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AUTHOR'S NOTE: From here on out some episodes will be used out of sequence for the sake of the series, hereby making this AU.
SPOILERS: Minor/major spoilers for the episode 'Angels'.
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SERIES: Alex & Olivia: The Soundtrack.

By Barbara Gordon

Tim McGraw "Just To See You Smile"



Recognizing the blonde woman as McCoy's ADA, who had subbed for Alex on the rare times she went on vacation, she quickly apologized.

"Oh geez, Serena hey I'm sorry I thought you were…" Olivia trailed off ruefully, 'Got Cabot on the brain much Benson?'

"Alex?" Serena said smiling, "It's the blonde hair right?"

Shrugging Olivia silently agreed, though technically Alex was slightly taller and blonder.

"Speaking of Alex I hope she's not too pissed at me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well she kind of lost a bet and her punishment was to go out on a date with Trevor."

"Well my partner and I saw her on her 'date', she didn't seem to be having a problem, at all," she added, as an afterthought.

If Serena heard the bitterness in her tone she gave no indication, "Let's hope so, she really doesn't care much for him, which was why he was chosen, he's not really her type. I've already gotten an earful from her."

"Sounds harsh, remind me not to ever bet with ADA's!" Olivia said with a grin.

For a moment Serena seemed to be thinking of something and her face showed a bit of melancholy. Shaking herself out of whatever it was, she focused on Olivia again.

"I'm pretty sure you could give as good as you get, but I was kind of getting her back for something. Maybe I should be a good friend and grovel, just so she takes it easy on my whenever I lose."

"Do you think it'll work?" Olivia asked.

"Won't know till I try, wanna come with? We're just going to hang out."

"Wha... uh no i… it's kinda late." Olivia stuttered, not wanting to face Alex just yet.

"Dining with the enemy?" Serena said with a raised eyebrow.Clearing her throat Olivia blushed, "That was pretty bad of me, huh?"

"It only hurts when it comes from someone you care about," Serena said, "SVU means a lot to Alex, and your opinion carries a lot of weight with her."

"So groveling, right?"

"Oh yeah," Serena said, "but seeing as how this is all my fault, I'm calling dibs on going first."

"So where too?" Olivia asked.

"Café around the block," she said checking her watch, "we should go now we're already going to be late."

Guilt suffused Olivia when she saw Alex's face light up with relief and happiness at the sight of her. Serena's earlier words about how her opinion of Alex carried a lot of weight with the young SVU ADA struck her again, she had never really thought of that before. Olivia never wanted Alex to doubt herself or her position at SVU because of a few carelessly tossed words she had said while hurting. Again renewing her vow to herself to make sure Alex would smile as much as possible whenever she was around Olivia, whatever the cost to her.

Olivia supposed one of the many reasons she hadn't acted on her feeling for the breathtakingly beautiful blonde was that she was constantly aware of the differences between them, it never mattered to her before, but somehow with Alex it did.

You always had an eye for things that glittered
But I was far from being made of gold
I don't know how but I scraped up the money
I just never could quite tell you no
Just like when you were leaving Amarillo
Takin' that new job in Tennessee
And I quit mine so we could be together
I can't forget the way you looked at me

Watching the interaction between Alex and Serena had been eye opening. With Serena apologizing for Trevor torture, and Alex razzing her about it, Olivia watched learning more about the SVU and Homicide ADA's.

For anyone who cared to know Serena Southerlyn preferred the fairer sex. What Olivia wanted to know was whether Alex did as well. When Serena excused herself to go to the ladies room, Olivia took the opportunity to apologize for her own actions; she felt that was something to be done away from even Serena's friendly gaze.

Just to see you smile
I'd do anything that you wanted me to
When all is said and done
I'd never count the cost
It's worth all that's lost
Just to see you smile

When you said time was all you really needed
I walked away and let you have your space
'Cause leavin' didn't hurt me near as badly
As the tears I saw rollin' down your face

During their discussion of the 'date' Olivia mused on her earlier thoughts and the revelation she had as she was walking aimlessly around the city. Could she just stand aside while Alex found happiness with someone else? Yes, she had thought, if someone could make the ADA happy they had to be someone worthy of her, as much as it would hurt, she would do it for Alex.

When Serena returned the topic of conversation changed to Serena's past vacation. If Serena noticed Olivia not saying anything about Alex's 'date' she gave no indication. With Serena's evasiveness the topic changed fluidly as Olivia watched, thinking about the differences between herself and the two women. Both came from wealthy backgrounds and knew each other from their social circles. Olivia knew them from work, otherwise she thought they would have never met.

And yesterday I knew just what you wanted
When you came walkin' up to me with him
So I told you that I was happy for you
and given the chance I'd lie again

Just to see you smile
I'd do anything that you wanted me to
When all is said and done
I'd never count the cost
It's worth all that's lost
Just to see you smile

All in all it was rather fun, the conversation never turned to work, for once. Alex laughing was an enchanting sight. Serena's knowing gaze, unsettled the SVU Detective only for a while, then she shrugged it off not really caring.

When it was Alex who excused herself to the ladies room, Olivia was ready for Serena to say something, instead she surprised her.

"I've always thought it was bad form to out someone," she said sipping her coffee, at Olivia's questioning glance she correctly assumed that Olivia thought she was talking about her, "but if you're ever going to make a move now would be a great time."

Not wanting to give Serena any bull, especially for being a good friend to herself and to Alex she replied, "I'm not sure I should."

Serena's gaze never wavered as she put her cup down, "I am."

After that Alex returned and for half an hour they continued on as they had before, everyone had to go their separate ways. With Serena's information running circles in her head Olivia wondered for once if she had a chance.

Just to see you smile
I'd do anything that you wanted me to
When all is said and done
I'd never count the cost
It's worth all that's lost
Just to see you smile

The End

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