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The van der Woodsen Charm
By skyz


"What are you doing?" Serena asked as soon as she picked up.

"I'm busy. What?" Blair demanded skimming over papers.

"What exactly are you doing?" Serena repeated impatiently.

"Working. You should try it, Serena."

"Funny, except how it's not. Come out with me," Serena pleaded as only she could. Which was to say it wasn't so much pleading, more of a throaty purring plea, and usually it worked.

"No. I'm going to be busy for the rest of the night. Sorry," Blair smiled to herself happy that she was able to say no to Serena even if it was over the phone.

"That sounded so sincere, Blair. I'm touched. You've been chained to that desk for the past three weeks! I've hardly seen you. I applaud your avoidance. Now, come out and play, please? Please? I'll do anything you ask."

Anything? Blair wondered about that for a moment before she shook her head sharply. She needn't think about that. Anything literally meant anything with Serena.

"How about stop calling me?" Blair bit out.

"Well that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it? Because really I live to bother you, B. How about coffee? One hour? Is that doable for you? Can that work? Please? Hell, I'll even bring it over to you. That way you won't be able to resist. Okay. I'll see you in half an hour, Blair," finishing in a rush Serena promptly hung up.

Blair glared down at her desk phone for a moment before she rose from her desk and began to straighten up a little. Clearing layouts and sketches out of the way so Serena would have a place to sit. She glanced around her smallish office with a grimace and wondered not for the first time why she'd agreed to this, working her way to the top, it was so overrated.

Sighing she took her seat behind her small desk and pulled out her red Gucci tote from her desk drawer and dug out her mirror to check her makeup.

With a quick touch up to her lipstick and a fresh coat of mascara Blair went back to work.

Serena breezed into her office an hour and a half later out of breath and her arms full.

"Traffic was crazy," Serena announced with a wide grin as she approached Blair's desk. "Instead of coffee I got us Thai."

"Wait. Hold on," Blair exclaimed as Serena began to place the bags of food on top of the papers covering her desk. Blair glared at Serena a second before she swept clear a spot and deposited the papers onto the floor next to her chair.

"So are you glad to see me?" Serena asked as she flung herself down into the sole chair facing Blair's desk. She crossed her jean clad legs and one Ferragamo clad foot began to bounce against her knee.

"You seem excited to see me," Blair said in lieu of answering Serena. She pursed her lips and regarded Serena a moment before she allowed a smile to form. "Because I'm just so awesome and my company cannot be replaced."

Serena's chuckle was warm and sexy as hell.

"Way to be self centered. I do have other friends, B. In fact..." Serena made as if to dig out her cell phone.

Blair smirked as she leaned back in her chair.

"Let's not forget that you are the one who called me. The one who wanted me to come out and "play" with you. I see where this is going..."

Serena nodded.

"I'm glad. Wouldn't want you to be surprised," she responded slyly as she reached out for one the bags of food.

Blair frowned slightly feeling put on the spot. There was a reason she'd been avoiding Serena and Serena was being obtuse on purpose.

"I only really had time for coffee. I'm not really hungry, Serena. Thank you for brining it though."

"Right. Like you had lunch today," Serena scoffed as she sat back her hands falling away from the food, "because I'm thinking you didn't. You work too hard. Smile a little, be happy. Cheer up, Blair. "

Blair rolled her eyes and tried to go back to work.

"You sound like a fucking hippie. It's not attractive."

"I take offense to that. My mother was a hippie."

"No, your mother was a groupie," Blair corrected sarcastically.

"Same thing," Serena waved a dismissive hand. "So you don't think I'm attractive?"

Blair glanced up as she caught the hint of a whine in Serena's voice. She told herself to remain aloof and detached to the van der Woodsen pout. Of course she'd never been able to resist it, but now was as good a time as any to try harder.

"I'm sure my opinion matters very little. The whole world thinks you're simply God's gift, Serena. It doesn't really matter what I think."

Serena leaned forward.

"I'm not asking the whole world. I'm asking you," Serena's eyes were entirely too intense and Blair had to force herself not to look away from their dark depths.

Blair's fingers tightened along the arms of her chair and she forced a laugh.

"You're gorgeous, S. Stunning, actually. Now that you've gotten me to admit what you very well know, if you don't mind I have to work."

Serena's eyes remained on Blair's even as she got to her feet.

"I do mind, actually," Serena murmured as she stepped towards the desk and leaned over it. Serena brushed her lips against Blair's before pressing forward in a harder kiss.

