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Touch of Heaven
By Dane


Serena fumbled with the key card before sliding it into the locking mechanism and stepped aside to let Blair enter the suite first. She'd held Blair's hand since leaving the auxiliary kitchen, their fingers still loosely laced together as they stepped into the darkened suite. Blair pressed a kiss against her shoulder as Serena secured the locks on the door and adjusted the dimmer to bathe the room in low light.

She tugged Blair to a stop as they approached the threshold of the bedroom. A sheepish grin formed on her face. "Can you give me a minute? I honestly can't remember what shape my room is in."

Blair pressed her body against Serena's. "It doesn't matter." She slid her fingers along the nape of Serena's neck and coaxed her into a slow, easy kiss, which Serena broke away from much too soon in Blair's opinion.

Serena backed out of the room, her index finger raised. "Just one minute, I promise."

Blair perched on the arm of an oversize chair. She could see the shadow Serena cast as she moved through the room and it took everything she had to honor Serena's request and stay in the sitting area.

A jolt of nervous energy forced Blair to her feet. She stepped out of her shoes and walked over to the window to look out at the street below. Forty-nine floors up, the lights of the city danced before her eyes but she couldn't really see any of them. All she knew was her own heartbeat and the sweep of Serena's eyes roaming her body like a caress as she came back into the room.

Serena leaned against the wall and the loveliness of the vision that was Blair standing in moonlight etched itself in her memory. Her long brown hair was pulled up, off her neck, giving her a regal profile. A sharp contrast to how relaxed Blair looked in her very casual dress. The form fitting short sleeve shirt was hugging her body and Serena had to drag her eyes away from how nicely Blair was filling out her designer jeans. She felt Blair's eyes drift her way and knew she had been caught looking.

"Hi." Blair's shy, soft voice floated in the air.

Serena crossed the room and stood behind her. She bent her head and whispered, "How'd I get so lucky?" Long arms snaked around Blair's waist and drew the soft body back to rest against her chest.

Blair relaxed against Serena's body when warm lips began a gentle exploration of her neck. "I think we both did."

Serena heard the wonder in Blair's voice and asked quietly, "Come with me?"

Blair took Serena's hands and followed Serena as she walked backward through the moonbeams on the carpet. "Close your eyes, B." Serena glanced over her shoulder and maneuvered them into the room. Blair's hand in hers, she gave her preparations one last look and took a deep breath. "You can open them, now."

Blair's eyes fluttered open and took in the romantic mood her girlfriend had set. Red, yellow and white rose petals were sprinkled in a path to the bed, with more scattered on the sheets; candles large and small burned strategically throughout the room. She turned bright eyes glittering with unshed tears toward her girlfriend.


"I know you said...but I thought…if there was some small part of you that still wanted this…" She pressed a kiss against Blair's temple.

Blair leaned into Serena's body. She had been honest when she told Serena she no longer had a specific fantasy, had given it up when she realized her ex could never pull it off. As she came face to face with pieces of it and the solid feel of the woman that created it from a long ago conversation, Blair was amazed to realize how much it truly meant to her.

"This is why you've had fresh roses delivered every day." It was a quiet revelation.

Serena nodded. "There's one more thing." She pressed play on her iPod and turned semi-mischievous eyes to Blair as the opening strains of an old NSYNC ballad filled the room.

The laugh was out before Blair could even think to hold it back. "Oh, my God! I can't believe I once thought this was the most romantic song ever written."

Serena chuckled and pulled Blair more snuggly against her side. "You were twelve. You didn't know any better." Serena thumbed her iPod and selected a specific playlist of songs that made her think of Blair.

She wrapped her arms around Blair's waist as Annie Lennox's "Wonderful" filled the room. "Can I have this dance?"

Blair tucked her head against Serena's shoulder and let her lead them in an easy rhythm in the open space between the bed and the windows. "I can't believe you did this for me." She felt Serena's hands moving in a gentle massage against her back, pulling her even closer against Serena's long body. Blair thought she heard Serena murmur for us when warm breath tickled her lips as she lifted her face to accept Serena's kiss.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Lips and hands that had not been hesitant for several days, moved shyly at first. Go slow. Serena edged the pads of her thumbs along Blair's jaw line. Go slow. Warm lips enveloped Serena's earlobe and sucked tenderly. Go slow. Serena gently released long brown hair from a golden clasp, the long locks falling over her hands like silk. Go slow. Blair met the soft stroke of Serena's tongue. Touch…retreat. Go slow.

Her face cradled in Serena's hands, Blair surrendered to the gradually deepening kiss. The sensation of full lips sliding against her own bowed her body and Blair pressed closer. Serena's thigh slipped between Blair's and she gasped.

