantage point.

Alex nodded as thumbs pressed down lightly and the hands covering her own, turned the wheel gently. The taut muscles in Olivia's arms brushed against her own with every movement and she marveled at the hidden strength of the woman behind her. She felt Olivia's breasts push into her back and gasped at the unexpected flutter in her stomach.

Olivia heard the soft gasp and realized just how much she was leaning into Alex, she was about to ease away when Alex moved back against her, causing her breasts to announce their highly sensitized presence. She wet her lips and inhaled the fruity scent of Alex's shampoo as she tried to concentrate on the screen and the slim, soft hands beneath her own. Her interest in the game faded as she focused on the beautiful woman between her legs.

They completed several races, maintaining their position and barely speaking as their bodies remained connected. Alex caught sight of the time on her watch and shook her head, "I had no idea it was this late," she said as another race ended.

"Yeah…I think it's time we went to bed," Olivia said quietly, releasing her hold and reluctantly moving away from the slender form she was enveloping.

Part 4

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