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Twenty-five to Life
By H.W.


Chapter 10

Day Fifteen. (Night.)

They let go of each other's hand and merely looked at one another for a moment. This was different than last time. Last time they had sex, claimed and surrendered, took an Oath that in their unique circumstance meant that they would be married for the rest of their lives; literally. But this time it was all about their love for each other.

Seven was the first to move. She came closer and touched B'Elanna's chest, there the Klingon's eight chambered heart was suddenly beating in overtime. Seven smiled. It was on the tip of her tongue to ask the obvious question of 'nervous', but instead she decided that now was not the place for talk. She leaned in and they spent a long moment to share a series of surprisingly soft and tender kisses.

After having lost themselves in the world that was their Mate for, Seven's internal chronometer told her, six minutes, the blonde reluctantly took a step back.

At arm's distance she reached for B'Elanna and trailed her hands over her lover's body for a moment before eventually ending with her hands on B'Elanna's hips. Slowly, her eyes never leaving those of her Klingon, Seven moved up, hooking her thumbs under the sides of the sports bra and pushing up until she felt the resistance build. Then she moved her hands to the front, lovingly caressing B'Elanna's still covered breasts in the process. She pulled and lifted softly to free those wonderful mounts from their confinement. She was tempted to look at them, but managed to keep her eyes on B'Elanna's. Both of them smiled for a moment, both of them also knowing why.

"I will never get tired of seeing your wonderful body," Seven whispered softly as those wonderful brown eyes were obscured for a moment when the bra was moved over the Klingon's head and off completely.

"We will see if you still say that when I'm old and wrinkled in fifty years."

"I can only wish that even fifty years from now I will still be blessed with the privilege of going to bed every night, and waking up every morning, holding the perfection that is you in my arms," Seven countered without hesitation.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment. They realized that they had just shared something that was just as important as the Oath they had taken. The Oath and all the talk until now was for what they hoped the future would bring. Now they realized that they did not merely hope that the other would be in their future for ever; they wished it. It was what they wanted more than anything else in their life.

"Besides," Seven finally added, "You are part Klingon. Klingons do not wrinkle. Their head ridges merely become more impressive."

B'Elanna chuckled. "That's one way of calling it."

Seven finally let her eyes drift down her lover's body. "As for the rest of your body, I must admit that I am glad to know that even in fifty years you will look as firm ,so fit, so... delicious."

"Unless I get fat," B'Elanna grinned.

Seven shook her head. "No, because I'm one of those Ladies that will not allow my Lord to do so. Trust me, I will put you on a fitness program before letting you waste this treasure."

B'Elanna merely laughed. And the best part was, she even knew that the blonde meant it.

Seven sank to her knees and started to place kisses all over B'Elanna's belly as she removed the boxer shorts. Just as before with B'Elanna's breasts, now too there was a moment of temptation when Seven realized that all she would need to do is place kisses a little lower. Kiss, lick, love. And B'Elanna would willingly allow and even relish it. Reluctantly she got up, only to see B'Elanna smile.

"I'm impressed. I don't think I would have been able to do that and not at least get a little taste in." B'Elanna let her eyes drift down Seven's form. The blonde was still dressed in the bathrobe with the front hanging so invitingly open. She placed her hands on the swells of Seven's breasts, savoring the feel of the softness for a moment. Then she moved up to the blonde's shoulders, and then down her arms until the bathrobe that she had been pushing away lost the battle with gravity and fell off to pool at Seven's feet.

They both lifted a hand in invite at the same time, making them smile once more. Their fingers weaved into each other as they both took the invitation. With their hands still linked they used their other hands to help steady them as they moved onto the bed. For a moment they merely lay. They were in exactly the same spot where they had lain the night before while holding each other as they drifted off to sleep.

"I lov," B'Elanna started, only to be stopped by Seven placing her fingers against the Klingon's lips.

"Show me," Seven urged.

B'Elanna moved until she was the one on top, but still to the side of her wife. She nuzzled Seven's neck while she trailed her hand over her lover's side. She kissed, licked, and nipped at Seven's neck, taking great delight from the wonderful sounds she pulled from the blonde's lips. The soft moans and whimpers sounded like music to the Klingon.

Her hand found one of Seven's breasts and she massaged it softly before homing in on the peak that had already become rock hard. Her mouth found Seven's starburst implant, blowing across it on a hunch... or because of memories she couldn't remember.

Her reward was direct. Seven moaned in a long drawn out way that traveled straight to B'Elanna's core.


Seven had no idea why B'Elanna was calling on Kahless, but she gave a low throaty chuckle nevertheless.

"Touch me," B'Elanna begged as her own hand moved lower until she was raking her fingernails through Seven's pubic hair; playing with the golden curls even though she really wanted to move lower.

Seven was more direct and moved her Human hand between her lover's legs and over the aching bundle of nerves.

"Yesss," B'Elanna hummed approvingly before lowering her own hand further until she was covering Seven's sex. As she started to move her fingers over Seven's clit, she once again started to concentrate on Seven's neck. Nuzzling the soft skin for a moment before concentrating on the starburst implant more and more.

Seven's wonderful noises were driving the Klingon wild. B'Elanna knew that she herself was also breathing harder and letting out a soft grunt of agreement from time to time. But it paled to the soft whimpers that Seven was producing. It was so different than when they had sex the night before. Then Seven was vocal. Grunting, eventually even offering profanities, urging B'Elanna to fuck her and take her. But now the blonde was producing the sweetest sounds that did just as much for B'Elanna as those wonderful fingers were doing.

"Do you have any idea what you do to me?" B'Elanna asked as she lifted her head so that she could look at her lover, only to see that those eyes were closed and the mouth was slightly open. "I swear, hearing you like this turns me on so much that I could come from just hearing you."

Seven opened her eyes and B'Elanna saw those beautiful blue eyes focus on her. The touches never stopped, fingers continued to stimulate heated flesh, and their eyes stayed locked on each other. B'Elanna smiled when despite that, Seven started to moan and whimper again.

"I love how different you sound from last night. How... oh yeah." The last had been said when she had felt two of Seven's fingers slip inside. She spent a moment enjoying the feeling of those fingers moving in and out before moving her own hand lower. She was slightly surprised to see Seven shake her head 'no,' but she got the hint. She started to rub Seven's clit with the palm of her hand while using her fingers to move over slick lips. She moved over the blonde's entrance from time to time, but made no move to enter, not even for a moment.

As wonderful as those fingers felt, B'Elanna noticed that she was missing the fingers on her clit. "Rub me," She begged, knowing that Seven knew what she meant. Once again she was surprised to see Seven shake her head.

Instead Seven urged, "Nuzzle me again. I want to try something."

B'Elanna was happy to follow the suggestion because even though Seven was not doing what B'Elanna had asked, the blonde's touch still felt wonderful.

As B'Elanna went back to loving Seven's neck she felt those fingers keep up a steady rhythm of moving in and out. It felt wonderful, and then she felt something that was even better. Seven started to whimper again, but this time she mixed it with soft pleas, sweet promises, and wonderful tender words of love. B'Elanna felt a tear escape when she realized that besides loving her body, Seven was now also making love to the Klingon's soul.

