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Out in the Open
A Cry in the Dark

By Adrienne Lee


Sometimes it's better to be alone.

Why can't you see how much I care?
Does it have to be earth shattering?
Can't you just love me for who I am?
Why must it always be about you?
Or should I have known that from the start?
I guess you told me enough times, haven't you?

Sometimes I wonder why I don't just leave.
What would that accomplish?  More pain?
I carry enough of that with me now.
I don't know if you're even aware of the power you have.
How little it takes for you to hurt me?
How easy it is to make me wonder?

A simple smile is all it takes to light my world.
And you give me so very few, I treasure them all.
Do you think it's funny how I feel about you?
That it's just some childish crush, I'm too old for that.
What am I to you? Just something to pass the time with?
Someone you know will always be around? How pathetic.

What am I to you?  Someone to keep the cold away?
Someone to share your bed when you want?
A temporary distraction to chase away the memories?
Just what am I to you?  I deserve an answer.
I'm not a machine and I love you.
Does that make any difference at all?

My phone rings, it's you. 
All my senses focus on your voice.
I forget all of the things I've thought before.
You called me, and my heart stops as you speak.
For this brief span of time, you're mine.
She can't have you, because I do.
But soon you'll hang up and I'll be alone.

How do you do this to me, Olivia?
How did I come to belong to you?
With no promises in return.
Why do I love you?
When I know you don't feel the same.
I'm not Alex, look at me. Look at Casey.

The End

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