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She Is A Beat, She Is A Pulse (And I Dance To Her Tune)
By shyath


Blair does not wish to be stifling, but she understands that is the impression most people get of her. Standing next to Serena and watching the easy way with which the blonde throws a smile here and throws a smile there - that is the impression she gets of herself. She gets the familiar urge to leave and she is not sure where, but most definitely somewhere less open.

"You okay?" Serena asks when they are finally alone, squeezing the hand Blair has kept wrapped around her forearm all night long.

"No," Blair grouses, surprising both of them with her honesty. Though this is Serena she is talking to and interactions with the blonde are more often surreal than not. "I'm not okay. Everyone here hates me. Or if they don't, they know someone who does. On the contrary, you – they simply fall head over heels with."

"That's not true," Serena replies, a fond smile playing about her lips.

"It is so true," Blair grumbles back, linking their fingers together and watching the way Serena's bigger hand completely engulfs her with perhaps too much interest. She is a little unnerved by the way Serena's eyes are completely on hers (like she sees no one else).

"I, for one, do not hate you," Serena declares sincerely. "In fact, I seem to recall that my sentiment runs in quite the opposite direction. Why, just last night –"

"S!" Blair interrupts her, covering Serena's mouth with her free hand before Serena can ever finish that line of thought.

Serena licks against Blair's palm and giggles when Blair yelps at the contact. "You don't need to think about everyone else," Serena tells her, waving dismissively at the rest of the crowd. She pulls Blair towards her and grins a little when Blair flushes at the sudden proximity. "All you need to think about is the two of us. There's no need to worry about other people." The blonde brings Blair's hand up to her lips and places a lingering kiss on the brunette's knuckles. "I love you."

Blair releases a shaky breath and observes the way Serena's eyes positively darken. Her nether regions experience a sympathetic jolt and Blair has to stop herself from suggesting they leave early. She wants to scold herself for giving into Serena's cajoling so easily, but all it takes is a brilliant smile for Blair to stop overanalysing.

The End

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