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SPOILERS: If you haven't seen the 1st or 7th episodes, then you don't want to read this.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: From Gina's POV. Follow up to "One More".
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One Last
By itsalovestory


The sun sets along the endless horizon, giving way to a starry twilight.

The surf breaks against the sandy shore, foam and seaweed left in its wake.

And, you sit silently on the bench, crying as she walks away.

She walks away.

Ani's the only one who saw you, who got who you really are through all your shit. She climbed over all the walls you built. She traveled through the twisting lairs and labyrinths. She traversed deeper still down the creaky old stairs of your soul. She found the hidden treasure buried inside. She saw a little girl filled with hope and love, instead of the grown woman empty from the lies and hate that you tried to project to the world.

She saw you.

Yet, she walks away.

And, all you got was one fucking last time with her. Her words haunt you, like so many ghosts of your past.

"I get you. Always have. Blessing. Curse...But, I- I really needed to see you today, just for me because...uh- I'm gonna do something that I should've been doing for the past year. I'm gonna get a life."

You ask her, "Can I at least call you?"

She replies sadly, firmly, "I wish you wouldn't."

Then, she takes one last photo of you two together. The camera flashes, capturing a moment, the moment. You realize no one is as breathtaking as her. And, she kisses you one last time. Your lips, your hearts are pressed together sweetly, for a moment, the moment. You realize no one is as tender as her. And, she stands up and leaves you...alone. Tears fill your eyes, your heart for a moment, the moment. You realize no one is her.

She walked away. And, you realize now you've accomplished the one thing you never wanted to. You've lost her.

She walks away.

You always wanted this. You wanted her to move on, to get a life, without you. Then, why do you feel empty inside, shards of a shattered heart cutting you, leaving you to bleed your love all over the shores of Venice Beach?

She walks away, one last time. And, you sit silently on the bench, crying.

One last time.

The End

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