B'Elanna felt those intoxicating sounds carry her higher and higher. Slowly, but surely. Seven's fingers were still moving slowly in and out of her, and still felt wonderful, but B'Elanna knew that it were those soft pleas, the strained breathing, those barely audible declarations of love that were driving her to the edge.

"Seven," B'Elanna merely said softly as she felt the most wonderful orgasm of her live wash over her. It wasn't the strongest orgasm ever; in fact the orgasm the night before was a lot stronger. But now it felt as if every part of her being had reached its peak; body and soul.

After having enjoyed her bliss for a moment, B'Elanna realized that she still had a mission to accomplish. She concentrated once more on stimulating her lover, lifting herself up on her elbow so that she could look down at Seven.

Feeling B'Elanna move away, Seven opened her eyes and looked at her lover. Their eyes locked and Seven realized that B'Elanna was enjoying the image of seeing her in the throes of passion. She smiled for a moment before closing her eyes once more and letting the pleasure of reaching her peak wash over her.

B'Elanna slowed down, but continued to stimulate her lover. She was amazed to realize how much she basked in the fact that she had put that look of bliss on Seven's face. It wasn't the first time she had seen a lover come, but never before had it mattered so much to her as it did now. She slowed down more until her touch was more of a gentle caress over her lover's wet and heated flesh.

"I love you," B'Elanna said softly, meaning those words more than any other time she had ever said them in her life, as far as she could remember.

Seven opened her eyes just in time to see the most wonderful smile on her lovers lips. "And I love you, my be'nal." She reached up to caress B'Elanna's face. "You have a wonderful smile."

"And you notice that only now?" B'Elanna asked amused. She couldn't resist and brought her hand from between Seven's legs to lick her fingers clean. "Truly wonderful."

Seven used the hand that had just caressed her lover's face to pull her down against her. "Actually, yes. I only now noticed. You very rarely truly smile. You have six different ways of grinning, from evil to sweet. And one that comes so close to a smile that most people would call it such. But even then there are traces of grinning in it. But you rarely truly smile in a way that it cannot also be called a grin. I like that."

"You do?" B'Elanna asked surprised.

"Yes," Seven assured. "Because as this now shows, I have a feeling that at home, with your wife, is the place where you smiled the most. I like being the person that is worthy of such beauty."

B'Elanna smiled again. "Want to know why I was smiling, besides having been doing something I really enjoyed that is?"

"Why?" Seven asked dutifully.

"Because I just realized that for the first time in my life I didn't have sex; I made love. I know we talked about calling it making love instead having sex, but it's the first time I actually made love, as far as I remember." B'Elanna took a moment to answer Seven's smile with one of her own.

B'Elanna had never realized that she actually smiled so little, but now she was glad that this was the case. She really liked the fact that this was a simple but wonderful gift that she could give her wife. "And as I was realizing that," She continued after a moment. "I also realized just how lucky I am. Because in ten days I will remember not one, but two occasions where I made love for the first time in my life."

"I just hope that those two occasions do not turn out being pretty much the same situation," Seven said thoughtfully.

"I don't think so," B'Elanna assured. "Because if you keep in mind that on that planet we simply didn't care, I have a distinct feeling that the first time we made love we simply stumbled into bed and tried to get our hands on, and in, each other. Which can be very fun all by itself mind you, but this today will be a nice counterbalance to that."

"You did not object to me asking you not to enter me tonight?" Seven asked, slightly worried.

"Not at all," B'Elanna assured. "Seven, I told you that even in those occasions where I really need some, you can steer what we do. So in situations like this where all I want is for you to feel good you can feel free to ask or tell me just what you want. If you don't want to be entered, than I won't do it. It's not like it's the end of the world, there is still a lot that I can do then."

"I am glad," Seven said relieved. "Rest assured, it is not that I have an objection to it. From those files, and from how I feel in general, I know that I do enjoy being entered. I also really liked the feeling of it yesterday. I really like the feeling of being filled, of feeling fingers or a toy move inside me. It is just that today I was in the mood for something else."

"As I said, don't worry about it," B'Elanna assured again. "Now stop overanalyzing it. Comply."

"Resistance is futile?" Seven asked amused.

"Actually, resistance is fun. Or at least it can be a lot of fun if done right," B'Elanna countered with a grin. "But in this situation it is more like resistance is unnecessary."

"I liked this... like this." The last two words were a correction to let B'Elanna know that Seven was enjoying not only the lovemaking, but also the talk afterwards.

B'Elanna thought about that for a moment. "You know what? I really like this as well. I mean, I have those flashes I once thought were fantasies, so I know that on other times we did a lot more than what we had just now. In those flashes one orgasm normally wasn't enough. But somehow this feels... right. It's like those other times, they, they were more for the body. For that urge I have that we both need to deal with. Something I don't think I could do without in the long run. But this was more for the soul than for the body."

Seven nodded her agreement. "It was. And I like it. I would like to do this again from time to time."

"Deal," B'Elanna said with a grin.

Seven lifted her hand and pushed at the corners of B'Elanna's mouth a little. Getting the hint, B'Elanna willingly changed the grin into a smile. Then she suddenly captured Seven's index finger between her lips.

"Doesn't compare," B'Elanna assured once she had cleaned her own essence of Seven's finger. As if wanting to proof the point she lowered her hand between Seven's legs again before bringing it to her own lips. "Hmm, that so does not compare."

"I must admit that I am a bit surprised that you did not... go directly to the source," Seven admitted.

"Directly to the source?" B'Elanna repeated with a laugh. "I really like how you say that." Then she sobered a bit. "I didn't want to. I... I'm not kidding Seven. I know that it feels nice to have your lover tell you that you taste great, but you really do taste better to me than many a food I have eaten. I think, if, if I were to go down on you, I think I would lose myself. Concentrate more on my own pleasure of tasting you than on you. I don't want that."

"Then we have to find a way to compensate," Seven countered. "Because I have seen those files, and believe me, I do want that talented mouth of yours between my legs."

"And do you have any ideas on how to compensate?"

"I do," Seven assured. "But I have to research. Maybe I left a suggestion in those files. I want to see if my hunch is confirmed. But for now I want to show you something. Tell me, are you sated, or would you be able to live with me treating you to another orgasm tonight?"

"Yeah, right, like I would say no to that. But Seven,"

"As I said, I want to show you something," Seven interrupted as she moved until she was sitting upright with her back against the wall and her legs spread in a V shape on the bed. "I want to show you why I did not have a problem with promising you that I would keep you sexually active. And why I am certain that I really will not object or say no if you ask me if I can take care of you that night even if I myself am not in the mood. Sit between my legs, with your back to me."

Curious, B'Elanna did as she was told. She smiled when Seven closed her arms around her.

"Now, I will add two minutes to compensate for the fact that you first might have needed to tell me that you are in need, and then get undressed." Seven moved one hand up to start caressing B'Elanna's breasts while she lowered her Borg enhanced hand between her lover's legs.

"Nice," B'Elanna approved when she felt the fingers with the metal ridges on them slip in. "You can use that hand more often if you want. I like that feeling."

"Good to know," Seven merely said while she slowly started to pump the fingers in and out, her palm never leaving contact with B'Elanna's aching clit.

