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Is There No Happily Ever After With You?
By shyath


Serena has these absurdly long fingers and it is not like Blair has not noticed them before. Serena's recent obsession with nail polish has made it even more difficult to ignore them recently.

"How does peach look like on me?" Serena asks, wiggling her recently painted nails under Blair's nose.

Blair puts down the magazine she has been perusing and turns her attention rather reluctantly to Serena's nails. The polish is still slightly wet and, if she were to lean in a little closer, she could probably smell it (it and Serena – and the thought, the very idea of Serena's scent lingers uncomfortably somewhere decidedly southward). "It looks fine," Blair croaks out, picking up the magazine quickly and moving away from Serena. Maybe she should have offered to hang out in the living room instead of her bedroom.

"Are you sure?" Serena returns, looking unconvinced.

"I'm positive," Blair snaps, hiding her blushing face behind the magazine. Think of something else, something other than fingers, or more accurately – Serena's!

"Wouldn't red look nicer? A deep, deep red shade," Serena comments quite idly.

"Do whatever you think is best," Blair responds dismissively, commanding her body to return to some semblance of composure.

"Like the colour of your lipstick, B," Serena decides. "Come here, let me see."

"What –" Blair's words are cut short as Serena holds Blair's chin steadily in her hand and the curve of Serena's thumb presses gently against the bump of Blair's bottom lip.

There is a crease between Serena's brows as she focuses on Blair's lips. "Hmm," she murmurs, moving even more closely.

Blair wants to move away, but the wall is pressing into her back already and why does she have to be the one to leave? This is her bedroom! "Serena!" she hisses, but it comes out muffled and more than a little suppressed, her breath bouncing off of Serena's skin and the heat rising once again in her cheeks (and elsewhere).

"Yes," Serena announces like she has just come to a conclusion and she smiles slowly. There is a feeling that is not unlike a gentle unravelling of something more, like film credits are rolling and reality is being washed away – and Blair is breathless as she watches, waits for something to happen. "Red would look very nice," Serena whispers and then she leans in even closer.

Blair's eyes flutter shut and she has this strange anticipation reverberating throughout – it is in her pounding heart, the ringing in her ears. The two of them are so close together that Blair can feel the soft, gentle exhalations of Serena's breath, can picture in her mind's eye how the curves of their lips will meld together when the distance is closed, can smell that sweet, barely there scent of Serena's skin as it envelops, engulfs her –

"Damn, sorry," Serena suddenly says.

Blair's eyes open quickly. "What is it now?"

"Sorry. My mom called," Serena offers apologetically.

Blair sighs. "Is there no happily ever after with you?"

"Aw, don't be like that, B."



"When are you going to stop with the excuses and instead come over here and finish what you started?"

"I thought you were still angry with me."

"Serena …"

"Oh, right. Stop with the excuses and –"

Blair sighs, tugs on Serena's shirt and pulls her towards her. "And come over here and finish what you started."

"Yeah, that," Serena murmurs breathlessly. "I was just going to say that."

Then it is only the soft moans, the softer sighs and the sweet, sweet scent of their mingled skins that linger in the darkness.

The End

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