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Greet Me With A Broken Smile
By shyath


Blair smiles like the act is a chore, like the act is something she has to do, needs to do.

Serena hates that perfect smile Blair always has on, that perfect smile Blair directs at anyone and at everyone (but she hates it most when Blair directs that perfect smile at her, like Serena is on equal footing with the rest of the world – and the very suggestion of the idea hurts, offends like nothing else ever could, would). That perfect smile of Blair's is so practised, is so unnaturally natural that sometimes Serena forgets that the smile is fake.

It is only when that perfect smile falters (breaks), when the light in Blair's eyes dim a little (become muted), when Blair actually has to make an effort to turn the edges of her lips up (tears brimming in her eyes) that Serena knows the smile is real.

Serena loves that broken smile Blair rarely has on, that broken smile Blair directs at her and only at her (but she loves the slightly halting whisper – like Blair is telling, sharing a secret and maybe she is – of "I love you" that comes afterward even more).

A broken smile suits Blair.

The End

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