"I'll lose my mind if we get interrupted tonight." Blair panted as she tilted her face toward the heavens. She could feel the smoldering flame of desire licking at the base of her spine as Serena lips and tongue forged a hot, wet path down one side of Blair's throat and up the other. Each kiss, every nibble brought bodies straining against one another even closer.

Serena clasped the hands that were pushing the hair away from her temples. Her eyes never left Blair's face as she brought their joined hands to the buttons on her shirt. "Shh. Don't even think it. Tonight is ours."

Blair's hands lay on top of Serena's and the blonde worked one button lose, then another. Serena's hands fell away after Blair's whispered, "Can I?"

Serena had to concentrate on the very basic concepts of inhaling and exhaling as warm breath fluttered across her collarbone and bare knuckles skimmed down the center of her body as each button was released and her top separated. The room was warm, but the air felt cool to Serena's overheated body.

Blair felt her vision swim. Her best friend and about-to-be lover stood before her, hair mussed, lips bruised from kissing, and trembling with her shirt hanging open on her lean body. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen in her young life. Blair fisted the open shirt in her hands and pulled Serena into a searing kiss.

It was the combination of the forceful sweep of Blair's tongue demanding entry and the hands cupping her breasts that erased the last thought from Serena's mind, pushed aside as very primal instincts took over.

Her lips never leaving Blair's, Serena pulled the shirt off of her body. She drew in a breath on a hiss as Blair's nails raked from her collarbone, across her breasts and down her abdomen. Serena's hands roamed the body clinging to hers and found hard nipples straining through the thin shirt, begging for attention.

The whimper that escaped from Blair when Serena broke the kiss turned to a moan as Serena's hands slipped beneath her shirt and warm palms grazed the silk of her bra. Blair felt the shirt rising and lifted her arms above her head to hasten its removal. Warm lips descended upon Blair's shoulder and moved down her chest as fingertips brushed back and forth against her nipples for the first time. Blair wasn't prepared to feel an echoing tightness between her legs, a sensation that took her breath away.

Serena felt the bed against the back of her legs and sat on the firm surface. She stretched out her legs and with a gentle press against the small of her back brought Blair forward to stand in the vee of her legs. She pressed her lips against the quivering stomach and whispered between kisses, "Blair…breathe." Once Serena felt a rush of warm air swirl around her shoulders the nearness of Blair's navel proved too tempting to ignore.

Blair's stomach clenched again as Serena kissed higher, rising from the bed, her hands moving in a parallel path up Blair's back. She arched into the contact when Serena's lips skimmed over the silk covering her breasts. "S...that feels…oh."

Serena pulled back, her breathing uneven and brushed the hair out of Blair's face. "I want you so much." She searched Blair's face for any signs of hesitation as she moved her hands to Blair's shoulders and edged one bra strap down, then the other. Serena felt her hands shaking against Blair's back as she unfastened hooks and eased the material away. Unwilling to let Blair feel vulnerable even for a moment, she quickly unhooked her own bra and let it fall to the floor.

"Blair." Serena gently caught her hands as Blair lifted them in an effort to cover her breasts. "Please …let me see you." Blair's skin glowed in the candlelight, small muscles barely visible as they contracted in her abdomen. Then her eyes were drawn to pale pink nipples, tight tips on her breasts. "B…you're so beautiful." She held Blair's hands loosely as she brought them up to her lips. She pressed a kiss to each palm and smiled as Blair wound her arms around her neck.

Blair's head was reeling. Her senses overloaded as she felt the naked press of breasts against her own for the first time. She forced open eyes that had closed at the contact. Blair felt as if she were outside her body watching her own fingers stroke over full, firm breasts to tease Serena's nipples to hard points.

Serena's answering touch brought her back. She was aching, Serena's hands were on her breasts, her lips moving against her neck; Blair was consumed in pleasure and…still wanting. Then Serena's mouth was moving down her chest and she felt Serena exhale, warm air swirling around her nipple an instant before Serena's lips surrounded it. She ground her hips into Serena in pure reflex, an instinctive need to get closer.

Serena felt her control slipping. She couldn't still her own hands as they wandered from skin to denim and back again. She knew that she was impossibly wet and getting wetter as Blair moved against her. Blair's hands on her body sparked sensations that jumped along nerve endings that couldn't possibly be connected. She lifted her head away from Blair's breast, her fingertips trailing a path from the hollow of her throat to the edge of her jeans that her lips traveled seconds later.

"Serena…I need…" Blair swallowed hard, unable to articulate that the throb between her legs was nearly unbearable.

