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SERIES: Part Fourteen of "Not a Walk in the Park"
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3 AM
By Dane


The suite was silent save for the rustle of a sheet wrapping around a slender nude form. Bare feet padded to an oversize chair, then tucked neatly beneath Blair's body as she curled into the seat. A faint green light brought her eyes to the alarm clock on the dresser. According to the large block shaped numbers it was 3:23 am. Blair realized with a start that it was the first time in hours, hours, that she had not been touching Serena in some way. They had not been able to stop touching each other even when sleep had finally claimed them both.

She had fallen asleep wrapped around Serena and woke up the same way. It was only after her hand had drifted beneath the sheet and her fingers danced through a wetness that lingered between her lover's legs that she forced herself from the bed.

Blair hated feeling out of control and being unable to resist the lure of Serena's body even as she slept definitely qualified in Blair's mind. She crammed her hands under her legs. I am Blair Waldorf, not some…horny teenager. Now that Blair was awake and Serena was…a soft sigh caught her attention and her eyes were drawn back to her lover where she slept, sprawled in the middle of the bed only partially covered by the bedding.

One long leg was bared to her hip and Blair's fingers literally twitched wanting to touch that spot where hip met leg that was softer than soft. She wondered how it would feel under her lips. Blair wasn't prepared for how much the act of touching made her want to touch even more. To revisit those places on Serena's body that elicited sounds that made Blair herself ache. Damn. She was desperately aroused and wanted nothing more than to wake Serena and have her way with her.

She repeated the refrain in her mind. I am Blair Waldorf, not a horny teenager.

She was even more unprepared for her own body's reaction to being with Serena. Blair didn't expect her calves and hamstrings to ache from exertion. That wasn't something that was talked about in sex education classes or among her peers.

And Blair couldn't fathom how she could be satisfied, completely and utterly, and still need Serena's hands on her. If it didn't feel so damn good, Blair would be embarrassed that she couldn't stop rubbing up against Serena seeking friction like a sleek cat against a scratching post.

Her steepled fingers came to rest against her lips, and the lingering scent that was pure Serena made her mouth go dry while other parts of her did the exact opposite. The sheet around Blair's body shifted and her overly sensitized skin registered it in a way she never would have noticed before Serena became her lover. Blair smiled widely at that. She had a lover. Dear God, did she have a lover.


"Hmmm?" Serena murmured against the nipple her tongue was circling before idly pressing her lips against other parts of Blair's anatomy.

"S…" Blair was lost in a haze of pleasure. Serena's hands and mouth were roaming her body in a sensual pattern, not letting her come down fully from the climax that had her arching off the bed and clinging to Serena until the last ripple had streaked down her spine just a moment before.

"I can't get enough of you." Long fingers stole between Blair's legs again.

"I don't think I can," was uttered in vain as Blair's body seemed to have a mind of its own as her legs opened and she responded to Serena's touch.

Serena eased herself down Blair's body and felt tight wet curls brush against her belly, then her breasts as Blair moved against her and Serena couldn't hold back any longer. She pressed her lips high on Blair's inner thigh. "Please say I can put my mouth on you."

Blair felt Serena's breath burn hot against her skin and gazed down the length of her own body. The sight of her lover stretched out between her thighs with a hungry look in her eyes had Blair shaking and her voice stuck in her throat.

Serena licked a little higher, a little closer and her eyes slammed shut as the scent of Blair's arousal beckoned to her. She thought she would implode from wanting if Blair refused them this level of intimacy.

"Blair…baby?" her voice was strangled to her own ears as she locked eyes with her lover. "Ple-"

"Yes." With one word, everything Blair had learned about pleasure in the previous hours was dwarfed when she felt Serena's tongue run the length of her center.

"Oh, God."

Serena tried to go slow, but the sensation was too new for both of them. She was feasting, her lips and tongue moving frantically as Blair ground hard against her mouth. They were straining against one another, Serena's shoulders driving against Blair's legs, moving faster and pressing harder until she felt Blair's orgasm shatter through her body.

Blair was panting as she pawed weakly at Serena's hair. "I…you." Serena's tongue was still moving against her, slowly and with a light touch and it made it very hard for Blair to think, or uncurl her toes.

"Let me have you again." Serena slowed her pace by pausing between strokes, trying to let Blair recover, but unable to stop entirely. "We'll go slow…slow as you need."

The cover slipped off of Serena as she turned onto her stomach and drew Blair back to the present. Her eyes drifted down Serena's back and came to a rest on her lover's smooth, firm ass. Her mouth dry, hands shaking with renewed need and wetness creeping down her thighs, Blair conceded defeat to her personal test of willpower and eased out of the chair.

She stopped just short of the bed and let the sheet slide from her frame and pool around her feet. Blair jumped when Serena's arm reached out and brushed against her leg.

"I miss you, B. Come back to bed."

Blair smiled at the sleepy note in Serena's voice as she climbed onto the foot of the bed. She ran her hands up Serena's legs, over her bottom and up her back. Blair's breasts followed the same path, her nipples tightening as they followed the curve of Serena's calf and then the curve of her ass. She held back a moan as she straddled Serena's hips and pressed her breasts against Serena's back.

Serena groaned at the contact, her body waking much more quickly than her mind. "Ahhh, B…" she blew out a breath, "you feel so good."

Blair didn't know who moved first, if she pressed down or if Serena's hips canted up. And it really didn't matter as they discovered a friction creating rhythm that had them both breathing hard.

Serena felt Blair shift and what had been a hint of her lover's arousal was fully revealed against her skin as Blair rocked against her ass. Soft hands slid against her sides and Serena could feel them subtly urging her body away from the bed. She glanced over her shoulder. Blair's eyes were closed and her face flushed.

Her head fell forward into the pillow when she felt Blair's fingers slip between Serena's body and the bed. She raised her hips as much as she could with Blair pressing against her back. "Let me roll over," she begged.

"Uh-uh." But she shifted her weight, giving Serena a little more freedom to move and herself a little easier access to the wetness she knew was going to find.

Serena was a little frustrated and a lot turned on by the glancing strokes of Blair's fingers high between her legs. An image of herself on her knees, Blair taking her aggressively came unbidden into her mind making her throb painfully.

She ground harder against Blair's hand, trying and failing to make the connection she urgently needed. Serena's hips were jerking almost violently, the sheet balled in her fist. "B…please. Higher…yeah, that's it. Don't stop…so close, B…so close." It was Blair's unexpected and whispered come for me that pushed her over the edge. Her lover's name fell repeatedly from Serena's lips as the orgasm washed over her and left her gasping for air.

Blair pressed kisses between Serena's shoulder blades and then lay beside her as the blonde's breathing evened out. She pushed the hair away from Serena's face and was greeted by a wide smile.

"You amaze me, B." Serena rolled to her side and pulled Blair close. One kiss became a second, then a third and then they lost count as they began to move together again.

"S, are you sure this is okay?" She felt long arms tighten around her middle and her head fell back against Serena's shoulder.

"I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing or anywhere I'd rather be." Serena shifted against the bench and tucked the blanket a little more securely around them. She pressed a kiss against Blair's cheek.

"You don't think it's…obscenely sappy, coming back here?"

"I think it's romantic."

They sat together, drinking coffee as they watched the sun rise over the park. Blair's eyes were drawn to the spot where they stood in the rain less than a month ago. It still amazed her how one conversation and one kiss changed her life so much. She snuggled closer to her lover.

"Love you, S"

"I love you, too, Blair."

The End

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