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Give Me Tonight
By Dane


Blair stepped into Serena's personal space. "I think you can safely assume that this is me asking." She pushed a lock of blonde hair aside before caressing Serena's cheek with a trembling hand.

"B, are you sure?" Serena turned her head and pressed her lips against Blair's palm. "I need you to be sure." They were so close she couldn't see Blair's eyes flutter shut at the sensual contact.

Blair only needed to turn her face a fraction to the right to brush her lips slowly against Serena's. "I am." She leaned in for another kiss. Then another. Soft, gentle, unhurried. They breathed each other in with each pass of their lips.

Blair opened eyes when she felt the shape of Serena's mouth change. "You're smiling." She was surprised to find green eyes swimming in tears looking back. "S, what are these about?"

The blonde laughed at the irony and dashed at the falling tears with her knuckles. "I'm just so damn happy." She reached for both of Blair's hands and brought them to her lips. A hint of perfume from Blair's wrists settled into her senses. Her voice was heavy with emotion, "You are so beautiful, Blair."

"No, I…" Her words were cut off by Serena's kiss.

"Shh." Serena couldn't stop touching her face, brushing her fingertips over Blair's cheeks, her eye brows and threading through thick brown locks. "You're stunning." She held Blair's gaze, not wavering until brown eyes slid shut and her lips were captured.

Their lips met over and again, tasting and memorizing. Serena was nearly overcome by the hot wet silk that was Blair's mouth opening to hers. Only the need for air made Serena pull back just far enough to fill her lungs. "It's so good, B. Kissing you feels so good."

"It does…don't stop." Blair didn't give her a choice as she wrapped her arms around Serena's neck and pulled her face back down into another crushing kiss.

Her hands slid up Blair's back and she reveled in the soft strength she felt there. She could feel the subtle shift of muscle as Blair moved in her arms.

Blair was lost in the sensation of soft full lips closing over her own and the gentle touch of Serena's hands along her back. A sound somewhere between a moan and sigh escaped when she felt the first touch of Serena's tongue against her own.

Touch and retreat. Touch and retreat. Then Serena was filling her mouth and Blair closed the last bit of distance between their bodies. It was Serena's turn to stifle a moan as she became aware of the full body contact. The feel of Blair's body against her own unleashed something primal in Serena. She pulled away from Blair's lips and tilted the brunette's head just enough to expose her throat. As she left a trail of burning kisses down her neck; Blair's her hands were pulling them closer together. Sensory. Overload.

"Serena," Blair's breath came out in a ragged gasp.

Serena thought she heard a hint of fear in Blair's voice and stopped. She pressed her forehead against Blair's. "I'm sorry." She tried to slow her breathing. "I'm sorry, B." Her eyes were closed and she inhaled deeply. "I told myself to go slow….you just feel so good." She tried to take a step back and found herself held firmly in place.

She had always been protective of Blair, but the sight of Serena visibly tamping down her desire was the sweetest thing Blair Waldorf had ever seen. "S, I'm okay. Look at me."

Blair's skin was flushed and her lips swollen. Serena swallowed hard against the sight. Her best friend was sexy as hell.

"You didn't do anything wrong." She smiled shyly, "My legs started feeling weak. I just need to sit down."

Serena released a breath she did know she had been holding, took Blair's hand and led her to her bedroom. The energy flowing between them shifted a bit as Serena closed the door.

She watched as Blair walked around her room picking up knickknacks and generally taking in her current living space.

"This is nice." She kicked her shoes off and sat down then scooted up towards the headboard. At Serena's shrug, she persisted. "It's your room, your stuff is in it and you're here, therefore it's nice." She extended her hand, "Come here."

Serena laced their fingers together and stretched out on the bed. She carefully kept a little physical distance between their bodies, but stayed connected to Blair through their joined hands.

She felt Blair's steady gaze and turned to face her. "This morning, I couldn't have imagined today was going to end the way it has."

Blair's smile disappeared as she remembered her earlier intent to destroy Serena's life.

Watching the emotions play across her face, Serena interrupted the unpleasant trip down recent memory lane with a soft kiss. "No, no, no. Please don't think about this morning." She kissed her once again quickly and wiggled her eyebrows. "Think about what came after."

That earned her a swat on the shoulder. "It's all I've been thinking about."

"Me, too." Serena stroked Blair's jaw line insistently.

"Everything is going to be different now." She leaned into Serena's touch. Her brain warred with her body. "We should probably talk about it." She managed to murmur between the lazy kisses Serena was bestowing.

"I know." She pulled Blair down until she was draping Serena's body. "Later."

"S." Blair kissed near Serena's ear. "Serena, wake up."

Serena nestled deeper into the cocoon of Blair's neck before the words penetrated her brain. "Wake up."

She startled Blair when she literally sprang up and out of the bed. "I fell asleep on you? Oh my God." Serena had never felt so inadequate.

Blair clamped her hands over her mouth to keep a laugh from escaping.

"B, I'm sorry. God, I'm the worst girlfriend in the world." At Blair's arched eyebrow she tried again, "I mean, uh…ah hell."

At that Blair let loose the chortle she had been holding back. "Two things. First, you dozed off when I asked you to close your eyes and I started to stroke your face. I'll take that as a compliment. And second," she paused dramatically and watched Serena squirm, "you are adorable when you're flustered."

Serena was saved from responding by an incoming call on her cell phone. She glanced at it and then at her watch.

"Blair. It's the car to take me to the Ostroff Center." The disappointment in her voice was echoed in Blair expression. "I'll call Eric and reschedule. He'll understand that we need time to catch up."

"No." Blair sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her shoes on. "I may be selfish about a lot of things, but you spending time with your brother is not one of them." The tone of her voice left no room for argument. She stood and straightened her clothes.

Serena reached for her hand. "Let me walk you home?"

"You'll be late to meet Eric." She moved into Serena's arms.

"Ride with me and I'll have the driver drop you at your place after." She pulled Blair tighter and melted into her kiss.

Blair was the first to pull back, "That's okay. Call me when you get back?"

"Yes." She picked up her jacket and held Blair's hand as they walked to elevator. She slipped it on and felt the small square shape in her pocket.

She pulled it out and handed it to Blair. "I'd planned to give you this tomorrow, but …."

Blair didn't know until she got home that night, safely ensconced in her room that the card simply read "B – I know you need time for this to sink in. I won't rush you. Love, S".

Serena van der Woodsen was absolutely suitor material.

The End

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