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Pretend To Love The Stranger In Me
By shyath


Blair likes to play pretend. She sometimes drops strangers' names in that breathy tone she normally reserves for Serena after she has had too much gin martinis, when they are the only two people in whatever space they have managed to secure for the night. Serena knows Blair likes to see the way her jaw clenches in anger, in jealousy and she positively purrs when Serena pushes a little harder, kisses a little sloppier, scratches a little deeper. Serena plays along because it is only during these moments, when Blair pretends she is not Blair and Serena is not Serena, that Blair allows herself to let loose a little, that Blair stays for the morning after.

"I love you," Blair will whisper against warm skin, tasting Serena in the cooling sweat and in the musk still strong on her lips.

"Are you still playing pretend?" Serena will murmur back and expect only silence to answer.

It is to her utmost surprise to hear Blair's response after another night of playing pretend. "No," Blair breathes, cupping Serena's face in her smaller hands and bringing their noses within bumping distance. "Not this time."

Serena chokes back a sob. "I love you too."

The End

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