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After the Rain
By Dane


Hello, Upper Eastsiders. Gossip Girl here. Spotted, a rain soaked Blair Waldorf absently wandering the streets of Manhattan. What has the Queen B acting so out of character? Could it be that the reappearance of a certain blonde has shaken her more than she realizes?

Gossip Girl

Blair was annoyed and she didn't know which upset her more, her complete inability to think of anything other than Serena's kiss or the feeling of restlessness that threatened to overwhelm her.

She touched her lips again and wondered how a kiss could linger for so long?

A passing stranger might have thought the young woman was ill as she pressed her back against the building for support. Her legs threatened to give out as very tactile memories flooded her senses. Blair tried to close her eyes against the onslaught but only succeeded in making the memory of their kiss that much clearer.

Her face was in Serena's hands and she trembled at the first soft brush of Serena's lips against hers. The blonde's mouth was soft and undemanding as she caressed one of Blair's lips, then the other and back again and again until Blair gave into the bone deep need to return the kiss. She couldn't hold back a whimper as their mouths met fully. She felt herself beginning to lean into Serena's body at the same moment Serena gently nipped at her lower lip then soothed the spot with a gentle swipe of her tongue.

Blair took an unsteady breath. She and Serena had kissed a couple of times over the years, but each time was a result of a juvenile game of truth or dare. No previous kiss had emotion behind it. No other kiss left her feeling wanted. Or loved.

She pushed a wet strand of hair out of her eyes and began walking. Thoughts and questions tumbled one on top of another as she tried to adjust to the new reality of being loved by Serena van der Woodsen.

Had Serena ever looked at her like that before? She didn't think she would have forgotten that particular expression on Serena's face. It was a vulnerable mix of hope and fear, and strong dose of desire.

"She's in love with me." No. She shook her head and replayed every word she could recall. Serena had said she was turned on, that she loved Blair. Not that she was in love with her.

Didn't that make her like all the boys that found Blair attractive? Did she just want something she couldn't have?

Blair stopped pacing. How had she said it exactly? "…I really hope that someday you'll be able to think of me as a suitor. And a lover." Serena's words held the promise of a caress that shook her to her core. Definitely not like the boys.

The irony of the situation brought tears of frustration. The one person she really wanted and needed to talk to was the source of her confusion. So Blair wasn't surprised when she finally pulled herself out of her thoughts and into the present, that she was standing in front of the Palace Hotel.

In her distraction she didn't immediately notice Eric and Lily exiting the hotel. Serena's mother directed a cold stare toward Blair as she ducked into the waiting limo.

"Eric?" Blair called as she approached the slight young man.

"Blair." He greeted her politely, if not warmly. "Seems you and my sister have made amends."

A moment of panic gripped her chest. Serena and Eric were closer than most siblings and Serena had a tendency to over share. Blair forced herself to keep her voice neutral, "She's spoken with you?"

"No. Not really." Serena had come home soaked to the bone and a dreamy look on her face. "She just seemed really happy, like a weight's been lifted."

"Is she still home?"

"Yes. We're in the suite on the 54th floor. East Tower." Eric hesitated outside the limo door. "Blair, she hasn't stopped smiling since she got home a couple of hours ago. And I want to see that smile firmly in place when she comes to visit me at the Ostroff Center later tonight."

Blair was touched by Eric obvious concern for his sister. "It will be."

He pulled a card out of his wallet and handed it to her. "This is the security code for the elevator. Serena insisted it be changed when she returned."

Blair accepted the proffered card. 1130. It was Blair's birth date.

"Thank you, Eric." With a small nod, she turned and walked into the hotel.

Blair could admit to herself that she was terrified, but she was no coward. As much as she might have wanted to, she wouldn't run away from this. Her resolve renewed, she stepped into the elevator and entered the security code for the van der Woodsen suite.

She pulled a compact out of her purse and was shocked by her own expression. Anticipation was written all over her face. She snapped the compact shut and spoke aloud. "I am Blair Waldorf. I'm simply dropping by my best friend's place to talk. I'm in control."

PING! The elevator doors opened and Blair came face to face with Serena. And control fled along with her voice.

"Blair. Eric just texted that you were on your way up." Serena smiled and stopped herself just shy of touching her companion. She tried to catch her gaze, but Blair's eyes were laser focused on her mouth. "I didn't expect to see you again tonight."

When Blair still couldn't meet her eyes, Serena risked taking a step closer and reached for her hand. "B, are you okay?" She felt the smaller fingers lace through her own and squeeze.

The brunette shook her head. "I thought I was…"

Serena had to move even closer to hear her next words. "I can't stop thinking about you kissing me."

Her heart beating wildly in her chest, Serena spoke softly. "I'd apologize, but it would be a lie. I've wanted to kiss you for so long, Blair. And I want to kiss you again, but I promise, I won't do it again unless you ask me to."

Blair stepped into Serena's personal space. "I think you can safely assume that this is me asking."

The End

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