B'Elanna was enjoying the feeling when slowly a different feeling registered. Seven's hand was vibrating softly. "Oh my," Was all she could say when the palm started to treat her to that wonderful feeling she was so well used to from her own vibrator.

"We have to train of course," Seven said as she stopped increasing the speed of the vibrations on a frequency she felt might be right for the situation. "To find just what frequencies you like in what situation. And you will be in the mood for different things on different days. Maybe today you want what I am doing now, and tomorrow you would like a little more teasing, like this."

Seven removed her hand, only to then softly move the tips of her fingers over B'Elanna's sex. Softly, hardly touching she moved her vibrating fingers over the lips in a way that gave a whole new meaning to B'Elanna to the words 'scratching an itch,' only to then capture the hard clit between two fingers.

"Fuck me!" B'Elanna shouted in sudden surprise.

Seven chuckled as she once more entered her lover with two fingers while resting her vibrating palm on the outside of the sex.

"That feels so fucking good," B'Elanna hummed in approval as the vibrating sensation filled her entire core, inside and out. A simple vibrator could never compare to this. It didn't take long before B'Elanna felt herself start to climb. And the best part was that Seven's timing was perfect. She never did the same thing too long. It never became uncomfortable; always felt wonderful. "Seven."

It was only too clear to the blonde what B'Elanna was announcing. "Come for me."

B'Elanna did, and even as she was falling over the edge she felt Seven start to change what she was doing. The vibrations became less, the touch changed to a more soothing one, and eventually Seven removed her hand from between B'Elanna's legs so that she could use both her arms to hug her wife from behind.

"Six point two minutes," Seven said between placing kisses on B'Elanna's neck. "And that is including those two minutes I added. So, my wonderful wife and Lord of my House, believe me when I say that keeping you sexually active is not a hardship for me even if I myself prefer to not be stimulated that day."

"Alright," B'Elanna agreed. "I won't hesitate to ask or even tell you, depending on just how much I want to feel in control that day. Just as long as you remember what I said. If for some reason you really don't want to, tell me and we will skip that day."

"Or you could take care of yourself," Seven suggested. "You have been doing so in the last two weeks."

B'Elanna laughed. "Baby, after what you just did to me? There is no way that I... that I can finish this without it sounding like an insult," B'Elanna finished with a cringe.

Seven turned B'Elanna slightly so that she could look at her face. "What? Are you saying that I am the best vibrator you ever had?"

B'Elanna opened her mouth to reply, only to close it when she saw the small smile on Seven's lips. Being daring, she agreed, "The best by a long shot. There is something to be said for my vibrator to have a conscious mind."

Seven kissed her wife before saying, "Do you not understand? I am yours. I am your wife, your Lady, your friend, your lover, your playmate, and your most willing sex toy. All I ask is that you do not start taking me for granted like one of those toys."

"Deal," B'Elanna said right away. "That is an easy thing to promise. Seven, you have had an effect on me from the first day I met you. Hate you or love you, I have felt a lot for you over the years. But there is one thing I never, ever, for a single second felt for you; indifference. I could never take your for granted, you affect me way too much." She hesitated for a moment before changing the subject a bit. "Though talking about taking for granted, as much as I love what you just did, I sure won't be getting rid of the stuff in those draws. There is so much, like the strap-on toys, that is so specialized that they simply have an irreplaceable niche."

"Different toys for different moods," Seven said in complete understanding.

"Yeah," B'Elanna agreed. As wonderful as those fingers of you are, those vibrators go deeper, which I also like. And the strap-on toys... there is something to be said for having both hands free."

"I fully agree," Seven assured. "But I also like the fact that my fingers are sensitive and very flexible. Be assured that I will not only use the vibrations when I am only taking care of you. I will do it as well when we are enjoying a very long and very satisfying love session. I believe that in this my fingers should be seen as just another toy; if an attached to me permanently one. Another niche item to be used at just the right times."

"I'm not objecting," B'Elanna assured.

They were quiet for a moment, just holding each other. Finally Seven said, "I would love to sit here and hold you. But..." She didn't even know herself what exactly she was indicating she wanted to do other than the core of what she had said; hold her wife.

"Come on," B'Elanna urged as she reluctantly moved out of her lover's arms. "Let's go clean up. Once we are done we come back and cuddle some as we talk."

"About?" Seven asked as she also moved off the bed.

"Does it matter?" B'Elanna reasoned. "I have no idea if we did this before, but I would like to start a tradition where at night before we go to sleep, unless we are way too tired of course, we talk some. Nonsense talk. Some of the lighter talking we did in the living room until now. Seven, now that we are married, willingly and knowingly that is, I can honestly admit that I like the sound of your voice. I think I would really enjoy talking with you about unimportant things so that my mind is taken off other stuff. Before now, normally the last thing on my mind was Engineering, and depending on the problem we might have it would keep me from falling asleep often enough. I would really like to have something else on my mind at night that won't keep me awake; like if I also thought that this or that food was too spicy, or to hear what you personally think about this or that planet you scanned."

"I think I would like that," Seven agreed with a smile. "As long as we agree that neither of us will mind if the other falls asleep during the talking."

"You think we will?" B'Elanna wondered.

"Yes," Seven assured. "B'Elanna Torres, picture it, at night, we are both tired from a day's work, and on top of that relaxed from a nice long bath where we just held each other. Then we go to bed and I start telling you about the inconsistencies in the biometric flow of the gel-packs on deck one compared to those on deck eleven. And then include the fact that you like hearing my nice and soothing voice. Trust me, you will be asleep within thirty seconds."

B'Elanna merely chuckled her agreement.

Day sixteen. (Morning.)

Four people were standing in one of The Glory's hanger bays, looking at a heap of rust that kinda looked like a small spaceship.

"I don't know about this," Harry said thoughtfully as he looked at his girlfriend for support.

Harry's girlfriend, Rinara Kriea, was a blue eyed Urdian beauty with a killer body and, at the moment, flaming red shoulder-length hair. The emphasis on the description of her hair was definitely on 'for the moment', since Rinara's real hair was of pretty much the same color, but was only about ten centimeters long. This so that Rinara could wear her own hair in somewhat of a wild porcupine fashion if she wanted, or smooth it down and instead wear one of her many, many wigs.

The reason why Rinara owned over two hundred wigs in different styles and colors was because in her profession she sometimes needed up to ten different hairstyles, lengths, and/or colors in a day. And because of that it was simply a lot easier to work with wigs. And when Rinara came across a wig in her work that she really liked, she kept it for her own collection.

The interesting thing about Rinara and her wigs was that even though you knew it wasn't her real hair, somehow it still always looked so natural that you still could believe that it was her own hair. It never looked fake, even though you knew it had to be. Rinara simply had the strikingly beautiful looks and confidence that was needed to pull this feat off with ease. And the words 'strikingly beautiful' were no exaggeration.

Rinara had been, technically still was, a word renowned super model who was also known for asking a down payment of a seven figure amount of trading points before even accepting a job. She was hired by the month, and depending on the brand she worked for that month she earned between three and thirty million in total for the month.

Of course, seeing the wages people had to pay her, they tended to have her work sixteen hours per day for the entire month that the contract lasted, but Rinara really didn't mind that too much. She liked working hard just as much as she liked doing absolutely nothing. So what she had been doing for the last two years was work one month, then take a month off and then work again.

