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Sunday Morning
By Janine


Serena's eyes locked on Blair's neck as the silence between them stretched.

Blair had a lovely neck. She had always thought so. In fact, Blair's neck was one of the reasons she loved Sunday mornings so much.

Blair's mother always went out early on Sunday's, which had left them with house, the couch and the television all to themselves. And after the croissants were done, Serena would always rest her head against Blair's shoulder, and as the brunette played gently with her hair Serena would angle her head to the side and lightly run her lips over the silky softness of Blair's neck, her tongue flicking out to taste the brunette's skin as Blair sighed and tilted her head back giving Serena more access to her neck, and her fingers scratched at Serena's scalp.

"Look Blair, I'm really trying to make an effort here," Serena said finally breaking the silence, her voice wavering as she spoke. All she wanted to do was lose herself in the delicate warmth of Blair's skin once more. She needed that contact. She needed her skin, and scent and warmth. Nothing had made sense when she left the city, and nothing made sense now that she was back. But she was convinced that if they could recapture some of what they had before, that if she could lie with Blair with her lips pressed against her neck once more that somehow everything would be okay. "I thought everything was good between us."

"It was," Blair responded, her voice too calm, the slight upturn of her lips cruel instead of inviting as it had always been when she smiled at Serena in the past. "Before I found out you had sex with my boyfriend."

Serena's lips parted and then closed again, her eyes glassy as she stared at Blair surprise and guilt shimmering in her cobalt eyes.

Serena shifted, a soft exhalation of air escaping from between her lips.

She knew that there would be no more reason for her to get up early on Sunday mornings.

The End

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