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By itsalovestory


I see it in your eyes, jade with need. They consume me, eat me up from the inside out. It's raw and wild and deep. Your tongue flicks out, wetting your lips, whetting your appetite. Your lips curl up into a half smirk, lazy yet purposeful. Your eyebrow arches up into a half smirk, laughing yet serious. Your hips sway as you walk across the room to meet me. I'm shivering with anticipation.


Another look.

And, I fall.

Deeply into your eyes, emerald with want, into your mouth. Crashing and tangling. Frantic and frenzied. "Oh God!" I cry out as I'm claimed again and again.

Don't stop; don't ever stop.

Fingers flame out over my skin, burning me from the inside out. It's raw and wild and deep. Your tongue snakes out, licking a trail of desire over my body. You bite and nibble and kiss and take every square inch of my body, my heart into your own. Your lips move and tickle the little hairs on my skin. Your skin moves against me, slick and wet and blazing. Your hips grind and ground and fuck! It's so good. I'm shuddering with escatsy.


That look.

And, I give myself over. I fall.

Helplessly into your eyes, aquamarine with love, into your mouth. I give into your desire, our desires as you devour me. You eat me up, eat me out, from the inside out. Over and over. I give into our love.

Our hunger.


The End

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