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By Dane


Blair leaned her head against the wall of the elevator. Whether her eyes were open or closed, images flashed clearly in her mind; sensations fluttered over her skin in a tactile remembrance.

Tan skin covered by a light sheen of sweat…full lips roaming her body…a touch, high on the inside of her thigh…kisses that stole the breath from her lungs.

A moan threatened to fall from her lips. Blair was coming out of her skin. Arousal pounded through her veins and settled low in her belly. She needed to be touched, to be taken, swiftly and repeatedly.

The desire was raging through her body in unrelenting waves and Blair was drowning in it. The elevator doors opened and she walked on unsteady legs toward Serena's bedroom.

She pushed the door open. "Serena." Her voice sounded hoarse to her own ears. "Se.." Her voice fled as she crossed the threshold into the room and the tall blonde came into her line of vision. The first thing she noticed was Serena's bare, long, tanned legs as she came out of the adjoining bathroom.

"Blair?" Brown eyes snapped up and locked with green momentarily before Blair's gaze broadened and she gasped. Serena was nude except for the oversized long-sleeve shirt that hung on her body, unbuttoned.

All need to have Serena's hands on her body was swiftly overcome with the need to be the one to touch and stroke and taste.

"S," she crossed the room quickly, her hands moved without conscious thought once within touching distance. The tips of Blair's fingers stoked the valley between Serena's breasts.

She leaned into Serena, her momentum backing the taller girl into the wall. Blair's tongue stroked the edge of Serena's ear. "I've been thinking about you…us…all day…it's making me crazy."

Raising her head she crushed her mouth against Serena's. A kiss of possession and need. Serena had to wrench away from the kiss to draw air into her lungs.

"Serena, I need…" Blair faltered.

Serena touched her for the first time, cupping her face and kissing her fiercely. She breathed the words into Blair's mouth. "Anything, B. I'll give you…do… anything you want."

Blair was shaking; she felt raw and out of control. "I…I want to fuck you."

Serena leaned back against the wall. She felt Blair's gaze on her body like a caress. Serena opened the shirt slowly, and let it slide off her shoulders to her floor. She whispered through her own rapidly growing need. "I'm yours, Blair."

Serena laced their fingers together and brought their joined hands to her breasts. Her nipples hardened instantly under Blair's palms. She parted her lips and greedily accepted the stroke of Blair's tongue against her own. Serena's hand dropped to Blair's waist, her hands desperately tried to pull the brunette closer. Blair pressed her body tighter against Serena's, her hands sliding quickly down her flat stomach, over the curve of her hip down to her thighs.

Serena's body was under a wonderful assault of lips, tongue and hands. She straddled the denim covered thigh Blair pressed between her legs and began to rock – lost in a haze of pleasure.

Blair tugged a nipple between her teeth, before soothing it with her tongue. Serena's voice occasionally broke the silence with a plea or approval. Her jeans were soaked where Serena was moving more frantically against her thigh. The wet heat presenting an invitation she couldn't refuse.

A moan filled the room when Blair's fingers stroked through Serena's wetness up to her clit. She slid a finger on either side and stroked over and over until she detected the telltale signs of impending orgasm.

"No, don't stop, don't stop." Serena's words were staccato as Blair's fingers stilled before stroking lower and swiftly sliding inside.

She pulled her fingers nearly free before pushing even deeper. Serena was clinging to Blair, a leg wrapped around her hip and moving against her body with every thrust of fingers. The friction of Blair's clothes against her bare body heightened and sensitized the skin almost painfully.

"Blair…baby, please."

She released the nipple she had been teasing with her tongue and withdrew her fingers to circle Serena's clit. She found the rhythm she knew would take Serena over the edge. The blonde's grip on her tightened as the orgasm crested and broke. Serena cried out twice but Blair's fingers didn't still until long fingers grasped her wrist.

Blair's hands rested on her hips, her grip tight. Her hips continued to move against Serena's. With one need sated, another resurfaced. Serena's hands were roaming lightly over her body, unknowing stoking a fire.

Suddenly frustrated, needing Serena's hands on her skin, Blair started to pull frantically at the buttons on her blouse.

"Blair, baby slow down."

"I can't. I need you to touch me."

"I will." Serena stilled her hands. "Let me help."


Serena ignored the buttons and pulled the blouse up and over Blair's head. Her bra landed on top somewhere nearby. Serena unsnapped the jeans and slid her hand inside, stroking Blair through her drenched panties.

She pushed away from the wall and devoured Blair's mouth as she steered them towards the bed. Serena's fingers continued to tease her through the thin fabric. She couldn't remember Blair ever being this wet…it made her want to take Blair in her mouth.

The back of Blair's knees collided with the bed. Serena stripped her of her jeans as she fell back. Long fingers closed around her ankle and she found herself being pulled toward the edge. Serena kneeled by the bed and kissed a trail from Blair's calf to her inner thigh.

Their eyes locked for a long moment before Serena pulled Blair's panties to the side and buried her tongue between her legs.

"Jesus." Blair's head fell back between her shoulders as strong hands pushed her legs further apart. Her hips bucked off the bed when Serena sucked her clit deep in her mouth and teased it with her tongue.

She was helpless against the onslaught and she climbed higher with each knowing stroke. Serena moved against her, her shoulders surging against Blair's thighs relentlessly, until Blair arched off the bed, her orgasm ripping violently through her body. Serena didn't stop until she felt Blair's body relax.

"You are so good at that." Blair reached for Serena. "I love your mouth on my body."

Serena grinned at her wickedly, "Really, I couldn't tell."

Blair's hands were roaming Serena's body again. "Then let me show you…"

The End

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