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Do You Think They Would Hear Us?
By shyath


"Ssh," Blair whispered, her eyes focused on a spot an inch above Serena's left shoulder.

"Who?" Serena asked, looking around as best as she could in the darkness, but they were the only two in the closet.

Blair giggled. "You, silly. I'm talking to you, of course." She pressed her index finger against her lips. "Ssh, you're too loud. They'd hear us."

Serena pressed her finger against her own lips. "Who would hear us?" she murmured softly.

Blair leaned forward, close enough that Serena could see the exact shade of red colouring Blair's cheeks, close enough that she could see herself reflected in Blair's eyes. Serena swallowed thickly. "They would," Blair replied with a small burst of laughter.

"Okay, we'll be quiet," Serena assured Blair.

There was silence for a moment, a gentle, slow silence and Serena would like to think that their breathing synchronised – if only for a moment there and then.

"S?" Blair sounded more alert, more like herself and it made Serena sit up, her head bumping against something hard.

"What is it?"

Blair's arms came around Serena, resting solidly on her shoulders, her fingers scratching at the base of Serena's neck. "Promise you won't tell."

Was Blair this close before? "Okay."

"This never happened," Blair continued.

Serena shook her head and watched as Blair came closer. "Yes."

"I'm heavily under the influence," Blair clarified as her tongue slipped through to wet tinted lips.

"Yeah," Serena agreed, choking a little (maybe crying).

"I'm still mad at you," Blair murmured, her words a cool breeze against Serena's suddenly dry lips. "About Nate. For leaving."

"I'm sorry."

"Let's pretend you didn't say that."

Serena nodded.

"Good," Blair breathed. Her lips were a little cold, a little punishing when they finally met Serena's.

"B, I –"

"Ssh. They'd hear us."

The End

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