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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Based upon the line in episode one, when Ani says to Gina, "I wasn't sure to call you, given the way we left things." Pre-Venice timeline. Ani's POV.
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The Way We Left Things
By itsalovestory


I never thought it would end this way.

Then, again, I never thought you would do what you had.

You took me to LAX for my flight to New York. I had to go back to my job. The weekend we spent together was wonderful, but it was now over. We held hands. We held secrets. You glanced over at me and smiled. A glorious grin filled with deception and lies. I was sick to my stomach. A decision was made.

Yanking you into the bathroom, I threw my bag against the cold tile. I threw you against the hard stall.

I kissed you.



I pushed your skirt up and my fingers slipped into the waiting warmth. So silky, so wet. All for me.

I fucked you.



"Oh God, baby, " you cried as your arms wrapped around my neck, pulling me close. Did you call out for her, too?

"Ani, fuck, don't stop!" you begged and pleaded. I pounded into you over and over. I don't think I could ever stop until now, until then when I had seen you with your friend, that stood a little too close, that laughed a little too loud. I couldn't stop loving you, until I saw that picture of you two in bed, wrapped up in the afterglow of your passion.

I stopped suddenly, withdrawing my fingers from you, withdrawing my heart. You whimpered in protest. I whispered out in heartbreak, "Was she worth it?"

Your emerald eyes flew open, your secret expossed, eyes full of lust and confusion.

My eyes flew shut, my heart hidden away, eyes full of betrayl and anger.

The tears slipped down my cheek, down my soul.

"Ani," you say. "Look at me, please, honey. It was just one time. I'm sorry. It's hard without you here."

My eyes flew open, pain clouding my vision. "No!" I pointed at you and went to the sink. I washed my hands, water flowing down the drain, my love flowing away.

Her eyes flew shut, sadness as she realized what she has done and what she has lost. "Ani."

I grabbed my luggage, my shattered heart. I walked away from her.

This is the way we left things.

The End

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