Love/Forty 1-13 15 Serena/Blair Blair Waldorf is rising up the ranks of women's tennis, but an encounter with world number one Serena Van der Woodsen might jeopardize everything she's worked so hard to achieve. On-Going


Not a Walk in the Park series

Not a Walk in the Park PG-13 Serena/Blair What if the last scene of Poison Ivy (1x3) included one more confession? Complete

After the Rain PG-13 Serena/Blair Mostly Blair's POV directly following the events of "Not a Walk in the Park" Complete

Give Me Tonight PG-13 Serena/Blair Did I Mention Kissing? Complete

My Sister's Keeper PG Serena/Blair Serena needs to talk to someone about her feelings for Blair. Complete

Chemistry PG-13 Serena/Blair S&B steal a moment alone... Complete

Dinner in the City PG Serena/Blair It's their first date. Complete

Trust in Me PG-13 Serena/Blair Blair issued an invitation at the end of the date... Complete

Sunrise PG-13 Serena/Blair Blair and Serena greet the day together. Complete

Watch Over Me PG-13 Serena/Blair Sometimes the unexpected happens. Complete

Waiting PG Serena/Blair A long day spent in the hospital brings out the best and the worst. Complete

Sleeping Arrangements PG Serena/Blair After a short nap it's time to get back to the hospital...after a little alone time for S&B. Complete

Simmer PG-13 Serena/Blair They're turning up the heat in the kitchen. Complete

Touch of Heaven 15 Serena/Blair I think we all know where they're headed at this point and it's probably NSFW. Complete

3 AM 15 Serena/Blair Their first night together as lovers continues. Probably NSFW. Complete

Restless 18 Serena/Blair Assumes S&B have been lovers for a while and Blair's got an itch only Serena can scratch. Complete

the ghost

Wouldn't it have been cooler if... PG Serena/Blair Just a brief scenario recreation to salve my need for a little girl power. Complete


It Ain't Trickin' If You Got It 15 Blair/Vanessa   Serena/Blair It started out, like so many things, accidentally. Complete


Audrey Can Wait 15 Serena/Blair Serena pays Blair a surprise visit. Complete

Here We Go PG Serena/Blair Sequel to 'Audrey Can Wait'. Complete

Tango in D Minor 15 Serena/Blair Blair and Serena's relationship continues to grow. Complete

Sunday Morning PG Serena/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

Real Talk PG-13 Serena/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

This Isn't Cheating ... It's Just A Thing PG Serena/Vanessa No synopsis given. Complete

Golden 15 Serena/Blair Blair's body remembered... Complete


The Opposite of Usual 15 Serena/Blair There is nothing "usual" about Serena and Blair. Complete

A Rainy Day Confession PG-13 Serena/Blair It was a good was just the execution of it that fell through. Complete

Wedding Day PG Serena/Blair You think this'll be us in 20 years? Onto our fourth husbands?" Complete

Don't Be Scared 15 Serena/Georgina   Serena/Blair Don't be scared. It'll hurt at first, but then I'll make it feel better, I promise. Complete

All I Want For Christmas PG-13 Serena/Blair Blair was so excited. She had come up with the greatest Christmas gift for Serena. Complete

Almost Is Just Enough PG Serena/Blair Before too long Serena has almost forgotten that it ever happened. Almost. Complete


I Never Said Love PG-13 Blair/Georgina No synopsis given. Complete

Thorns Entwining Our Hearts PG-13 Serena/Blair If only we were a regular fairy tale. Complete

Do You Think They Would Hear Us? PG-13 Serena/Blair Under the Influence. Complete

Fortune Favours the Brave PG-13 Serena/Blair Fortune. Complete

Greet Me With A Broken Smile PG-13 Serena/Blair Smile. Complete

I Know That You Know That I Know PG-13 Serena/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

Is There No Happily Ever After With You? PG-13 Serena/Blair No Happily Ever After. Complete

Is This The Beginning? PG-13 Serena/Blair Beginnings. Complete

Memories of Broken Hearts PG-13 Serena/Blair Memories. Complete

Pretend To Love The Stranger In Me PG-13 Serena/Blair Pretend. Complete

She Is A Beat, She Is A Pulse (And I Dance To Her Tune) PG-13 Serena/Blair Open. Complete

When The Clock Strikes Midnight PG-13 Serena/Blair Intoxicated. Complete

With My Heart On My Sleeve PG-13 Serena/Blair Serena wishes Blair would just tell her how she really feels. Complete


The Dirtiest Kind of Clean 18 Serena/Blair No synopsis given. Complete

A Blue Black Shade of Love PG-13 Serena/Blair All she'd wanted was revenge but what she'd gotten was more than she expected. She'd like to think she was ready but she wasn't so sure. Sequel to 'The Dirtiest Kind of Clean'. Complete

The van der Woodsen Charm PG-13 Serena/Blair Set in the distant future. Blair's been avoiding Serena and Serena's had enough, it's time to turn on the charm. Complete

Don't Jinx It PG-13 Serena/Blair Serena gets ready for a date and feels all kinds of nervous. Sequel to 'The van der Woodsen Charm'. Complete

Sydney Redfield

I Am Sinking In This Silence 18 Serena/Blair Set in the future. Blair and Serena haven't 'really' spoken in years. Complete

You're My Favorite Flavor PG Serena/Blair It always comes back to you. Complete

The First Five Times 18 Serena/Blair Serena and Blair's first five times. Complete

Standing On The Rooftops PG Serena/Blair Blair and Serena spend some quality time together after the whole Nate fiasco. Complete

Can We Get This Back To How It Used To Be? PG Serena/Blair And as far as I'm concerned, Serena van der Woodsen does not exist. Not anymore. Complete

Scared To Death To Find Out What You Think Of Me PG Serena/Blair It's warmer than you like it, but it's good for what you need and you can taste Serena's mouth on the glass. Complete

Something Elusive [And Temporary] 15 Serena/Blair Maybe a loss of control was all about control after all. Complete

I Romanticize Every Single Thing I Do [Especially When It Comes To You] PG-13 Serena/Blair “I know. You just spent all day helping me get ready for my date with Nate and now I'm not going. I had some place better to be.” Complete


A Night in the Life of 15 Serena/Blair The key of the door. Complete