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A is for Ani
By Geekgrrllurking


You're not done.

Deep down you know you'll never be done where Gina's concerned. Your teeth bite down on her bottom lip and she groans, shifting and grinding against your naked body. You are all she's thinking of, and you are marking her as yours, taking your time as you move down her sweet body, staking your claim.

It's hot and sweaty and raw, just like it always was, just like it always will be. And then before you know it she's pulling you closer, surrendering to you, needing you to take her. So you do. You love her, thoroughly and desperately until she's almost there, teetering on the edge. And you stop and wait, until with the flick of your thumb and a cocky smile she's falling, crashing, coming so hard for you, only one thought gasped and tumbling from her swollen lips.


The End

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