Serena lifted a hand to cup Blair's cheek, her thumb stroking across Blair's jaw as her tongue swept across Blair's parted lips. Serena eased back before the kiss could deepen nibbling at Blair's bottom lip before she moved completely away and sat back down.

"Cheered yet?" Serena's smile was so smug in nature that Blair didn't know whether or not to kiss it away or smack it off.

She settled for taking a sharp breath and fluttering her hands uselessly over her papers. She glanced up to meet Serena's eyes defiantly.

"No actually that did not cheer me up," Blair stated icily.

"Hey! Of course it did. It's worked before," Serena's smug smile didn't budge as her eyes roamed over Blair.

Blair could feel color spreading through her cheeks at Serena's blatant perusal. She'd seen Serena focus her attention on others, namely men, but it was quite different to have all that energy and passion directed solely on her.

"When have you shoved your tongue down someone's throat to make them feel better?" Blair asked sharply. She eyed Serena suspiciously not liking the thought of it one bit.

"Well technically I didn't have my tongue down your throat," Serena tilted her head and winced slightly as Blair continued to glare at her, "okay-- never. But I know that if I tried it with someone other than you, it would so work."

"Says you."

"Well, yeah. I mean my skills are unparalleled."

"So cocky. That's pathetic, Serena. Now I'm trying to work."

"Blair was it really that bad?" Serena asked after a beat looking genuinely concerned.

Blair cleared her throat looking away from Serena's anxious blue eyes.

"It was fine," she replied stiffly.

"Fine?" Serena gasped, pressing a hand against her chest.

Blair rolled her eyes and put down her pen as she rolled back her desk chair.

"Come here," Blair ordered sternly.

Serena hopped to her feet and strolled obediently around the desk.

"Sit," Blair moved various papers and the food to the floor so that Serena could perch upon her desk. Blair got to her feet and placing her hands on Serena's thighs and leaned forward.

"You said you weren't going to kiss me again," Blair whispered her lips barely a breath away from Serena's.

"I lied," Serena whispered back reaching up to trace a finger over Blair's cheekbone.

"Serena..." Blair couldn't help her exasperated tone as she rested her forehead against Serena's.

Serena's hands settled on Blair's hips pulling her into the open space between her parted thighs.

"Kiss me," Serena requested huskily as her thumbs slid beneath Blair's shirt and smoothed along the warm smooth skin of Blair's hips. "Please..." Serena's breath pushed out in a little warm gust across Blair's lips as she said the words.

The added please was her undoing and Blair captured Serena's lips with her own. She wasn't in the mood to seduce or cajole, and didn't have any patience as her tongue surged forward to thrust against Serena's.

It was hot and hard, and so very, very hungry.

Blair's fingers slid through thick blonde hair and clenched tightly angling Serena's head back just the way she wanted and took her fill. Serena's hands tightened on Blair's hips and she jerked Blair forward until Blair found herself tipping into Serena. Serena fell back and Blair followed bent over Serena, finally easing back to pant for breath with her cheek pressed against Serena's.

"This is...uncomfortable," Serena gasped out running her hands up and down Blair's back and lower still, bent rather awkwardly across the desk.

Letting out a startled burst of laughter Blair straightened up pulling Serena with her.

"Your hands are on my ass," Blair noted bending down to press her lips to Serena's forehead feeling a wave of fondness overwhelm her.

"Are they?" Serena asked the beginning of a smile lurking around the corners of her lips. She gave an experimental squeeze. "So they are."

"You just want my body," Blair complained indignantly.

"Well, I won't deny it," Serena admitted. "You know what I want. We even talked about it. And I've been patient. Haven't I?"

Blair nodded resting her hands on Serena's shoulders.

"But..." Blair began suddenly. Looking uncertain she began to turn away.

Serena reached up and caught her chin before she could close herself off.

"Hey...hey," Serena whispered gently. "We're in this together. We don't have to define this or put any pressure on ourselves. If it doesn't last... You're my bestie, babe. Nothing's ever going to change that."

Serena sounded so sure and calm that it eased the harsh pounding of Blair's heart and she took in a slow breath.

"So we can just..." Blair gestured vaguely.

"Yeah... We can just..." Serena agreed readily, happily. "You're so damn sexy, Blair. No don't look away. I swear, I mean seriously who taught you to kiss like that? My toes are still curled. And don't you dare say Nate!"

Blair bent over Serena caught in a fit of laughter.

"Don't you know? I just used a little of the good ol' van der Woodsen charm. It seems it's rubbed off on me," Blair chuckled.

Serena's arms wrapped around Blair's waist as Blair's laughter was contagious.

"Damn that van der Woodsen charm is potent!"

The End

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