It had been during one of those breaks that she had met Harry. Being somewhat bored after having done pretty much nothing for two weeks, Rinara had decided to accept one of the endless amounts of invitations that always came pouring in to attend parties. And there, being in one of the most famous clubs in the world, being surrounded by billionaire business people and politicians who were all competing for her attention, she had seen this young man that was from a species she had never seen before.

A few questions to her host had told her that the stranger was called Harry Kim, a young architect that was making somewhat of a name for himself because of his innovative designs. The host had laughed, somewhat mocking the man for not being that up and up with new technology, only to then turn around and start admiring the man's abilities that were clearly driven by a clear lack of depending on modern technology. But then old was so often new and,

Rinara had interrupted him by treating him to a full million trading points smile that could literally stun people into silence, and had then stepped up to the interesting stranger. And the rest was, as they said, history.

Harry had fallen hopelessly for the woman that he wanted to spent the rest of his life with, even now that he had his memories back; especially now that he had his memories back. Seeing how successful his new love was, Harry had offered to stay behind and continue to live on the planet with her, but she had disagreed. She could see that he wanted to leave and so she had given in to something that had been nagging her for the last year or so.

Yes, she was famous, yes she could ask pretty much whatever she wanted and people would pay it, but in the end it still was all the same. There was nothing new for her, nothing that captured her interest anymore.

She earned about a hundred million trade points every year, and because she could afford the best financial advisors in the world that took good care of her trade points and knew how to make a lot of trade points double and triple in size, she had a little over four billion trade points in her name. What more was there?

So this woman that had been voted the most beautiful woman in the world three years in a row, that had more financial wealth than most people could even imagine, had decided to leave it all behind and search for a new life with the man that could make 'her' heart skip a beat with just a smile. To start a new life with a job where she now had to do physical work and would be satisfied at the end of the day by a job well done.

The interesting thing was that she didn't have a clue yet what job she would be doing. Once underway they would rotate her through the departments where she would then see what she liked and could pick her own job, within reason of course. Because bottom line was, if she wanted to it would even be accepted if she never worked a day for the rest of her life, so all work that she was willing to do would be an extra.

The reason was simple; she had bought her way into the program, and even the people in charge of picking the people that would join the Fleet were very willing to publicly admit that. This because Rinara had been smart. She had known that it would be of no use to offer a bribe to the program that was assured by law a certain percentage of the worldwide revenue to build new starships.

No, Rinara had instead said, 'I have one billion trade points that I have no use for once the Fleet is under way, and I would love to leave it all to the Aeronautical Widow and Orphan fund. And one billion that I would like to leave to the Underprivileged Equal Opportunity program so that they can better search for people that would fit well in a Fleet but that didn't apply because they didn't think they would stand a chance. And, hehehe, since I can't take it with me I would also leave one billion to the Aeronautical Education Program so that they can use it for grants to get the children in their program that they want in it. Oh, and since I then still have a billion left, maybe you could use that to, you know, update buildings and facilities that your program uses but that aren't covered by the Annual Finance Program that pays for the starships.'

No questions had been asked after that. She had even received the presidential Medal of Freedom for 'making an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of Urdia Genera, or fulfilling a cultural or other significant public or private endeavor'.

"Come on," Tom urged before looking at his wife Vlasana Aliwok, the fourth and last person, for support. "It'll be great."

"Spending our free time on fixing a ship we are never going to use will be great? Vlasana said doubtfully. "I'm sorry love, but I think I have to side with Harry here."

Now Tom looked at Rinara for support.

It often happened with friends that their spouses also interacted and liked the time they spent together, but never truly became friends. But luckily for Tom and Harry their partners really liked each other and a strong friendship was also growing between the women, once the super model had agreed to not show herself for a week or two when the pregnant Vlasana would enter the jealous stage of course.

Exactly because she was so strikingly beautiful, Rinara was well acquainted with the jealous stage in an Urdian pregnancy; she had to deal more than once with the pregnant wife of an employer breaking out in tears when seeing the woman her husband was working with. So Rinara had promised to even go live on a different ship for those two weeks, and after that fully sincere promise, there wasn't a thing she could do wrong with her new friend.

Not wanting to shoot Tom's hopes down totally, Rinara looked back at the thing one could only call a ship of one wanted to be polite. "Honest Tom, I don't see how you can fix it without it being more work than just building a new ship. And then I have to agree with Vlasana, why bother? It's not like we will ever use it."

Tom shook his head and even waved his hands to empathize the 'no' gesture. "You are all getting me wrong. I didn't buy this thing so that we could fix it. I bought it so that we can use the ship as a base design that we can study and then we can build our own ship that looks like this one. You know, put in all the Urdian fun stuff like the sensors, shields and weapons that are normally used in the Urdian shuttles, and then add some Federation touches to make it look cool and make it more multipurpose. The Urdian shuttles, as good as they are, they are still designed as a... well, shuttle. To bring people from point A to point B. Land on a planet when beaming isn't possible because of interference and all that. But this, this we could fly. This ship is thirty meters long, so twice as long as the Delta Flyer, and it has two decks. There are five cabins in it big enough for one double bed and a desk each, or two single beds with nightstands. Come on, ten people, we could go places. The four of us and B'Elanna and Seven, and maybe some other friends if we feel generous."

"You would have to use Federation engines," Harry noted. "The Urdians have the ones for the shuttles, which would be too small, or the ones for the generational ships, of which the core alone is bigger than this ship. But they don't have anything in between. Unless you want to try and copy these engines."

"Are you kidding? An engine design we don't know?" Tom asked as if Harry had just asked the stupidest question of his entire life. Then he grinned. "Besides, the highest speed that's on the instruments inside is warp four point six. Neh, I was thinking of a Federation engine." He pointed to one of the nacelles of the ship. "With nacelles of that size and the room there is in the engine section we should be able to squeeze in an engine that will push this little baby to warp eight for normal cruise speed."

"And you think they won't mind having this old ship standing around while a new ship of the same size is being build?" Rinara asked in doubt. "That's a lot of space being taken up. And even if that is allowed, when would you use it? I mean, if there is a shore-leave where beaming is possible people will beam from place to place on the planet. And if beaming isn't possible there won't be any shore leave because it's not safe enough. Besides, why would they allow you, us, to have our own ship? If we are allowed to have an own ship, then the next person should be allowed to build one as well, and the next person, and the next. I'm surprised that they allowed you to beam it onto the ship as it is. Somehow I think that this is a bit more than 'feel free to beam any inventory from your home that you want to take with you onto the ship to decorate your quarters'."

"Well, um, that's because it's um, kinda registered as your ship," Tom admitted with a cringe.

Rinara crossed her arms at that and started to tap her foot.

Harry loved his girlfriend, but he knew that she wasn't perfect. She was someone that had for years now always gotten what she asked for. She was a person that nobody said no to. In other words if she truly wanted to or was really pissed off, she could be a spoiled, selfish, ruthless bitch that people would be smart to fear, that had made huge, tough, no-nonsense business man cry. So seeing 'that' look, he did the smart thing and took a step back and away from Tom.

