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Something Elusive [And Temporary]
By Sydney Redfield


How it happened, Blair wasn't sure. Well, she knew how it happened. What she wasn't so sure about was how she let it happen. She was tipsy, maybe just a little drunk, but she was sober enough to know it was Serena she was kissing.

Blair had always taken such pride in her ability to control things - her actions, her emotions, how other people behaved around her, and sometimes, even they way things were said about her. Lack of control wasn't something Blair was familiar with, but her she was, pressed into a dark corner with Serena, lips tasting gin and the extra olives Serena always ordered with her martini's as fingers skirted over slightly sweaty skin, pushing past boundaries of best friends and into the territory of something Blair wasn't quite ready to verbalize. Or even think about.

Blair could feel her thighs clench when Serena's teeth nipped at the shell of her ear, murmuring her pleasure so low that Blair wasn't sure she even heard the words, just felt the vibrations tickle her skin. Serena giggled when Blair's hands brushed lightly over her ribcage and the sound morphed into a moan when her fingers reached the underside of her breasts. Blair explored confidently, massaging the soft flesh and drawing sighs and gasps from the blonde.

Serena's hands busied themselves at Blair's sides, drawing lines over and around her hips, dragging her nails lightly over her skin, causing Blair to shiver. Blair moved so her left foot was resting against the wall, trying for a bit of stability on her slowly weakening legs, and Serena almost immediately moved, straddling her thigh. Blair gasped at the wet heat pressed hard against her skin, only a thin strip of fabric separating them.

Serena's hips were undulating slowly against Blair and she suddenly wished for some place more private - somewhere she could see the blonde, where she could watch her reactions and taste her - but found herself unable to stop long enough to suggest it. They didn't speak aside from the gasps and "please" and "oh fuck" spilling from Serena's mouth, but somehow Blair knew exactly what Serena wanted, teasing her with fingers dancing over the apex of her thighs. Serena strained toward the touch, begging Blair with movements and rougher kisses.

Blair finally obliged, slipping two fingers inside, the heel of her hand pressing against Serena's clit. The blonde arched and gasped, clenching around Blair's fingers. Blair didn't move until she unclenched, starting with long, slow strokes and quickly building to faster, shorter ones, using her leg as leverage.

It didn't take long before Serena was shuddering, biting down on Blair's shoulder to muffle her cries. Blair slipped her fingers from the blonde, fingers coated in Serena's arousal. The blonde was still collapsed against her and Blair could feel her center throbbing, begging for release.

"Blair, I," Serena whispered as she tried to regain her normal breathing pattern. Blair's mouth moved to her neck, sucking and biting, effectively stopping her words. Her delicate fingers laced with Serena's, guiding them beneath her skirt. She bucked as the blonde entered her quickly and smiled against the blonde's skin. Maybe a loss of control was all about control after all.

The End

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