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Standing On The Rooftops
By Sydney Redfield


A cool breeze blew in the night sky and Blair shivered slightly. I should have grabbed my jacket she thought as she gazed up at the stars, amazed at how clear the sky was from the rooftop. She'd spent her whole life in New York, and somehow Serena was introducing her to new wonders on an almost daily basis.

Her thoughts quickly moved elsewhere when she caught sight of the blonde and she let her eyes follow her hyperactive movements.

"Dance with me," Serena said, stopping her twirling just inches from the brunette. She reached a hand out, intertwining their fingers and Blair allowed herself to be lead along. Serena's words were more of a demand than a request, though Blair had long since stopped trying to tell the difference. It didn't matter how it came out because when it came to Serena, the answer was always - had always been - yes.

The taller girl slipped off her shoes, bringing them a bit closer in height, and then wrapped the brunette up in her arms.

"S, there's no music."

The blonde shrugged. "Then sing for me," she said with a smile as she began to slowly sway their bodies back and forth.

"No way," Blair said, pressing closer to Serena and resting her head on her shoulder. She inhaled deeply and smiled as Serena led their bodies together rhythmically to silent music. "You smell good."

Serena didn't respond, she just let her fingertips glide over Blair's partially exposed back. "You're freezing," she noted, wrapping her arms more tightly around the girl.

"I missed this," Blair admitted. "I missed you."

"I missed you, too. I know I..."

Blair looked up and brought her finger to Serena's lips to silence her. "You have apologized enough. Let the past be the past."

The truth was, Blair remembered vividly how it had taken a long time to get over not only Serena's betrayal, but her abandonment afterwards and she didn't want to think about it anymore. Serena had spent weeks trying to makeup for her mistakes and gain Blair's trust again. Just recently had they fallen firmly back into old habits that were somehow familiar and brand new all at once.

Being inseparable and all the flirty, playful banter she remembered. However, the need to be with Serena was absolutely new. It was an unfamiliar and overwhelming sense of urgency and Blair just had to be with her. Had to be touching her, laughing with her, just being.

Without a word, the brunette leaned up on her tiptoes and pressed a kiss to Serena's lips.

"Blair," Serena breathed out against the brunette's soft lips.

"I'm sorry, I just..." she trailed off; unsure of how to explain what she was feeling.

"Don't apologize," Serena whispered, bringing her hand up to cup Blair's cheek. "It was nice."

"Waldorf kisses are not 'nice'. Amazing. Fantastic. Mind-blowing, even. But never just 'nice'."

Serena smiled and leaned her forehead against Blair's. "Then why don't you come change my mind?"

The End

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