Green eyes dark with emotion met hers as Serena's fingers splayed wide against the denim covering Blair's thighs. Her thumbs rubbed up and down on either side of the zipper, pressing just firmly enough that Blair could feel it.

"You need me to touch you," her hand slid between Blair's legs and squeezed gently, "here?"

Blair nearly came apart. "God, yes."

Shaking with her own need Serena peeled her jeans and panties off in one swift motion and sat on the edge of the bed. She slid her fingers through belt loops and tugged Blair closer. The button gave way easily and long fingers grasped the tongue of the zipper and pulled slowly. Blair kicked the jeans free and swayed in the circle of Serena's arms around her waist.

Serena's hands circled back to the front and stopped short of removing the final material barrier between their bodies. She looked up at Blair. "Promise you'll say something if I do something you don't like." When Blair whispered "okay", she pulled silk panties down firm thighs and past strong calves.

Blair watched Serena as she moved to the center of the bed and stretched out. They had seen each other naked before, but Blair had never let her gaze linger on the beautiful body that now beckoned her hands and mouth to touch. She went willingly when Serena drew her onto the bed and on top of her long, lean form.

Skin to skin at last, their legs tangled together, and hands moved fast then slow over hips and thighs, touching newly exposed skin.

"You feel so good."

"So do you."

Serena pressed her hand between their bodies and let her fingers dance against tight wet curls. Blair's head snapped up from Serena's chest and looked at her with such a heady combination of innocent amazement and desire it stole Serena's breath and stilled her fingers. She felt Blair tense and waited for her to relax into her touch. Only then did slender fingers travel in long strokes through wet heat.

Blair's body was paralyzed by the pleasure of Serena's touch until fingers crept higher, moving in slow, tight circles causing Blair to buck against her hand. One hand on the mattress, the other on Serena's shoulder, Blair braced herself as her hips rocked faster on the talented fingers alternating between lazy strokes that spread her wide and precision circles that made her want to clamp down.

Serena was barely holding on. The sight of Blair poised over her body, head thrown back and moving more frantically against her hand had her hovering near her own climax. The varying pressure of Blair's thigh between her legs was increasing the ache. She rolled Blair onto her back and brought her lips back to her breast. Serena licked the areola before taking the hard nipple into her mouth and teasing it with her tongue.

Blair dug her heels into the bed and arched in a quick motion to press more firmly against Serena's hand. "Inside." A plea made between clenched teeth. She felt her lover hesitate and whispered, "You won't hurt me."

Green eyes lifted and held her gaze. She felt Serena's touch travel lower before gently slipping inside.

"Am I-"

"No…touch me." She felt full and then tight as Serena's fingers began to move slowly inside her. Strokes that started short, lengthened and deepened as they found their rhythm. They were covered in a light sheen of sweat as they moved, arousal building and thundering through their intertwined bodies.

Blair felt the slick evidence of Serena's need against her thigh and pressed her hand between their bodies. Serena groaned against her breast as Blair's fingers swept between her legs. "Show me. I need to touch you, too."

Serena withdrew her fingers and brought them up in one long stroke. Blair mirrored the action and Serena struggled to breathe. "B, waitwaitwaitwait. I'll co…" She swallowed hard, "I'm already too close."

Blair heard the panic and stilled her hand but didn't move it away as Serena fingers moved faster, bringing her to breaking point. Blair felt everything coalesce, like she was being turned inside out, her head and body rising off the bed.

"S…" She opened wild eyes and tried to focus on Serena's face so close to her own. Then Blair's head slammed back against the pillow as the mounting tension in her body suddenly broke under the ceaseless assault of Serena's fingers. It lingered forever and was over too soon.

They lay collapsed against one another for long moments afterward, breathing each other in. Serena rolled to her side, the motion causing Blair's finger to shift between her legs. She couldn't stop the whimper from escaping as she felt Blair press against her insistently. Blair mimicked how Serena had touched her just minutes earlier. "Is this okay?"

"Yeah…won't take mu-" Her words were cut off by Blair's kiss, her tongue running along Serena's lower lip before staking claim to her mouth. It felt like it was only seconds and a few strokes later that Serena was calling Blair's name, hips pumping frenetically as her orgasm washed over her.

Serena rolled onto her back, hands over her eyes. "God, I feel like such a guy."

Blair perched her head in her hand and looked at the naked body beside her own. She ran her hand over Serena's breasts. "Trust me, S. You are all woman."

Groaning in embarrassment, she turned to Blair. "You know what I mean."

"Look at me, Serena. Do I look like I am disappointed?"

Serena shook her head. Blair looked absolutely sated.

"Besides," she moved to straddle Serena's waist. "We've got all night and we've barely gotten started."

The End

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