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Fortune Favours the Brave
By shyath


Fortune favours the brave. "Or the extremely foolish," Serena murmurs under her breath as she restlessly shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

"Stop that," Blair snaps quietly but firmly.

"Yes, ma'am," Serena responds almost automatically and resists the urge to stand at attention.

Blair stifles the smile that wants to bloom and returns her attention to the locked doors in front of her. "Where's the key?"

Serena's jaw drops and she says almost accusingly, "I gave it to you before we got here."

"No, you didn't," Blair retorts, crossing her arms over her chest defensively.

"Yes, I did!" Serena maintains. "It's in that little box I slipped inside the bouquet of roses I gave you this morning."

Blair rummages inside of her purse and pulls out the aforementioned little box with an unnecessary flourish. "This little box?"

"Yes," Serena replies, rolling her eyes.

Blair begins to unwrap the box with such care that Serena growls out in impatience. "Sheesh, calm down!" Blair folds the wrapping paper hastily and stuffs it back inside of her purse before finally opening the box. Inside is a rusty key, which is more than a match for the warehouse they are seeking entry to, laid upon a velvet cloth. "You wasted velvet on this key?"

Serena shrugs. "It's a special key."

Blair huffs and turns around to unlock the doors of the warehouse. She starts to push, but the doors barely budge. "Will you help me?" she snarls at a much too amused Serena.

With their combined efforts, the doors begin to swing inwards (with a lot of uncalled for creaking and whining, Blair must note). The interior is dark and the windows have been covered from what little Blair can see, but at least it is not musty and breathing does not pose a health hazard. She makes to search for a light switch, but Serena's hand on her elbow stops her. "Look," Serena points to the far wall.

Blair has to squint or walk further in because, even with the two of them, the doors only open enough to let the two of them in – not enough sunlight filters in to help with the darkness. "What is it?" she complains.

Serena nudges her forward. "Go on."

Blair grumbles, but finally walks toward the wall. "W … I … L … L," she reads out slowly as letters begin to glow in the dark. The eerie green that only the sort of paint that glows in the dark can give out should really spook her, but Blair feels merely the opposite. "Serena," she sobs out, tears running freely down her cheeks.

Lights suddenly begin to turn on as Serena kneels down in front of her. Repeating the words on the wall, Serena whispers as she presents a beautiful engagement ring to Blair, "Will you marry me?"

"Yes, you goof!" Blair replies without needing to think her decision through. She pulls Serena up and allows herself to be engulfed in Serena's embrace.

The End

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