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Is This The Beginning?
By shyath


Serena suppresses a smile, swallows back a sob as she takes her spot next to Blair. She is close enough that their skins touch, that the backs of their hands brush – and Blair has yet to push her away. "Hey," she whispers.

"Hey," Blair replies tightly, her eyes fixed straight ahead as the crowd prepares itself for the countdown. "Where's Dan?"

"Where's Nate?" Serena asks in return.


Blair smiles. "Are we playing?"

Serena pouts. "I'm not if you aren't."


Blair turns her hand just so, her thumb caressing the curve of Serena's palm. Serena's breath hitches noticeably. Blair likes that it is the little things she does that get to Serena, it makes her feel special. "I'm not."

"I'm not either," Serena replies.


"Good," Blair says, linking their fingers together.

"Yeah," Serena agrees, squeezing Blair's smaller hand.


"So, what did you tell him?" Blair enquires, a little more loudly than it is perhaps proper, but then it is getting really loud.

"I told him I've been in love with someone else for my entire life," Serena husks right into Blair's ear, her voice tickling Blair's ear. Blair can feel her hairs stand in response.


"So cheesy," Blair responds, but her smile is bigger now.

"You bring out the best in me," Serena teases. "What did you tell him?"


"I told him that it turns out I've never been waiting for a Prince Charming after all," Blair says firmly, clearly. "Mine has already been by my side all this while."

"And you call me cheesy," Serena sniffs.


"You bring out the best in me," Blair returns Serena's words.

"I love you, B," Serena tells her in a hushed voice.


"I love you too, S," Blair replies promptly.

Serena turns Blair within the circle of her arms, holds her by her hips and looks into her eyes. "Is this the beginning?"


"No," Blair declares, looping her arms around Serena's neck.

"No?" Serena asks with a confused frown.


"The beginning implies the possibility of an ending," Blair tells her. "You are it for me. You are the goal."

"God, how did you get to be so cheesy?" Serena whispers, leaning in.

"Happy New Year!"

Blair pulls Serena down by her neck and meets her lips halfway. "Happy New Year, sweetheart," she murmurs as she pulls away.

"Happy New Year, baby," Serena replies gently.

The End

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