Seeing the look that once had an event manager literally pee his pants in fear, Tom started to sweat and quickly started to explain. "Well you told us last week that they even offered you to take your private shuttle along,"

"That shuttle is decorated by the world's best interior designer and the decoration cost me more than the damn shuttle did," Rinara said with an icy voice that could freeze the gates of hell.

"Why did you have a shuttle anyway?" Tom asked, trying to change the subject. "You can beam to any event on the planet and then back home again at night."

"Because I like visiting places, and like to stay at those places and live in my very luxurious shuttle," Rinara said, not being satisfied with merely freezing the gates of hell and adding a bit more ice to her voice. "And I was still seriously contemplating taking them up on their offer of me taking my shuttle along."

"Ah, but you could have your own room on this ship," Tom said brightly.

"A room just big enough for a double bed and a desk," Rinara said, repeating Tom's earlier description, her icy voice now well underway of also freezing the road to hell, while her stare was at the same time well underway to melting Tom into a puddle of fear.

"Alright, so we break out a wall and make two rooms into one for you," Tom offered.

The stare didn't waver.

"Alright, three rooms, and I personally will strip your shuttle and make the three rooms look just like that one. I can do that. On starboard there are three rooms in a row, we could make that your room. Yours and Harry's."

Hearing the name of the man that she loved, Rinara looked at Harry, slightly worried about the fact that this was the first time he saw Rinara the Terrible in full force. But Harry didn't feel like rescuing Tom so he merely smiled at her and said, "You tell him baby."

Hearing the support, Rinara turned back to Tom, laying her deadly stare back on him. And Tom was absolutely sure that Rinara's blue eyes had turned into real ice crystals. "Come on, please, three rooms. That way Vlasana and I can have one of the two that's left, and one we can then have for extra guests like B'Elanna and Seven. Please?"

Hearing the begging tone, and admitting that she did also like Seven and B'Elanna and definitely liked the idea of spending some time with her friends when away from the ship, Rinara relented, on that part, and merely said, "Keep talking. My shuttle."

"Right," Tom said. He saw a spark of hope that maybe he wouldn't freeze to death after all and quickly continued. "Well, since you didn't sound that thrilled about taking your shuttle along then, I figured that you wouldn't."

"Tom, not everyone drools about ships," Harry pointed out. "But Rinara really does like her shuttle. Just like... well, since you like old Earth so much, maybe you will understand this. I guess you can compare it to a private... what was it called? Oh yes, a private trailer from a super star back then."

Apparently it was the correct analogy because a look of sincere remorse came over Tom's face. "Oh, god, I didn't realize. I'm sorry, Rinara. Really I am."

"Tom's not that good of an actor; that look is real. He really is sorry," Harry assured his girlfriend in a staged whisper. He was not above needling his friend in his dire situation.

Tom was glad to see that his sincere remorse managed to melt the ice that Rinara called eyes a little bit, so he continued. "I really thought that you weren't going to take the shuttle along, and the next day I heard myself talk on the data crystal about this ship I bought. On the planet I had indeed planned to renovate it, not caring about the fact that it's pretty much impossible. But with a right mind now I realized that I could never do that. But that the ship would be a good base to use as general concept for a new ship. We can build a new ship and keep this one around for as long as we do so that we can look at things here to see how it looks, or where to put things. I know we can scan it and use the holodeck, but I really like the feel of something real to look at. I mean, just look at those lines. She's like an elegant bird caught in the act of flying. She looks in motion just standing there."

"She looks in rust," Rinara disagreed. "And how the hell did you manage to register her as mine? If it was so easy to register property in other people's names I wouldn't have a house or a trading point left to my name."

Tom shrugged. "I dunno. Maybe it's because I was registering it 'to' you and not taking away from you. That, and maybe the combination of having trouble when I was trying to register." He shrugged again. "They had trouble finding my data, all of it I mean. I think my data was still in the process of being updated. Cosmic timing and all that. They just knew who I was and that brought them to the fact that Harry and I had been on the same ship, and that brought them to the fact that one of them had seen harry on one of the entertainment channels the day before accompanying you to some opening or something. So when they couldn't find all my data, but could find all of his, and as I said, it wasn't like I was taking something away from you. They just approved it. Maybe the figured that the worst that could happen is that you don't want it and decline the registering."

"Only problem with that is that I don't look at stuff like that," Rinara pointed out. "I get hundreds of people sending me gifts all day every day; I employ a person just to look at all that. And he probably thought that since nobody gave me a spaceship yet, that I must have bought it."

Seeing that his love was calming down, Harry took her in an embrace from behind and rested his head on her shoulder. "He is right though. If you look past the rust there are some nice lines there."

"You think?" Rinara asked, trying to look at the ship with new eyes. Besides loving Harry, she truly did admire his designing capabilities. If he said there was something in the lines, there had to be something there.

"Yeah," Harry assured. "Just look how the wings are swept back and up. Besides looking elegant, wings like that are great for atmospheric handling. She will be just as maneuverable in atmosphere as in space." He looked at Tom before asking, "What about cargo room?"

"Not as much as I would like," Tom admitted. "About twice that of the Delta Flyer. But it would still be more than enough to put stuff we want to take along, like a picnic bench and a barbeque. The biggest part of the lower deck is taken up by the thruster engines and warp core. You are right though, she is designed for atmospheric flight. She has huge thruster engines. She is capable of both managing half the speed of light in atmosphere, and hovering in one spot indefinitely. Well, until the antimatter runs out anyway."

"Really? "Rinara asked, suddenly a lot more interested. "So we wouldn't have to land and get out. We could hover right besides a waterfall and enjoy a breathtaking view when we get up in the morning."

"We could," Tom agreed. "Though this ship doesn't have it, I think we could even manage an extendable railing on top. That way we could use the top of the ship as a deck so that we could lie in the sun or have a picnic."

"Tell you what," Rinara finally relented. "I'll make you a deal. We build the ship, but it will be my ship. It will be my shuttle, just like you registered this ship."

Seeing Tom's frown she grinned. "Don't worry, it won't be too bad. Besides, there is one huge bonus."

"And what would that be?" Tom asked, annoyed that his new friend was trying to take away his new ship.

"Well, we just talked about you probably never being allowed to have your own ship and use it. But if it's my ship, well nobody will be surprised if I take my ship out when we are having some shore-leave. Nor will anyone be surprised to find that I have a ship of my own. They will find it perfectly normal that I have my own ship; I'm a super star after all. And because it's my ship people won't get any ideas from the fact that you, a regular crew member could build their own ship."

Now Tom grinned. "Oh, explained like that I would love to help you build 'your' ship. Can I fly it, please?"

Rinara put on her best 'I'm a super star' air and waved a dismissive hand. "Of course. I'm a super model; I need a chauffeur."

Tom laughed at the comment. "I never thought that I would be glad to be called a chauffeur." Then he sobered a bit and asked, "We, we are good now? I'm sorry I didn't ask you first. I acted selfishly and apologize for it. I kinda still have to learn that I'm no longer hanging around with just people from Voyager with who I know what I can get away with."

Rinara chuckled. "Believe me, I'm well versed in being selfish. We are okay now, if it becomes my ship and my very big room looks like my shuttle does. I tell you what, if we go all the way and even make a contract that officially puts the new ship in my name, I'll even sell one of my houses so that we can buy all the resources up front instead of having to amass it all once we are under way. But you oversee the building, and I can help in the building."

