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Tasting You
By itsalovestory


As she kisses me, I can't help but compare.

Your kisses were like red wine. Deep and rich, your mouth would move against mine, swallowing me whole. I would get drunk off your kisses, drunk off of you. They would warm me, settling low in my body. Your lips were soft and full. Your tongue was wet and heady. Your teeth were sharp, biting my lips, cutting my heart. I couldn't get enough of your kisses, enough of you.

With her, though, with her, her kisses are entirely different.

Her kisses are like espresso. Steaming hot and wet, her mouth moves against mine, heating me up from the inside out. I get energized by her kisses, energized by her. They are like a shot to my heart, setting my body aflame. Her lips are lush and silky. Her tongue is teasing, peaking out and enticing me. Her teeth are scratching and pulling my lips, pulling my heart. I moan into her mouth, enjoyment escaping my body, escaping my heart. I can't wait to get more of her kisses, more of her.

When we stop kissing, the world starts spinning again. She smiles. I blush. We say goodnight. She walks away. And, I think. All I can think about is how she is nothing like you.


The End

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