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Sweet Treats
By itsalovestory


Ani and Gina walked hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart along the beach. Smiles adorned their faces as they made their way through the busy afternoon crowds. They giggled and goofed off, stopping at different shops to try on sunglasses, hats, and sweatshirts.

Venice Beach was too hot.

She was too hot.

They decided to stop in for some icecream before heading home. Something sweet for Ani. Something sinful for Gina. Ani only got a single scoop of strawberry, while Gina got a double of chocolate. It was no surprise that Ani was already done with hers by the time they made it back to Gina's place. But, Gina wasn't done.

And, she was still too hot.

Gina was definitely too hot for her.

Gina set her purse down on the counter and silently pulled Ani to her bedroom.

Shutting the door behind them, she softly commanded. "Take off your clothes and get on the bed."

Ani laughed as she sat down, taking off her shirt and tight denim shorts. "Aren't you gonna finish that before..." Ani giggled, slipping off her bra and underwear.

With one hand, Gina began to remove her own clothing. "Nope, " she said taking a long lick from the cone. "In fact..." She strode over to the bed, leaning over Ani's naked flesh. She lowered her head to whisper hotly against Ani's ear. "You're gonna help me finish it."

Gina slowly, but surely brought the cone to Ani's mouth. Ani took a long, deep lick of the sweet cream, savoring the taste. Gina just smiled.

The next time Ani took a lick Gina did as well, her tongue snaking out to eat some as well, catching the tip of Ani's tongue in the process. They continued eating the cone. However, they were getting less and less icecream and more and more of each other's mouths. Sweet, sloppy kisses of cream, of tongues, of lips. Wet and warm, their mouths met again and again.

Ani pulled away for a moment, staring into Gina's eyes, falling deeply into those sea green orbs. With her free hand, Gina brushed away a wisp of Ani's hair from her face. In that moment, everything was said without a word.

I love you.

The icecream began to melt more quickly now. Gina took the tip of it and swirled it over one of Ani's nipples, making the already stiff peak harder. She kissed and sucked and licked the puckered flesh. Ani moaned, enjoying the sensations coursing through her body. Wet and dry. Hot and cold. It was too much. It was not enough. It was perfect.

Sitting back a little on her thighs, Gina took a deep bite from the cone.

It was too hot, though, as the icecream began to splatter on to Ani's skin, painting it in little chocolate speckles of cream.

They were too hot.

Gina watched as the icecream dripped and dropped off the cone into Ani's bellybutton. She licked her lips, the tip of her soft, pink tongue wetting the plump flesh. "Oh Ani..." She growled as she lowered her head. Her tongue darted out, tasting the sweet chocolate of the icecream mixed with the seductive taste of her lover. She moaned in delight as she lapped at the sensitive skin there. Looking up briefly, she grinned, "You're delicious."

She dipped her head back down, flicking her tongue back over Ani's stomach over to her hip. Licking a trail down between Ani's pussy and thigh, Gina moaned at the taste, at the feel of her lover.

Ani groaned as Gina's sweet lips finally made contact with her aching center. "Fuck! Yes!" Ani panted as Gina's stiff tongue licked slowly, teasingly from her hole to her swollen clit.

Back and forth. Side to side. Over and through.

Swollen folds beckoned to Gina. Like a siren's call, Gina could not, would not resist. Ani's legs were thrown over her shoulders, the heels of her feet digging pleasurably into her back. Ani's fingers clutched her head to her body, her fingers tangled tightly in her hair. Ani's back was arched, her head thrown back, her eyes tightly closed.

Ani's hair was fanned out like black ink spilled upon a blank white piece of paper. Her breaths were short, as she gasped trying to keep all the pleasure inside. Her heart was wrapped around Gina's tongue, Gina's fingers, Gina herself.

"Gina!" she called out as she came suddenly. Her hips thrust wantonly, wildly against Gina's mouth, Gina's hand. Her body trembled and tumbled into her orgasm, cracking her in half like a crab shell.

The icecream cone lay against the bed long forgotten as the sweetest cream Gina ever tasted spilled forth from Ani, dancing and delighting upon her tongue, her heart.

Her heart.

The End

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