Tom was amazed by the offer to say the least. "Um, sure, you helping won't be a problem. Part of the fun is to get some friends together and assemble it in our free time. It will take a few months of course, especially a ship of this size. But that's the fun."

"You still have property?" Vlasana asked. "I thought you, um, as you said it yourself, used all your trade points to buy your way into the program."

"I did," Rinara agreed. "But that was all the trade points I had in my account plus all the stock shares and partial ownerships in companies. But I still have a few things on the planet that I own, like a shuttle I apparently now have to sell, and six houses in prime real-estate areas. Small stuff like that. Once the Fleet is underway all of it will be sold and the trade points will be put in an organization that is taxed with keeping my name alive. I'm vain enough that I want the world to even in two centuries still know and love Rinara Kriea. I want to be known through history as the most beautiful woman, and best model, that ever lived. But I know you need capital to keep a name alive like that until history does it for you. The first fifty years or so. But I can use some of those last trade points to buy what we need instead."

Harry reluctantly let go of his girlfriend, feeling that it was time to start moving. "Alright, how about we use the rest of our lunch break to actually eat something? Tom and I have to be on duty again in fifteen minutes."

"We can talk some more tomorrow," Vlasana suggested. "After Tom and Harry are off duty. You are welcome for dinner. Then I can also tell you about stuff other than this ship, like the fact that I've received my official job and job location."

Now Tom truly felt like shit, and he did the only thing he could; grovel. "I'm sorry honey. I'm such a total ass, I was so excited that they brought the ship in today that I totally forgot that you had actually important stuff to talk about."

Vlasana laughed. "Nice save Tommy. But don't worry too much about it. Getting excited about things is part of your charm, and I for one really like you being the big kid sometimes. Just don't assume that I'll always be alright with it and never forget to apologize."

Tom merely smiled, wondering how in the universe he could ever have been so lucky to find this woman.

Day sixteen. (Afternoon.)

B'Elanna frowned when she saw Seven start clean off the table. "You also did that yesterday. Come to think of it, you also did that the day before that as well."

"I did," Seven agreed.

"You also put the food and dishes on the table on these days. Seven, you don't need to,"

Seven stopped B'Elanna from speaking by bending down and kissing the sitting Klingon. "I know that I do not have to, but I want to. B'Elanna, we have agreed that you are the dominant partner in this relationship, but that does not mean that I cannot also decide on how our interaction should work. I want to take care of you. I want to be the one that brings you your food, and then cleans up the table once we are done. Do not take that away from me merely because you thing that it is an unfair division of tasks. It makes me feel good to take care of you. Besides, it is not like I am also cooking the food. I am merely taking dishes from the replicator to the table and back once we are done. It is not a big job to fulfill."

B'Elanna hesitated as she looked up to those wonderful pleading blue eyes. "Alright," she relented. She watched how Seven started to clean off the table once more before adding, "Besides, I think we have something of a distorted picture here anyway. It just so happens that we ate dinner at home three days in a row because we were at home and discussing some things for which we needed privacy. So how about this? From now on when we eat at home, we consider it your task to prepare the table, replicate the food, and clean up afterwards. The choice of what we will eat is something we decide together."

Seeing Seven take a breath to start speaking, B'Elanna lifted her hand. "Wait. Deciding together can also mean that you leave the decision to me. Just that we don't make a set thing out of it. If you want to you can say every time 'you decide', but you do give an input, even if that input is to indicate that you do not want to give any further input. But Seven, I can understand that you want to take care of me, just remember that you are my Lady. A Lady takes care of the Lord, but certainly doesn't neglect her own wants and needs. I do want your input, I really do want to hear what you would like to eat that day. If you're not sure, then fine, I will decide. Or if I made a suggestion first, see if you agree to it. But even if I decide, I want to get the feeling that I am deciding because you let me, and not because it's expected of me. At least not on things like this. This is home stuff, not House stuff."

Seven nodded her head with a smile. "Very well. As of now food is considered 'home stuff' and therefore is for me to decide, just that my choice can be to let you choose instead. And preparing the food and cleaning the table after is also home stuff."

B'Elanna grinned as she realized that Seven had very expertly pulled the 'taking care of B'Elanna' towards her by making it 'home stuff'. Relenting she agreed, "I like that compromise. Especially because since it is home stuff you would be entirely in your right to tell me that I have to do it if you get tired of preparing the food all the time. If we are eating here to begin with that is."

"And I like your compromise to my compromise," Seven said as she kneeled beside B'Elanna's chair so that they were closer to being at the same eye level. She placed her fully Human hand on the Klingon's leg and started to trail lazily patterns on the caramel colored skin.

B'Elanna smiled and when she felt that apparently the touch was only simply to touch. "I have a feeling that we will be eating in the mess hall most of the time anyway, simply because there the food doesn't cost replicators rations. Isn't it ironic that now that we are finally living on a ship that has enough power to not have to worry about replicator rations, they are nevertheless instated because the Urdians felt that the files of Voyager showed that replicator rations enhanced crew interaction?"

"They are right," Seven pointed out. "Having only a limited amount of replicator rations forces people to eat in the mess hall because they want to save their replicator rations to replicate some luxury item. Sometimes replicator rations also turn into something of a monetary system, but even that improves crew interaction. They interact as they exchanged the rations for something else, or even simply pay a lost bet. The only true negative side is when people start creating a debt because they start borrowing more rations than they will be able to pay back."

"With all of that sensor technology on these ships I'm sure that problems like that will be noted before they can truly escalate," B'Elanna said thoughtfully.

"I am not so sure," Seven disagreed. "While these sensors keep track of where everybody is every second of the day, and therefore deter and even prevent crime, they will not recognize that somebody is trying to evade certain people on an ongoing basis because they still owe them replicator rations. Therefore they will also not register that friendships are falling apart because one person is avoiding a friend because of debt, or the shame of not being able to pay said debt back."

Slowly, so slow that B'Elanna didn't even notice at first, Seven's touch started to move higher up the Klingon's leg. Finally she did notice when she felt the fabric of her boxer shorts move when Seven's fingers started to touch them. She couldn't help but smile, but she continued to listen to what the blonde was saying; deciding not to interrupt her.

"Maybe I can write a program that keeps track of where replicator rations go, especially when they are transferred from one person to another instead of being used." Seven moved further up until she reached the juncture of B'Elanna's legs. Knowing that by now the Klingon must either have realized what she was doing, or be dead, she stated, "I really like the boxer shorts you prefer to wear at home."

"Should I start wearing a bathrobe like you? After all, fair is fair. I can touch your naked skin whenever I want simply by slipping my hand into the bathrobe."

"And I really liked how you do so from time to time. I like to feel your touch," Seven assured. "But no, not unless you actually want to yourself. I like to see you in your sports bra and boxer shorts. I think you look incredibly sexy."

"Good," B'Elanna approved. "Because I really like how comfy they are, so I'll just keep wearing them. Comfy for me to wear, sexy for you to look at; we both win."

