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SERIES: Part Twelve of "Not a Walk in the Park"
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By Dane


"I can't believe the hotel is letting you use the kitchen." Blair was perched on a stool and watched Serena chopping vegetables with quick precision.

"Well, you know first hand how very persuasive I can be when I want something" At Blair's raised eyebrow, she quickly continued, "I'm kidding, B." She popped a slice of zucchini into her mouth.

"The sous chef's kid has a thing for my brother. She thinks talking her dad into letting me use the auxiliary kitchen will somehow score points with Eric." She pulled a corkscrew from a drawer, "I don't really care about the reason, I'm just glad I have another chance to do this since our plans didn't work out last weekend."

"Well then, remind me to thank Eric for being utterly adorable and irresistible like his big sister." Blair stole a kiss when Serena handed her a glass of white wine.

"You may want to wait until you've tried my dish before you go thanking anyone. You may hate it."

With her focus on the sauté pan Serena didn't see the appreciative once over Blair gave her body. "Can I do anything to help?" Blair watched as Serena turned back to the chopping board.

The thin layer of vegetable stock began to bubble in the pan. "Hand me an apron off that shelf."

"What is it with you and aprons?" Blair baited her as she reached above her head to the shelf Serena had indicated.

Serena turned just as Blair's body was fully extended, a small patch of smooth skin visible where her shirt had risen up. Her smart ass reply died on her lips and she had to close her eyes against the sight of her gorgeous girlfriend and her bare midriff.

She jumped when she felt Blair drape the apron around her neck. Serena opened her eyes as Blair brought the apron strings from the back and tied them together around her waist.

"I think you're developing a fetish, S." She stroked the flat stomach until she heard Serena draw in a shaky breath.

Serena set the knife down on the cutting board. "As good as that feels, you have to stop touching me like that before I get distracted and cut off a finger."

When she turned and saw Blair looking at her with a seductive challenge in her eyes, Serena decided two could play her game. She wiped her hands on the apron and very deliberately drew her fingertips down Blair's throat. "And trust me," she brought her hands down farther and lightly brushed the sides of Blair's breasts. "You're really going to want me to have all ten available."

Blair shuddered as she raised her mouth to Serena's. Neither was tentative as their bodies and mouths came together in a hungry kiss. Blair thought absently that anyone could walk in on them, then Serena's tongue filled her mouth and she quickly decided she didn't care.

Serena was the first to pull away, heart hammering in her chest and lips feeling bruised from the crush of Blair's mouth on her own. Blair's fingers were still in her hair, her lips sliding against Serena's skin just below her ear.

"I thought you were hungry." Serena forced out between clenched teeth.

"I'm starving." Blair's inexperienced but naturally talented hands had dropped lower and were cupping her breasts through the apron.

"B…" Serena could only whimper as thumbs stroked close but not close enough to her aching nipples.

"Can we forget about dinner?" Blair asked between frantic kisses. "I can't think of anything but what you're hands are going to feel like on me."

Serena's restraint snapped. She turned and pinned Blair against the counter. She grasped Blair's wrists and pushed her hands against the edge of countertop. Serena's hands dropped to the top of Blair's jeans.

Brown eyes tracked the motion of long slender fingers as Serena drew the back of her hands up Blair's body. Her stomach clenched at the repetitive motion. She could feel how warm Serena's hands were through the thin fabric of her top. Blair held her breath as Serena's fingertips disappeared beneath the hem of her shirt.

A loud crash and a series of obscenities coming from the main kitchen startled them and broke through the haze of desire that threatened to sweep them away.

Blair fought to wrestle down the sexual energy raging through her body as Serena stepped away from her on unsteady legs. Her hands shook as she picked up her glass of wine.

"B, I'm-"

"Don't you dare apologize to me." Serena's eyes snapped up at the admonishment. "I mean it Serena. All week long…every time we've gotten…" hot and heavy ran through her mind, "you've backed off and been apologetic afterwards."


"I'm in this with you, S. I'm a virgin, not some fragile porcelain doll. I know what my heart needs and what my body wants." She took a deep breath and Blair laid her hand on top of Serena's. "Do you want me?"

Serena laced her fingers through Blair's. "More than I've let you know."

Blair moved into Serena's arms. "Do you love me?"

"You know I do."

"Tell me why you keep backing off."

Serena felt the tears fill her eyes and slid out Blair's embrace. "I think dinner can wait." She busied herself putting away the vegetables and dumping the contents of the sauté pan down the drain.

"Tell me why, Serena."

The pan clattered into the stainless steel sink. Serena looked at Blair over her shoulder. "Because I'm scared, B. Because you can break my heart so easily now." She looked away until the patient, gentle caress of Blair's hand against her face gave her the courage to voice her deepest wish, "Because I want you to be in love with me, too."

"S," Blair whispered the endearment against Serena's cheek, "I am." Blair tightened her arms around Serena's neck and moved her lips to Serena's ear and whispered again, "I am." She let her hand slip down and come to a rest over Serena's heart. "Please look at me."

She waited until Serena could meet and hold her gaze. "I'm sorry I haven't made it clear before now." Blair smiled, her heart swelling with emotion as she watched Serena absorb what she was saying. "I am very much in love with you. I think I've loved you all along and just didn't understand what it was."

"You don't know how happy you just made me." Serena lowered her mouth to Blair's and kissed her softly.

"Then show me. We've waited long enough."

"You're sure?" Serena watched Blair's nimble fingers untie the apron.  Serena slipped it over her head and tossed it on the counter.

"Yes, it's time...take me to bed, S."

The End

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