If it walks like a duck PG Ani/Gina Gina and Ani's thoughts from episode 7-end. Complete

Imaginary Conversations 1 PG-13 Ani/Gina Ani and GIna talking to each other in their heads. On-Going


What You Need Me To Be 18 Ani/Gina No synopsis given. Complete

Click G Ani/Gina No synopsis given. Complete

Don't Let Go G Ani/Gina No synopsis given. Complete

A is for Ani 15 Ani/Gina Part of for the Venicetheseries Alphabet Drabble challenge. Complete

V is for Vodka 18 Ani/Gina/Lara No synopsis given. Complete

In Sappho's Arms PG-13 Ani/Gina The gods themselves surely wouldn't begrudge you a night in Sappho's arms, would they? Complete


Need You Now 15 Ani/Gina Gina is so drunk, especially on Ani. Complete

Undertow 18 Ani/Gina Ani just wants to be pulled under by Gina. Complete

Tasting You PG-13 Ani/Gina   Ani/Lara Ani ruminates over kissing women. Complete

Letting Go PG-13 Ani/Gina Ani lets Gina go. Complete

One More 15 Ani/Gina Ani wants one more from Gina. Complete

One Last PG-13 Ani/Gina Ani gives Gina one last time. Complete

Ungodly Hour PG-13 Ani/Gina Ani thinks back through the long night. Complete

Sometimes. Maybe. PG-13 Ani/Gina Gina thinks back through the long night. Complete

Unexpected Pleasures 15 Ani/Gina Gina finds that Ani is entirely nothing like she expected. Complete

Speaking Without Words 18 Ani/Gina Gina runs into Ani at The Grille and one thing leads to another. Complete

Metaphorically Speaking... 18 Gina/Lara   Ani/Gina/Lara Ani just needs a little attention. Complete

X Marks the Spot 18 Ani/Gina Gina explores Ani's body. Complete

Hunger 18 Ani/Gina Gina is hungry...for Ani. Complete

Oxygen PG-13 Ani/Gina Ani breathes in Gina. Complete

The Way We Left Things 18 Ani/Gina Ani leaves Gina. Complete

Sweet Treats 18 Ani/Gina Gina and Ani enjoy a sweet treat. Complete

It's In The Sauce 18 Ani/Gina Ani tastes just what's so special about Gina's spaghetti sauce. Complete

Remember PG Ani/Gina Gina remembers Ani. Complete

Dripping Wet 18 Ani/Lara Ani's thoughts as Lara and her spend some time together. Complete

Been This Way 18 Ani/Gina Gina and Ani share a romantic weekend away. Complete

Cheek to Cheek PG Ani/Gina Gina realizes the definition of yearning. Complete


Captured PG Ani/Gina Ani is breaking up with her, but Gina knows something that she doesn't. Complete

Of Shrimp and Lobsters 15 Ani/Gina   Olivia/Natalia Guiding Light crossover - Sometimes fate has something in store for you, other than what you planned. Complete

The Day Is Gone New 18 Ani/Gina   Ani/Lara Written for the Fourth Annual Femslash Kink Meme. The prompt was: Ani/Gina with Lara looking on - Voyeurism, Rough sex. Complete


Someday G Ani/Gina My take on the Gina/Ani beach moment from the beautiful still posted on VenicetheSeries on November 3rd, 2009. Also, this is somewhat inspired by the picture where Gina has Tracy up against the wall. Complete

Susan L. Carr

There's Something About Gina PG Ani/Gina Ani and an unexpected person finally come to an agreement about Gina. Complete