Then she groaned when Seven moved the tips of her fingers up and down her center. "Seven, just so that you know now and for future references, I really like it when you touch me. And by all means feel free to do so. Just know that I'm different than you in regards to how much of a touch turns me on. If you touch me there, or if you stimulate my nipples, for more than just a second or so, I will expect you to finish what you started, if you know what I mean."

"I know what you mean," Seven said before moving her fingers away and onto the leg again. "Thank you for pointing that out. While I have no objection to making love to you now if you want, I did not touch you like that to initiate that. However, it is indeed good to know that for future references. After all, it means that not all asking has to be done verbally."

"I like the way you think," B'Elanna happily agreed.

Then Seven continued with the original conversation. "To come back to what I was talking about before. The Urdians have extra monitoring systems, just not one for monitoring what people do with rations from a rationing system that did not exist in Urdian society before it was implemented now on this Fleet. I am thinking of creating a system that ties in with the existing systems."

"How?" B'Elanna asked.

"By setting up certain parameters," Seven explained. "As long as those are not reached the system will merely monitor. But once those parameters are reached the system will send a signal to the Captain of the ship that the person is living on. In other words, it will work in the same way as the systems that already exist; not being noticed until the point that they really should be noticed, then they take effect."

Seven placed a kiss on B'Elanna's knee, only to start moving up slowly.

"Seven, are you interested in some after dinner activities?" B'Elanna asked amused as she started to run her fingers through Seven's loose hanging hair. Then, realizing that she had never told Seven, she added, "I really like the way you look with your hair down."

"And I really like what you are doing now," Seven noted as she leaned into the touch. "Another thing we have been doing for some time now. Or more to the point, that I have been doing for some time now. Ever since we started to live in these quarters I always let my hair hanging loose after our shower to aid in the drying process. For some reason I never felt the urge to put my hair up again for the rest of the day unless we went out. I probably subconsciously know that you like to see it when I let my hair down."

"Literally and proverbially," B'Elanna said with a grin. "Well, Seven let me be clear on this, what you do with your hair is your choice. But I also know by now that despite that you would like to know what I think. So, I think that how you have been doing it is a good mix. Put it up while on duty, let it down while off duty. Unless of course we are doing something in our free time where having your hair up is a better choice; like when we are on the holodeck and the wind keeps blowing your hair into your face."

B'Elanna hesitated for a moment before adding, "Come to think of it, a ponytail might be a good compromise for you."

"A ponytail?" Seven repeated.

B'Elanna gathered Seven's hair together to form a ponytail. "Like this. Surely you have seen them before, several people on Voyager wear them. As I said, a good compromise. It keeps your hair out of your face and at the same time it is something easily done. You can do it for just a few minutes if your hair is bothering you with some activity, or you just leave it in and have your hair out of the way while still looking casual. Besides, I think it looks nice on you. Better than that bun. Though I personally still think that having your hair totally loose looks the best for you. This goes along with that great natural look we talked about. You do look great with that bun. Just like you also look great in those bio-suits. I think it's a nice combination. But having your hair loose like this gives you a more natural look which would go great with a T-shirt and some normal pants."

"Thank you for your opinion, I will keep it in mind," Seven assured. Thinking about it for a moment longer, she added, "I do think that the ponytail will indeed be a good compromise. As you said, it is quickly done. I could have my hair loose and have a tie with me so that I can put the hair in a ponytail if I need to do something."

"Glad to be of assistance," B'Elanna said before asking, "Now, how about we head out into the living room?"

"Actually, there is something I wanted to discuss with you here."

"Sure," B'Elanna said, wondering what Seven had to say that required them staying in the kitchen.

"When we made love last night, you admitted that you did not treat me to oral sex because you are afraid that you would start focusing more on your own needs instead of mine," Seven reminded.

B'Elanna merely nodded her agreement.

"While I can understand your reasoning," Seven continued. "It is unacceptable. I have seen that talented tongue of yours in action, I have seen what you can do to me, and how we both enjoy it."

"Seven, I know for sure that I would enjoy it, that's not the point. I,"

"B'Elanna, I was not finished." Seven hesitated for a moment to see if B'Elanna would speak up again. But when the Klingon only nodded, Seven continued. "I believe I have found an answer. It is a fact that because of your and my unique physical makeup my lubrication tastes literally delicious to you. The problem is that you like that taste so much that if you can only enjoy it when we have sex, you would try then to get your fill in, so to speak. So to me the solution is simple; we have to make sure that you are also able to get that taste when we are not having sex. That way you can still enjoy the taste when we have sex, but because you know you can still enjoy that taste at different times, you will not lose yourself in wanting to get it now that you can. You would still enjoying tasting me, but you will not mind stopping so that you can do something else."

"You know, Seven, that sounds surprisingly rational and it might even work. But how the hell do you plan on doing that?" B'Elanna wondered. "Do you want to create some kind of synthetic version of your taste just like you create that perfume? I mean, let's for a moment forget how weird it sounds that I would literally eat something that tastes like you. People do some weird stuff, and in that regards it is actually quite tame. But, it somehow sounds wrong. At least to me. That taste is a part of your body. If I were to start eating some kind of food that tastes like that simply because I'm in the mood... to me that would be using you."

"First of all, it is impossible to reproduce that taste because it involves my nanoprobes," Seven reminded. "And I sincerely doubt that we would get clearance to replicate nanoprobes from the replicator simply because you are in the mood for eating a tasty snack. Second, there are certain forms of using and being used that I would most certainly would not mind having in our relationship."

"So what would you suggest we do?" B'Elanna asked as she watched how Seven stood up and moved behind her. Suddenly she yelped when the Borg pulled the chair back and away from the table. "Hey! What are you doing?"

Seven walked back around and then leaned against the table. "Simple, if we cannot make a copy of the way I taste, then the only other option left is that you settle for eating the real thing."

Seven lifted herself and set down on the edge of the table. Then, just to make sure that there was absolutely no doubt left about what she was talking about, she opened her legs.

"Seven, I... that's not fair to you. I would concentrate more on me than on you."

To B'Elanna surprise, Seven laughed. "I disagree. Be'nal, it is a simple matter of supply and demand. You like my taste, my taste is me being wet. If I start becoming less wet, in other words producing less supply, then I am absolutely certain that you will do all the right things to get me very wet and very tasty again. Now, if we were engaging in regular give and take lovemaking, then yes this would be very one sided and maybe even boring. But I do not see it that way. The way I see it I will be relaxing and enjoying the slow and leisurely pleasure my wife is giving me. Something which will, I am certain, result in several orgasms for me because that produces more wetness that my wife can enjoy. Supply and demand."

"That all sounds very nice, and believe me, I'm very tempted," B'Elanna admitted. "But still, to me it sounds like I would be using you."

"And it is not like I would instead be using you to achieve my sexual pleasure?" Seven countered. "After all, it is me that gets sexual satisfaction from this, not you. Besides, I really do think we need this. B'Elanna, you are my Lord, you are the lord to our House. While it is true that I outrank you on several fields because I am the Lady of the house, we cannot afford for you to be a proverbial slave to my sexual lubrication. This would be the same as what we talked about on the very first day after finding out that we are married."

"How so?"B'Elanna asked.

