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By Dane


Serena squinted against the early morning light pouring through the floor to ceiling windows. Not yet fully awake she didn't initially register the body draped across her own until she tried unsuccessfully to roll away from the light piercing her eyes.


Her lips held a lazy smile when she raised her head and took in their positions. The sheet was pooled around their waists and Serena was pinned to the bed flat on her back. Blair's head was on her shoulder, with an arm resting across her chest and a leg thrown across her thigh.

Serena's head fell back against the pillows. She allowed herself a few moments to savor the feel of Blair's body pressed so intimately against her own. Serena brought her arms down to encircle her best friend.

With Blair safely tucked into her arms she was able to contemplate the changes that had occurred in their relationship without the uncertainty that plagued her when she was alone. In less than two weeks time they had gone from friends to enemies and back again. And now they were dating. Serena closed her eyes and prayed in gratitude for the gift of the woman in her arms.

She tilted her head and studied Blair as she slept. Her face was completely relaxed; her lovely features softer than they would ever be during her waking hours when the Waldorf mask would be firmly in place. The brow which would furrow in consternation and aggravation many times over the course of the day was perfectly smooth.

Serena pressed her lips against Blair's forehead and whispered reverently against her skin. "You can trust me with your heart, B. I swear I won't break it." Her eyes fluttered closed and she listened to Blair's even breathing.

Blair snuggled even closer and the hand that had been resting on Serena's shoulder drifted forcing Serena to grasp the fingers that came dangerously close to resting on top of her breast.

Serena intercepted the wandering hand and detoured it up to her lips. She kissed the palm then tucked it against her chest. Serena's fingertips grazed the back of Blair's hand until she rejoined her best friend in slumber.

A soft snore breached the silence, its persistent occurrence nudging the smaller of the two young women into that space between dreams and reality with each quiet breath. She was vaguely aware of the warm body she was wrapped around.


The heartbeat directly beneath her ear sounded a far-away, steady rhythm that nearly lulled her back into a deeper sleep. It would have, if Blair's brain hadn't engaged on some level that she was stroking soft skin instead of a cotton t-shirt.

Eyes closed she felt rather than saw the smooth expanse of skin exposed where the t-shirt had ridden up and the boxers had edged down. Her fingers twitched against a softness she hadn't imagined in the light of day. Blair's minds eye saw the muscles shift subtly beneath a tan surface. Her fingertips grazed low on the taut stomach in an intermittent caress as she drifted at the edge of dozing.

Strong sensations cursed through Blair's body jerking her back toward consciousness. She was remotely aware of her pulse and of a pleasant heat flowing through her body before it settled into a distant throb low in her belly. She turned further into Serena's body; her fingertips disappearing beneath the bunched up hem of Serena's shirt.

Serena twisted and turned onto her side; her hands raising material and pushing aside the barrier to the bare skin of Blair's back. They were waking together through a sensual haze, both feeling the heat flare where they lay skin against skin at the thigh and belly.

A quiet moan escaped the blonde's lips as she hovered around the edges of sleep as Blair's gentle fingers traced widening circles against Serena's abdomen, knuckles brushing the soft underside of her breast.

Long arms wrapped firmly around Blair, Serena rolled unto her back and felt Blair settle on top of her. More awake than not, Blair pressed her lips against Serena's neck and nipped at the pulse point beating rapidly.

A strong hand applied gentle pressed against the base of Blair's spine and she shifted her weight. Bare legs tangled together bringing Serena fully awake and almost painfully stimulated. She turned her head to capture Blair's lips in a kiss.

Blair was lost, the level of arousal beating through her body wholly unexpected and new. She couldn't focus on anything; she felt like she was outside her body watching the passion play unfold. The desire to touch Serena's body so strong she was shaking to her core.

Serena tore her mouth away from Blair's when tentative fingers moved higher on her chest; a gasp turned into a groan when a warm hand cupped her breast through the thin t-shirt.

Too fast. Too fast. Too fast.

"Blair." She whispered desperately. Desire sparked along her spine and flared along her nerve endings to each place their skin touched causing her to draw in a ragged breath. Serena's mind screamed at her to roll away but she didn't have the fortitude to pull away from the exquisite contact of Blair's thumb stroking ever closer to the nipple straining against her shirt.

"I didn't know it could feel like this."

Serena felt her guts clench over the passion in Blair's voice. "I didn't either."

Blair raised her head and looked at Serena. What she saw forced the breath from her lungs. Serena's head was thrown back, her skin flushed with desire.

"I want to be with you, S."

Unfocused green eyes turned towards Blair. She knew they needed to slow down, that they were caught up in a moment. But looking at Blair, seeing the need in her eyes and feeling it in her touch and in her body, Serena didn't know if she had the strength to do the right thing.

The End

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