"I told you that keeping you sexually active is better than bribing you with only occasional sex," Seven reminded. "This is the same. We cannot afford for you to only get what you love to taste in occasional situations. And frankly, as much as I like for you to lick me to taste me, in those situations where you could be tasting me under normal situations, I would really prefer if you move on to doing other things after a certain amount of time. We both need this, my be'nal, my Lord."

Seeing Seven's point, B'Elanna relented. "Alright. I accept your offer, and I thank you very much for that. So, tell me, how can we make sure that I only do this when you are in the mood for it? After all, it is way different than you spending five minutes at night to make me come. And not to forget, there has to be some limit or else you will be spending some time on your back about three times a day soon."

"Dessert after each meal time?" Seven smiled before suggesting, "How about on this aspect I am firmly in control? Can you see yourself declining my offer of enjoying my taste? Within reason I do not think so. And 'within reason' is for instance not me offering only ten minutes before you have to go to work, or when you are so tired that you are falling asleep while sitting upright. So, how about when I am in the mood for being pleased slowly and teasingly over a longer time, I offer you your favorite treat. This will then have nothing to do with the dynamics of our relationship, other than me wanting to give myself to my be'nal in this way, and you accepting that offer and enjoying yourself, thereby automatically pleasing me."

"I like that," B'Elanna agreed.

"In that case, B'Elanna Torres, since we have just eaten, I think I can now say that your dessert is waiting," Seven said with a smile.

B'Elanna let her eyes drift down to her lover's center, grinning when she saw just how ready the blonde was. "I'm really glad to see that I'm not the only one anticipating this. Nice and wet."

B'Elanna pulled the chair closer to the table and leaned in. She licked Seven's center from bottom to top and took a moment to savor the wonderful taste.

"We were truly meant to be together," Seven noted. "With as many sentient beings we have ever come across, there is a chance that we would find somebody else that we could love. But just how big is the chance that a former Borg drone and a half Klingon end up together? And that on top of that their emotional and even physical needs fits so perfectly together as with us? I love you, B'Elanna Torres."

"And I love you, Seven of Mine," B'Elanna replied. Only to chuckle when Seven let herself drop back flat onto the table, hitting her head on the hard surface. "Oh, sorry for laughing Hon. Maybe we should move to the bedroom."

"Next time," Seven agreed. "But since I am lying now already anyway, please continue. Besides, this is a good start."

"A good start to what?" B'Elanna asked between licks.

"I like this," Seven said after a hum of approval. "I was right, you do have a very talented tongue. As for the good start, to making love in different places than just the bed of course. So many possibilities. This table, only then during normal lovemaking. Or, or at the food preparation area. Just imagine, I am preparing your food, you come over to see what I am doing, and then you decide to take me right there with me standing as I was, just having to take it."

"Or under the shower," B'Elanna agreed. "Hell, maybe even in the walk-in closet. I have to tell you..." She took a moment to place a couple of licks, "...before you sometimes tempted me so badly in there. Picking out clothes and then you bending down like that, sticking that ass out as if shouting 'touch me'. Well, be careful from now on, because I just might now that I know that I can."

"Is that a threat or a promise?" Seven asked amused.

"It is whatever you want it to be," B'Elanna countered. Then she hesitated. "Hey Seven, you just want to be quiet and enjoy?"

"Why? Do you want me to touch you?"

"Maybe later," B'Elanna said. "But now I was actually thinking more about some talking. Since the focus of this is not to make you come as much, but more to keep you wet, and my mouth is kinda busy, this is the perfect chance for you to talk. Unless at that moment you want to concentrate more on how I am making you feel, like when you're close. I can even reply to what you say between licks, you know?"

Seven thought for a moment, and enjoyed what B'Elanna was doing, before smirking. "Very well, I just thought up a new game. However before I start let me assure you that you are all that I want or need. It is just that this situation, me lying here and being slowly stimulated is perfect for some fantasizing."

"Oh, that sounds interesting," B'Elanna said, wondering what kind of game Seven had thought up. "And just so that you know, I don't mind fantasies, as long as you don't start shouting out somebody else's name when I make you come."

"Very well," Seven agreed, knowing that this would not be a problem at all. "The rules are that you have to guess the person I am talking about. You can ask as many questions as you want, but every question is one point. Every minute that it takes you until you guess the name is also one point. Today is just practice to see how long it takes for you to guess something. On later dates the points will mean something; for instance that you have to make me breakfast in bed. Of course, it would not be fair if points would only add up for you. So, you will be able to bring down the amount of points by making me come when I asked for it. One orgasm will be worth a certain amount of points."

"Sounds... interesting," B'Elanna said before agreeing. "Alright, go."

"Her hands feel surprisingly cold on my skin," Seven began. "But then again it is something that can be expected since her species' blood temperature is five degrees lower than mine."

"So we're talking about a woman that is not Human and not Klingon at the very least. Go on."

"No cheating, B'Elanna Torres, that is not one question, that were three questions. You have three points, now I continue. Slowly she trails her fingers along my sides before moving over my breasts. She captures my nipples and starts squeezing softly. I am scared, I admit it. Yet at the same time that touch makes me incredibly wet. Just knowing that those fingers are far stronger than mine, that she could do permanent damage just by squeezing a little too hard, I am at her mercy... and I love it."

"I think I'm really going to like this game," B'Elanna said before taking a moment to tease Seven's clit by flipping the tip of her tongue over it in rapid succession. Then she asked, "Stronger than a Human, or stronger literally than you, my wonderful Borg?"

"That feels nice," Seven approved of B'Elanna's tongue skills. "And that is actually a very valid questions. Therefore I give you the answer without it costing you a point. Far stronger than me, the former Borg."

B'Elanna chuckled. "Nice wording, my Pet. Stronger than you, the 'former' Borg. So that means stronger than you are now, but not as strong as you were before most of your implants were removed."

"Very perceptive of you. That is worth subtracting two points."

"I like that addition to the game," B'Elanna noted. "That I can win back points by being extra smart or cunning."

"I am still developing the game as we speak," Seven pointed out. "I just think that it would soon become boring if you only hear points being added. Besides, the end result is the same. If points were only added, then a reward for me would maybe cost you a hundred points. I can however give you points back, make it seem that you have a chance, and then simply say that a reward for me is already needed if you have ten points. The end result is the same, just that one sounds more like a fair fight. Now, let me give you a very big hint, since we are only training today anyway. Her green lips close around one of my aching nipples."

"Ha, green lips, she's an Orion," B'Elanna exclaimed. "Now let me think what Orion woman we both know. It has to be something from the holodeck. Maybe,"

"B'Elanna Torres, you just lost ten points," Seven interrupted. "Five points for talking too long between licks, and five points for forgetting the information I already gave you. An Orion woman is not stronger than me."

"Crap, that's true." B'Elanna made sure that she did continue to stimulate Seven. "And I really like the fact that you keep coming up with those interesting moves. Five points subtracted because of talking too long between licks? I think I'm really going to like this game. Especially because I know that overall you will be keeping a fair score. Alright, give me more info to work with."

"Slowly, much too slow for my needs, she finally starts to move her hand lower to where I need it. I already anticipate feeling those fingers inside me. Fingers that are at least five centimeters longer than mine."

B'Elanna chuckled. "Yes, my Pet, I did get the hint of the long fingers, but I'm still waiting for more info this time around."

"Very well. She..."

Part 11

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